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Saint Angela Merici
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28/12/2007: United States
Widening the space of the Marist tent
Director of the Bureau of the Laity visits the United States
27/12/2007: El Salvador
The processes of formation for the laity consolidated in Central America
Courses for educators, youth animators and members of the fraternities
26/12/2007: United States
Visit of the General Councillors Antonio Ramalho and Pedro Herreros
Province of United States
25/12/2007: General House
Happy Christmas
Br. Seán Sammon
24/12/2007: Haiti
A joyous occasion for the Canadian Brothers
Three young Haitian novices make first profession
21/12/2007: Colombia
Good news from the Novitiate of La Valla, Medellín
Seven young Brothers make their first profession
21/12/2007: Canada
The place of Mary in the document of Marist apostolic spirituality
Marian days in Canada
20/12/2007: Italy
Spe salvi
The second encyclical of Pope Benedict XVI
20/12/2007: Rwanda
Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception in Save
The launching of a campaign for the Marist Fraternities in the Province of Africa Centre East
19/12/2007: Mexico
The Family, the Domestic Church, the Salvation of the World
XIII National Meeting of Marist Brother Fraternities of Mexico
18/12/2007: General House
Birthday celebration at the Generalate
Brother Superior General turns 60 years of age
18/12/2007: Spain
Llinars del Vallès (Catalonia-province of LHermitage)
First meeting of Brothers and lay people in Catalonia
17/12/2007: General House
Other Beatifications?
First steps have been made in the beatification process for a second group of martyrs
17/12/2007: Philippines
Moving forward in unity and vitality
Inauguration of the East Asia Province
14/12/2007: General House
From Chiapas to Canada
New reinforcements for Mission ad Gentes
14/12/2007: Spain
The European Provinces Assume on Common Positions
General Council meets with the Provincial Councils of FMS Europe - V
13/12/2007: Spain
The commitment of the Provinces to vocations
General Council meets with the Provincial Councils of FMS Europe - IV
12/12/2007: Vatican
To create an active sense of solidarity
Vatican Forum for Catholic Inspired NGOs
12/12/2007: Spain
The present realities of the Institute: what do they tell us?
General Council meets with the Provincial Councils of FMS Europe - III
11/12/2007: Algeria
Martyrs of Algeria
Official opening in Algiers of the cause of the martyrs in Algeria
10/12/2007: General House
Report 2008 launched by UNESCO
Education for All on the right track finds Global Monitoring
10/12/2007: Spain
Meeting, motivation and planning
General Council meets with the Provincial Councils of FMS Europe - II
08/12/2007: Spain
A gathering marked by heartfelt sentiments
Meeting of former students of the Villanueva del Río school
07/12/2007: General House
The Commission’s first meeting
Preparatory Commission for the next General Chapter begins work
07/12/2007: Spain
Vocations the priority for Europe
General Council meets with the Provincial Councils of FMS Europe - I
06/12/2007: Colombia
Let us go forward calmly but rapidly
Meeting of leaders of the MCHFM Fraternities and other groups of Champagnat laity in the Norandina Province
05/12/2007: Brazil
Continuing along the Marist path
Perpetual Vows made by Brother Valério Dellalibera
04/12/2007: Dem. Rep. of the Congo
A growing Fraternity
Young people united in the development and promotion of the works of the Marist Brothers
03/12/2007: Mozambique
New brothers from Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe
First vows in Matola
30/11/2007: Spain
Commemorative activities
75 Years of Marist Brothers’ presence in Huelva
30/11/2007: General House
FMS International, ONLUS
The Institute’s New Solidarity Foundation
29/11/2007: Colombia
Year of Marist Spirituality
The postulants in Manizales join the Marist world
28/11/2007: Mexico
The work of the Provincial Secretary
The Meeting of Provincial Secretaries - Arco Norte
27/11/2007: United States
American Thanksgiving
The Mission Ad Gentes Brothers in Chicago
26/11/2007: Philippines
Marist mission Ad Gentes project
An experience in Davao
25/11/2007: Australia
14th Provincial Chapter
Province of Sydney hold its Chapter
23/11/2007: General House
Water from the Rock
The official presentation of the book Water from the Rock to the Brothers
22/11/2007: Mozambique
Benefiting from the year of Marist spirituality
The 2nd year Novices’ retreat
21/11/2007: Sri Lanka
Mission Ad Gentes
Workshop to the Brothers of the South Asia province in Sri Lanka
20/11/2007: Sri Lanka
Being Relgious Brothers in Sri-Lanka
First Assembly
19/11/2007: Chile
IX meeting of marist ancillary staff
The Chile sector of the Province of Santa Maria de los Andes
18/11/2007: General House
Mission Ad Gentes Advisory Council
We are at this stage half way
11/11/2007: Brazil
09/11/2007: South Africa
First Marist Brothers’ School in Africa
Marist Brothers 140 years in Africa
08/11/2007: Brazil
Marist Province Assembly, Brasil Centro-Sul
101 Brothers Participate in the Florianópolis Meeting
07/11/2007: Kenya
To foster unity in the region
Meeting of the marist provincial secretaries of the African region
06/11/2007: Italy
A utopian community for the third age
The course in Manziana for Spanish-speakers comes to an end
06/11/2007: General House
From Rome following the beatifications
Some notes from my diary
05/11/2007: United States
Focus on Marist education
US Marist Campus Ministers and Religious Educators meet to discuss educating head, heart, and hands
02/11/2007: General House
A new space on our web
Network of mixed Marist communities
02/11/2007: General House
It was a great celebration of our family and our faith
The celebrations of the beatification of our Brothers Martyrs
02/11/2007: General House
47 Marist Brothers form part of the most numerous beatifications in history
The Beatification ceremony in Saint Peter’s Square
01/11/2007: General House
The preparations are over for our celebration in the General House
The beatification of 47 Marist Brothers martyrs in Spain
31/10/2007: Brazil
This distinction is granted every year, to honor educational professionals
Brother Alípio Heck, “Educador Emérito” of Rio Grande do Sul in 2007
30/10/2007: Canada
Opening moments at Château Richer and Pavillon Saint Joseph
Marist Spirituality Year gets underway in the Canada Province
29/10/2007: General House
The gift of life
Message of Br. Seán D. Sammon, Superior General
29/10/2007: Mexico
To preserve the Marist vocation
Movement of the Marist family established by former brothers in Mexico
26/10/2007: Portugal
Portugal Initiates Marist Spirituality Year
A Year for Discovering and for Sharing with the Entire Marist Family
26/10/2007: Spain
Bishops: Beatification of 498 Martyrs Not Political
Spaniards Recognized for Witness to Faith
25/10/2007: General House
Br. Salvio and Br. Lino Fernando
Two more Parallel Lives
24/10/2007: Spain
Marist martyred Brothers
In giving forgiveness
24/10/2007: United States
A Life-Changing Pilgrimage
St. Marcellin Champagnat International Service in Lourdes
23/10/2007: Philippines
Marist Ad Gentes III
The Church in Asia is inviting us to the dialogue
23/10/2007: Spain
Marist Brothers in Spain
The Marist presence in Spain on the eve of the civil war (1936-1939)
22/10/2007: Greece
Courage, sense of faith and ability to live with uncertainty
100 years of the Marist Brothers in Greece
22/10/2007: Spain
The martyr is the one who does not save his life at any price
Interview with Father Juan María
19/10/2007: Brazil
Promotion of Fair Commerce and Conscientious Consumption
First Pan-Amazonian Fair at Rio Branco
19/10/2007: Spain
Trying to understand history
The Marist martyrs of the summer of 1936 in Barcelona
18/10/2007: Brazil
New members of the MChFM
Celebration of the official recognition in the Province of Rio Grande do Sul
18/10/2007: Spain
The Gift of Self - One Hundred Years
Marist presence in Alicacante
17/10/2007: Spain
Deepening the Understanding of One’s Life-Choices
Spirituality Course at San Lorenzo de El Escorial
16/10/2007: Belgium
Water from the Rock
Habay-la-Vieille: launching the year of Marist Spirituality
15/10/2007: Spain
Friendship and Christian Life
25 years in the school apostolate
15/10/2007: Italy
Assistant General during the term of Brother Charles Raphael
Brother Gildo Cotta dies
14/10/2007: Algeria
Marist Presence in Algeria
To Share the life and mission
12/10/2007: Italy
Academic Act
The Spanish Martyrs, the largest beatification in history
12/10/2007: General House
Opening of the Year of Spirituality
The Prayer Chain that traveled through the Institute from East to West
11/10/2007: Mexico
Novitiate in Morelia
A new intercultural experience
11/10/2007: Brazil
Pioneer in the study of Bioethics in Rio Grande
Brother Joaquim Clotet receives the title of Citizen of Porto Alegre
10/10/2007: Spain
Coordinating and encouraging the development of the CHMMF in Europe
European Council of Representatives of the CHMMF
09/10/2007: General House
Mission Ad Gentes Sector
Br. Mike DeWass new superior
09/10/2007: Brazil
Elimination of Child Labor
Representatives from Angola and Mozambique visit the Catavento Project
08/10/2007: General House
In Marcellins footsteps
Francophone Third Age Group at Notre-Dame de lHermitage
05/10/2007: Canada
A pluralistic society at a religious level
Ethics and religious culture at school in Quebec
04/10/2007: Philippines
An exchange on the reality of our countries and the Marist vocation in Asia
A meeting of the General Council with a group of Asian young people
03/10/2007: United States
Mission Ad Gentes in Chicago
Future missionary brothers learn English
03/10/2007: General House
Marist International Mission Assembly
Final Document of Mendes
02/10/2007: Spain
“The Lay Vocation”
Meeting of the fraternities of the Marcellin Champagnat Fraternity Movement of the Province Ibérica
01/10/2007: Cuba
Marist life takes root in Cuba
Beginning of a Marist novitiate in Havana
30/09/2007: Canada
Consecrated forever to the Lord
Perpetual profession of Brother Roger Séguin
28/09/2007: General House
Increasing the space within the tent
Enlarged Bureau of the Laity
27/09/2007: Mexico
An encouraging presence and message
Brother Seán visits Occidental Mexico
26/09/2007: Australia
Anthony commits himself for life
Perpetual Vows – Sydney Province
25/09/2007: Canada
Mission Ad Gentes
An Ad Gentes community to open in the Marist Province of Canada
24/09/2007: Philippines
Marist presence is extended in the world
Davao : Third group gets under way
21/09/2007: Argentina
“Cruz Del Sur” Province
Province Assembly 2007
20/09/2007: India
Mission Ad Gentes
A Letter from Brother Hilario from Calcutta
19/09/2007: General House
After Mendes
Final reflections, back in Rome
18/09/2007: Brazil
Marist Province of South Central Brazil
Perpetual profession of Bro. Márcio Correa dos Santos
17/09/2007: Brazil
Rio Grande do Sul do Sul
Provincial Encounter of the Marist Mission
15/09/2007: Brazil
Brother Seán Sammon at the closing of the International Assembly
More than a hundred missionaries are sent to all of the continents
14/09/2007: Brazil
The First approach to the conclusions of the Assembly
The Assembly focuses on five points emerging from the reflection
14/09/2007: Brazil
Final stretch of the group work
The Assembly’s contributions are outlined for the Institute
13/09/2007: Argentina
The Reality and Questioning of Youth
Provincial Assembly on Marist Youth Ministry
13/09/2007: Brazil
New Roads for Brothers and Laity
The Assembly Begins to Define the Future
12/09/2007: Brazil
The implications of the dreams of the brothers and lay members
A mandala to share the implications
11/09/2007: Brazil
Discussing our kids and teens
A seminar on the rights of children and teenagers in Latin America
11/09/2007: Brazil
Sharing the Common Vocation
When the heart is also asked questions
10/09/2007: United States
Leadership and charism
Address of Br. Seán at the Assembly of the United States Conference of Major Superiors of Men
09/09/2007: Brazil
Learning the Marist Answers
Building the Dream of Champagnat
08/09/2007: Brazil
The International Assembly listens to children and young people
The true situation of children, adolescents and young people in the world today
07/09/2007: Italy
“Happy to be marists”
1st European Meeting of Lay Marists – Society Of Mary
07/09/2007: Brazil
Brother Seán Sammon, Superior General offers program guides in his talk
Beginning of the Marist International Mission - 03 september
06/09/2007: Sri Lanka
Br. Sunanda Alwis is the first Provincia
Welcome to our Newest Province - South Asia
06/09/2007: Brazil
The International Assembly warms its engines
In Mendes the final details are finished to begin work
05/09/2007: Brazil
Brothers and Laity in the presence of the Marist Mission today
A participation that comes from a distance
04/09/2007: Brazil
Brothers and Laity together
A new ecclesiastic expectation
04/09/2007: Chile
A rich Marist life in Chile
Brother Eulogio José turns 100
03/09/2007: Brazil
An old country property in the service of Marist formation
International Marist Mission Assembly in Mendes
31/08/2007: General House
Let us reclaim the Spirit of the Hermitage!
A letter from Brother Seán Sammon about the “Hermitage Project”
31/08/2007: General House
All the Congregation’s roads lead to Mendes
Final Phase of the Marist International Assembly
30/08/2007: Mozambique
Poverty, Obedience and Celibacy for the kingdom of God
Brother Ferizardo makes final commitment
29/08/2007: Brazil
General Council close to the Institute’s realities
Councillors visit Rio Grande do Sul
28/08/2007: Sri Lanka
6th to 10th August, 2007
Marist Province of South Asia - First Provincial Chapter
27/08/2007: United States
Foster our growth in Marist identity by focusing on Marcellin Champagnat
Marist Leadership Institute 2007
24/08/2007: Bangladesh
“On the way” to Bangladesh
Our Mission Ad Gentes Brothers
23/08/2007: Mexico
8th to 28th July, 2007
CEPAM at Loma Bonita, Guadalajara
22/08/2007: General House
First Meeting in Rome
International Commission for Marist Youth Ministry
21/08/2007: Solomon Islands
Update from Solomon Islands
A volunteer teacher in Gizo
20/08/2007: Australia
Sydney 2008
Marists welcome WYD cross and icon
17/08/2007: Ghana
Marists – Marianists – De La Salle
Inter-congregation collaboration
16/08/2007: Kenya
Vocation ministry and initial formation
Meeting on initial formation in Nairobi
07/08/2007: General House
News Service to Resume Aug. 16
News Service to Resume Aug. 16
05/08/2007: General House
Appointment of the Preparatory Commission
03/08/2007: Mexico
Provincial meeting of GAMA
Here are my hands, here is my voice
02/08/2007: Spain
An approach to the figure of the Founder in the Province of Mediterránea
01/08/2007: Germany
Marist solidarity
Mindelheim helps rural communities of Papua New Guinea
30/07/2007: Spain
Marist Spirituality Centre, El Escorial – 77th course
“Kairós” of personal growth and of community experience
27/07/2007: General House
July - December 2007
Calendar of the Brother Superior General and his Council
26/07/2007: Spain
Another way of spending the long holidays
2007 International Voluntary Service Camps in the Province of Mediterránea
24/07/2007: General House
End of the General Council’s summer plenary sessions
Information from the General Council to the members of the General Administration
23/07/2007: Brazil
Lecturers, a current female student and some ex-students were on board that plane
The University of Porto Alegre celebrates a Mass in memory of the victims of the plane crash
20/07/2007: Argentina
New statue of Saint Marcellin
Commemoration of ninety years of Marist presence
18/07/2007: Spain
One heart, one mission
European Marist Mission Assembly
17/07/2007: Spain
Marist European Conference
Organ of reflection, dialogue and decision in Europe
16/07/2007: General House
Marist Mission in Asia
Mission Ad Gentes Advisory Council
13/07/2007: Brazil
Enthusiasm, motivation and learning
Formation for the benefit of personnel of the University of Porto Alegre
12/07/2007: Spain
The Catholic school on pilgrimage to the XXI century
OIEC assembly, held at Santiago de Compostela
11/07/2007: Philippines
God has chosen you
First Profession in the Immaculate Conception Novitiate
10/07/2007: Ecuador
Province of Norandina
Evangelical Use of Goods
09/07/2007: General House
Marist Patrimony
Annual meeting of the International Patrimony Commission
07/07/2007: Nigeria
Water Project
Nike Centre for the disabled
06/07/2007: Italy
The Marist site maristfamilyspirituality.org
Let’s share our spirituality.
05/07/2007: Thailand
Mission Ad Gentes
Visit to the Marist Fathers in Thailand
04/07/2007: Brazil
Fighting against child labour
Children and adolescents cry out for their social rights
03/07/2007: Brazil
Marist Youth Ministry
Meeting with the Pope at São Paulo
03/07/2007: General House
The first forty-seven beatified Marist Brothers
Here is the date: 28th October 2007
02/07/2007: Haiti
Visit of Br. Michael Flanigan
Mission Ad Gentes in Haiti!
28/06/2007: Brazil
Marist Mission
National Assembly in Brazil
28/06/2007: Mexico
First professions in the Province of México Occidental
Father, not what I want but what you want.”
27/06/2007: Ghana
First vows
The regional novitiate of Sabin Akrofrom
26/06/2007: United States
One Heart One Mission
American Marists and Marist Mission
25/06/2007: Sri Lanka
Province of South Asia
Assembly of Marist Lay Partners
22/06/2007: United States
Real brothers. Real stories. A real difference.
Campaign presents Brothers as regular men and uses online marketing to attract new Brothers
22/06/2007: Paraguay
French schools for Paraguay
Three Marist schools helped sustain project in Limpio
20/06/2007: Spain
El Escorial keeps moving forward!
Marist Spirituality Centre, Saint Laurent – 77th course
18/06/2007: United States
Marist Youth 2007
North American Marist youth gather at Marist College
15/06/2007: Colombia
Young apostles with Mary as guide
Marial forum in the Champagnat College of Bogota
14/06/2007: Italy
Province of Mediterránea
Meeting of Superiors
14/06/2007: Guatemala
The Marist family of América Central is experiencing profound sorrow
A bullet has taken the life of Brother Enrique Alberto Olano, originally from El Salvador, 29 years of age
13/06/2007: Brazil
The definitive “YES”
Perpetual profession in the Province of Brasil Centro-Sul
12/06/2007: Brazil
Marist Spiritual Patrimony
Course for the Marist laity
12/06/2007: Spain
Marist laypeople
Meeting of Fraternities from the region of Bética
11/06/2007: Spain
The city recognises the educational work of the Marists
Monument to Saint Marcellin Champagnat at Salamanca
11/06/2007: General House
6th June 2007
October 28th, 2007 beatification in Rome of 47 brothers
08/06/2007: General House
Religious life and mission as Marist religious and laity
I Inter-American Conference of Marist Provincials
08/06/2007: General House
Water from the rock
Marist spirituality that springs from the tradition of Marcellin Champagnat
07/06/2007: Spain
A pastoral proposition in the province of Mediterránea
Twenty-five years of Friendship Groups and Christian Life Groups
07/06/2007: General House
Message of the Superiors of Africa to the brothers of the region
VIII General Conference
06/06/2007: General House
San Marcellin Champagnat
Br. Seán D. Sammon - Homily 6th June 2007
02/06/2007: General House
The VIII General Conference brings its works to a close
VIII General Conference
01/06/2007: Philippines
The smoker boy
An experience at Davao
01/06/2007: General House
Looking at the future of regionalisation with hope and creativity
VIII General Conference
31/05/2007: Peru
Provincial Assembly at Santa María de los Andes
Brothers and laypeople meet at Chósica from the 27th to the 30 April
30/05/2007: Mexico
Loma Bonita welcomes the financial managers of the Institute
The CIAE meets in Guadalajara
30/05/2007: General House
New perspectives for Marist regionalisation
VIII General Conference
29/05/2007: Spain
International Meeting on the process of common formation for brothers and lay people
Letter to the brothers and Marist lay people
28/05/2007: Spain
Some approaches for the future
New Horizons for Common Formation of Brothers and Laity
28/05/2007: General House
The spirituality of restructuring in the foreground
VIII General Conference
26/05/2007: General House
Restructuring as seen by the General Council
VIII General Conference
25/05/2007: General House
The future of restructuring in the Provinces
VIII General Conference
24/05/2007: Spain
A mosaic of achievements that show the wealth of plurality
Sharing the treasure of formation
24/05/2007: General House
New models of government and management in restructured Provinces
VIII General Conference
23/05/2007: Spain
A treasure of experiences to be shared
International Meeting on the Common Formation Processes for Brothers and Laypeople
23/05/2007: General House
Restructuring seen from the point of view of other institutions
VIII General Conference
22/05/2007: General House
About photographers and painters in the “sala Champagnat”
VIII General Conference
21/05/2007: General House
Participants and assistance team
VIII General Conference
21/05/2007: General House
From the “Blue Room” to the “Champagnat Room”
The Gathering Place for the General Conference
21/05/2007: General House
The topics that are on the table for discussion
VIII General Conferenze
18/05/2007: General House
Fire and passion in Marist leadership
VIII Marist General Conference
17/05/2007: General House
Un human rights council
Appeal from 147 countries in support of the Special Procedures
16/05/2007: Greece
In the footsteps of Marcellin
100 years of presence in the Christian education of Greek youth
15/05/2007: General House
The Provincial Secretaries meet together
Regional meetings of Provincial Secretaries in South America and Europe
14/05/2007: Argentina
Province of “Cruz del Sur”
Visit of the General Councillors Antonio Ramalho and Pedro Herreros
11/05/2007: Argentina
Brother Sean Sammon in South America
Superior General visits the Provinces of Norandina and Santa Maria de los Andes
10/05/2007: Lebanon
Province of Mediterránea. Syria-Lebanon Zone
Visit of the General Councillors Emili Turú and Peter Rodney
09/05/2007: Algeria
Testimony in the Casbah
Henri VERGÈS, Marist Brother in Algiers and martyr in his mission with young people
08/05/2007: Mozambique
Experience of Saint Marcellin Chapagnat with Jean Baptiste Montagne
Novices of Matola
03/05/2007: Chile
Sharing personal experiences and actions
Annual Meeting of the Inter-American Network of Marist Spirituality
02/05/2007: General House
United Nations urged representatives of governments
Combat violence against children
30/04/2007: United States
Marist’s “Heart of the School” Announced
Award from the Marist High School
30/04/2007: Philippines
Our Mission Today
The 2007 Annual Retreat and Assembly
27/04/2007: Colombia
Meeting of Brother Seán with the young brothers of the Province
Visit of the Brother Superior General to the Province of Norandina
26/04/2007: Chad
Former General Councillor during the generalate of Brother Charles Howard
Brother Pedro María Huidobro has died
24/04/2007: East Timor
Marists in Solidarity
The teachers’ College in Baucau
23/04/2007: Spain
Return to the scout sources
Open letter to the scout leaders of the Province of Mediterránea on the occasion of the centenary of the Scout Movement
20/04/2007: Spain
Echoes of El Escorial
Marist Centre of Spirituality, San Lorenzo – 77th course
19/04/2007: Mozambique
Who was Champagnat
Encounter with Friends of Champagnat in Matola
17/04/2007: Spain
Living the experience of the Resurrected Christ
Holy week with young people
16/04/2007: Japan
A grace obtained by the Brother François
Letter of Br. Ramon Bereicua Basauri from Japan to Br. Giovanni Bigotto, Postulator General
13/04/2007: France
The Just of France enter the Pantheon
The names of our confrères in the wall of the Just
12/04/2007: General House
51 participants, from 35 countries, belonging to 27 congregations
Brother Ivon Bédard runs an accounting course for Provincial Administrators
10/04/2007: General House
Easter Day Message
Br. Seán D. Sammon, Superior General
06/04/2007: Solomon Islands
Tsunami in Solomon Islands
Tsunami Strikes a Marist School
04/04/2007: Canada
Two brothers have opted to become missionaries to Canada
The “Mission Ad Gentes” programme and the Province of Canada
29/03/2007: Spain
Reviewing hopes and concerns
Visit of the General Councillors to the Province of Mediterránea
23/03/2007: Belgium
Province of West Central Europe
Provincial Assembly “One Heart, One Mission”
22/03/2007: Spain
Presentation of the book “Witnesses of a living history”
75th anniversary of presence in Badajoz
21/03/2007: Brazil
An efficient and audacious development of restructuring
The Marist Union of Brazil, UMBRASIL, holds its third General Assembly
20/03/2007: General House
The document “The vocation of the Lay Marist”
Second meeting of the writing commission
19/03/2007: General House
Mission ad gentes
Missionaries from the time of Fr Champagnat
17/03/2007: Canada
To make Mary, our Good Mother and our Ordinary Resource, known and loved
Marial Exposition of Beauport
16/03/2007: Vatican
March, the month of Saint Joseph
The mission of St. Joseph in the life of Christ and of the Church according to John Paul II
14/03/2007: General House
Rebuilding Hope
The Marist Tsunami Fund and its Activities - Second Year Update
13/03/2007: Kenya
Happy are the People
A CD from the Scholasticate of the Marist Brothers in Africa
12/03/2007: Switzerland
A global petition
Act for special procedures
09/03/2007: Argentina
Marist Province Cruz del Sur
First Meeting of Community Superiors – 2007
08/03/2007: Mexico
Marist Debate Meeting
Impressions and experiences of young people from Marist institutes
07/03/2007: United States
Province of United States
Preparation for the “One Heart, One Mission” international mission assembly in Brazil
06/03/2007: Italy
Time to listen, reflect, share and pray
Spirituality programme at Manziana
05/03/2007: Spain
Remembering our own vocation story
Spirituality Course at El Escorial
02/03/2007: Philippines
I will take it to my brothers and we will eat it together
Thirteen brothers at Davao and one bread
01/03/2007: General House
A global vision of formation
Post-Novitiate stage one formators meeting
28/02/2007: Spain
European Council of the Champagnat Movement of the Marist Family
European Conference of Provincials
27/02/2007: Spain
One hundred years of life, of experience and of virtue
Marists Sants-Les Corts, 1907-2007
26/02/2007: Spain
We feel privileged by the call to be Marist
Meeting of the Marist Fraternities of Badajoz with brother Pau For-nells
23/02/2007: Cuba
There is a time for everything
Marist life in Cuba
22/02/2007: General House
VIII General Conference and the Marist Year of Spirituality
Report of the General Council on the winter plenary session
21/02/2007: General House
February to June 2007
Calendar of the General Council
19/02/2007: Venezuela
Province of Norandina
Provincial Commissions Plenary
16/02/2007: Spain
Towards the unification of ministry
1st Assembly of local ministry teams of the Province of Mediterránea
15/02/2007: Spain
The Movement of Lay Marists in network
Meeting of the co-ordination of laypeople of Catalonia
14/02/2007: General House
The “Master plan for the Hermitage” at Rome
A supplementary stage towards its realisation
13/02/2007: Colombia
“Mary, light for those who seek Jesus”
Entry to the Interprovincial Novitiate of “La Valla” of Medellin
12/02/2007: Greece
100 years of Marist presence in Greece
Solemn Eucharist at Lycée Léonin Néa Smyrni
09/02/2007: General House
Good news for the marist laity
New portal for lay Marists on the web
08/02/2007: Madagascar
Redeeming nature
Taking care of creation and helping it to refind its splendour
07/02/2007: Philippines
Mission Ad Gentes Orientation Programme
Second batch of thirteen Brothers
06/02/2007: Australia
Pilgrimage of the heart
Marists prepare for World Youth Day
04/02/2007: Peru
By the pathways of the Bible
Workshop-retreat at Chosica, from the 18th to the 23rd January 2007
02/02/2007: Canada
The exposition of cribs of Château-Richer
A tradition has been established
01/02/2007: Paraguay
An experience of voluntary work and of co-operation
Núria Terradas, new voluntary worker in Paraguay
31/01/2007: Philippines
Davao: the first missionary group leaves
The mission ad gentes project already starts to become a reality
30/01/2007: Brazil
A new economy arrives
The Marist Institute of Solidarity and the L’Hermitage Foundation unveil Solidarity Economics
26/01/2007: Madagascar
Perpetual vows in Madagascar
The first Marist Brother from the Antambahoaka tribe
25/01/2007: Greece
Pedagogical Congress
Lycée Léonin, Patissia – Athens
24/01/2007: Italy
Renewal for the mission
Meeting of the General Councils of the Marist Family
23/01/2007: Brazil
Province of Brasil Centro-Norte
Marist Mission Assembly
22/01/2007: Mexico
Provincial Marist Mission Assembly
A time of Grace for México Central
22/01/2007: France
One heart, one mission
Provincial assembly - Province of LHermitage
19/01/2007: Nigeria
Province Of Nigeria
Provincial Assembly
19/01/2007: General House
A Saint who grows in the course of time
Brother Basilio Rueda, still present among us
18/01/2007: Sri Lanka
The co-group members from our Marist Schools
The task of the Lay Partners in the field of Education
16/01/2007: Argentina
Marist Province of Cruz del Sur
First Profession and renewal of temporary vows
15/01/2007: Italy
Perspectives on spirituality
New web site for the four Marist branches
12/01/2007: France
Provincial Marist Mission Assembly
Province of LHermitage
12/01/2007: Spain
Moving forward with courage, audacity and hope!
II Provincial Chapter of Ibérica
11/01/2007: Spain
Marist Province of Mediterránea
Provincial Mission Assembly
10/01/2007: Mexico
With a treasure to share!
XIV Provincial Chapter of México Occidental
09/01/2007: Guatemala
A grateful América Central sings
Perpetual Profession in Guatemala
05/01/2007: Brazil
The importance of the crib
The decoration of Christmas 2006
04/01/2007: Spain
Christmas in solidarity
Some days to think about the poorest
03/01/2007: Spain
Echoes of El Escorial
Final retreat of Group ’76 at Siguënza
02/01/2007: South Korea
From the 18th to the 21st December 2006
Korea hosts the Extended General Council Meeting for Asia

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