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07/10/2017: Colombia

Today was devoted to further group and plenary work on the principles and suggestions related to the five thematic areas that will form the message of the XXII General.

Br. Tony Clark led the morning prayer. Brothers João Carlos do Prado and Juan Carlos Fuertes were the moderators for today’s sessions. The Chapter facilitator, Matthieu Daum, returned from his week’s leave in France to resume his work. The Chapter also received a message from Brother Samuel Holguin, reporting on the condition of his father who is seriously ill. He is very appreciative of the prayerful support of the Brothers.

The remainder of the working sessions of the day continued the groupwork done yesterday. Today was an opportunity for each thematic area group to present to capitulants in plenary their text of principles and suggestions. This feedback and the comments helped each group to produce a text which reflects the broader thinking of Chapter Assembly. The Chapter message and communication group also presented their text after receiving feedback from yesterday.

Then each of the 6 groups reconvened to continue editing its own text based on the feedback received. Matthieu reminded capitulants of the goal of articulating clearly what needs to be "let go" or be given up to help give birth to the new in the Institute.

In the afternoon session, the coordinators for the groups dealing with mission, government, and the relationship between lay and Brothers, presented to the assembly their revised principles and suggestions text. After each presentation, table groups discussed whether they were satisfied with the text, or whether further changes were needed. The suggestions proposed on the floor of the Chapter were then voted on. Once the suggestions were acknowledged, the content of the texts for the three groups were approved. Further work needs to be done in improving the style and unity of the texts.

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News 22nd General Chapter