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International communities for a new beginning

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Lavalla200>, “International Communities for a New Beginning” is an initiative  open to Brothers and Lay  Marists who feel called to devote a period in their lives to going beyond their geographical and cultural boundaries. Living in mixed Marist communities, in global availability, internationality and interculturality we seek to respond boldly to emerging needs.

Interested persons, after having participated in the Program of Preparation and Discernment, are sent to one of the Lavalla200> communities which have been created in each of the Institute’s regions, or to any of the special projects.

Lavalla200 > wants to be a meaningful presence of evangelizing Brothers and lay people among children and young people who are in a situation of vulnerability. With a spirit of global availability, creating a mentality and attitude of international collaboration for Mission, Interculturality and life marked by the evangelical witness of the community, Lavalla200> is a sign of hope for the Institute and for the church.


Signing up

“If you want to offer some years of your life in the service of the Marist Mission beyond the borders of your province or your country, I encourage you to take a step forward and to make your availability known" (Letter The Mission Dance, 2013)

To start the process, you can write a letter or send an email directly to the Brother Superior General or to the Brother Provincial explaining your motives and desire to participate in Lavalla200 >. You will then receive the guidelines for the following steps.

Preparation Program

A program of preparation and discernment has been specially constructed for those wishing to participate in the Lavalla200> initiative. In this program each person will discern the call to be a member of Lavalla200>; he/she will live internationality and interculturality; will develop new abilities, skills and spirituality for intercultural life. The leaders of Lavalla200>, in dialogue with each participant, will discern those who are called to be part of the Lavalla200> initiative and where they will be sent.

This program is run every year during the months of May and June: the first week in the General House in Rome, the following weeks in Camaldoli (Tuscany, Italy), and the last week in l’Hermitage, France.


Towards the Future

The last General Chapter (2017) issued the following statement: "The future of charism will be based on a communion of fully committed Marists, Brothers and lay people". We are a "Global charismatic Family" creators of homes that are beacons of hope, the face and hands of God’s tender mercy, brothers and sisters for all, bridge builders, walking with children and young people on the margins of life, responding boldly to emerging needs”. The new Brother Superior General, Ernesto Sánchez, entitled his final message: "The new beginning has already begun!". Lavalla200>communities are a clear reference to this new beginning.

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