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Revision of the Constitutions - First Draft


May 2016

Revision of the Constitutions

Download PDF - First Draft (1 MB): English | Español | Français | Português
Questions PDF (400 kb) - English | Español | Français | Português
Download InDesign - ZIP (60 MB)

Brothers, we, the members of the Revision of the Constitutions Commission, are presenting to you a first draft of our revised Constitutions. You will note this first draft does not contain a complete revised text, but an experimental trial of the first two chapters only. At this early stage, we thought it important to get an initial sounding from the Brothers about the change we are proposing by means of a revised structure and style of writing of the updated Constitutions. The feedback you will provide us will help to determine the final direction and shape of the second draft, which will be a complete text. Once this second draft is completed, all the Brothers will have the opportunity to again evaluate and give their feedback on the complete text prior to the 2017 General Chapter.

The Commission for the Revision of the Constitutions is working closely with the General Chapter Preparatory Commission to ensure there is a coordinated preparation process in the lead up to the 2017 General Chapter. As an indication of this, the following schedule has been agreed on:

  • May - September 2015: Initial Consultation (already done) - Focus: share life
  • May - September 2016: First Draft (this consultation) - Focus: evaluation of the text
  • October 2016 to January 2017: Chapter consultation (Preparatory Commission of the Chapter) - Focus: share life
  • February - June 2017: Second Draft (Commission of the Constitutions) - Focus: evaluation of the text

From July to August 2017, based on the results of the previous consultation, the Commission will prepare a third draft which will be presented to the delegates of the XXII General Chapter.



To obtain the objectives we require of this first draft, we recommend that Provinces and Districts organize a community-based consultation process that facilitates personal reading and reflection, sharing among the Brothers and recording of the general feedback from the community. The process could proceed as follows:

  • Dedicate an initial community meeting to present and introduce the first draft and consultation process (these general indications and the presentation of the draft). This gathering would include some time for fraternal prayer and meditation on the Constitutions.
  • After this, allow sufficient time for each Brother to read and reflect on the first draft. During this time each Brother will note his general reactions to the revised format and writing style being proposed.
  • At a second community meeting, the Brothers gather to share their response to the questions provided, give concrete suggestions about the texts and listen to the general thinking of the other Brothers in the community.
  • At this second meeting, it is important that one Brother agrees to act as secretary for the community. His task is to note down the key ideas and suggestions the Brothers make about the texts, particularly where there is greater consensus or agreement. The secretary will be responsible for typing up the summary on the electronic file provided “2016-05_CONSTITUTIONS_QUESTIONS” and sending it to the following email: const@fms.it, before September 30, 2016.
  • Hand written responses are not helpful to processing the feedback.

Any Brother who prefers to submit his own personal feedback, can write it on a separate copy of the “file”: “2016-05_CONSTITUTIONS_QUESTIONS” and send it directly to the following email: const@fms.it

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