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19 January

Saint Kanute, martyr
1959, First Marist Brothers foundation opened in New Guinea

Marist Calendar - January

Marist Calendar - February


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1st FebruarySaint Brigid, virgin
1856: First Marist Brothers left for Belgium
1869: Father Colin visited Saint-Genis-Laval
2nd FebruaryThe Presentation of the Lord
World Day for Consecrated Life
1822: Brother Stanislaus entered at La Valla
1934: The first brothers arrived in Uruguay
3rd FebruarySaint Blaise
1874: Brother Marie Nizier, companion of Saint Peter Chanel, died in London
1914: First brothers began Marist work in Germany
4th FebruarySaint Joan of Valois
1911: First brothers left for Chile
5th FebruarySaint Agatha
1872: Brother Jean-Baptist, author of the first biography of Saint Marcellin and the early brothers, died at Saint-Genis-Laval
6th FebruarySaint Paul Miki and his Companions
7th FebruarySaint Mel, bishop
1746: Marie Thérèse Chirat, the mother of Saint Marcellin, was born
8th FebruarySaint Jerome Emilian
1851: Brother Lawrence, the third brother to join the Institute and a catechist in Bessat, died at the Hermitage
9th FebruarySaint Simeon, bishop
10th FebruarySaint Scholastica
11th FebruaryOur Lady of Lourdes
World Day of the Sick
12th FebruarySaint Dorothy
1867: The first brothers left for the Republic of South Africa
13th FebruarySaint Julian, martyr
14th FebruarySaints Cyril and Methodius, Patrons of Europe, Saint Valentine
15th FebruarySaint Faustina, virgin
1823: In February Lost in a blinding snowstorm, Marcellin and Brother Stanislaus pray the Memorare…
1947: The first Marist Brothers began work in Portugal
16th FebruarySaint Gregory (X), pope, confessor
17th FebruarySeven Holy Founders of the Servite Order
18th FebruarySaint Colmann, bishop, confessor
19th FebruarySaint Susanna
1962: The first Marist Brothers left for Costa Rica
20th FebruarySaint Mildred, abbess
21st FebruarySaint Peter Damian
International Day of the Mother Tongue (ONU)
22nd FebruaryThe Chair of Saint Peter the Apostle
1957: The Marist Brothers began work in Bolivia
23rd FebruarySaint Polycarp
1942: Brother Diogène, 6th Superior General of the Marist Brothers, died at Saint-Genis-Laval
24th FebruarySaint Modeste
25th FebruarySaint Donatus, martyr
1906: 5 Marist Brothers were slain in Nanchang, China
1985: The first brothers began our Marist work in Haiti.
26th FebruarySaint Alexander, bishop
27th FebruarySaint Nestor, bishop, martyr
28th FebruarySaint Justus, martyr