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Saint Angela Merici
Day of Mourning the Holocaust

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31/12/2010: General House
Impulse and fruitfulness of the Church’s mission
Mary, Mother of God and Mother of the Church
30/12/2010: Mexico
Querétaro - December 2010
Meeting of former brothers of Mexico
29/12/2010: Fiji
Province of New Zealand
Marist presence in Fiji
28/12/2010: General House
Advocacy for the Rights of the Child
The Millennium Development Goals
27/12/2010: Mexico
Vocations Week-end
Youth of the High School and the Bac of Tepoztlán
24/12/2010: New Zealand
Province of New Zealand
Br. Emili welcomed & Br. David installed
23/12/2010: General House
Through the eyes of a child
FMSI - Fondazione Marista per la Solidarietà Internazionale
22/12/2010: Mexico
Defender of the rights of the indigenous peoples of Mexico
Mgr jTatic Samuel Ruiz García, affiliated to the Institute
21/12/2010: Italy
Manziana - 17 October – 13 December 2010
English Third Aged Course 2010 concludes
20/12/2010: Australia
Melbourne Province
Br. Pat Connell takes First Vows
18/12/2010: Spain
Religious Brothers today
Br. Emili Turú speaks at the III Symposium of the Theological Institute of Religious Life in Madrid
17/12/2010: Nigeria
Brother Joachim Ezetulugo
New Provincial of the Province of Nigeria
16/12/2010: General House
For whom do the bells toll?
Christmas Message 2010 of Br. Superior General
15/12/2010: General House
SEDOS - purpose and identity
Brother Teófilo Minga appointed member of the Executive Committee of SEDOS
14/12/2010: Brazil
National Council of the Rights of the Child and the Adolescent (CONANDA)
CONANDA elections reaffirm the credibility of the work of Marist Brasil
13/12/2010: Mozambique
No longer novices but Brothers
First profession in Matola
10/12/2010: General House
The communion of Bride and Bridegroom
Mary, Bride of the Word
09/12/2010: General House
A credo and a dream
The consecrated life which I believe is the future for Europe
07/12/2010: Brazil
Ad Gentes and the Champagnat Mouvement
ChMMF of the Province of Rio Grande do Sul
06/12/2010: Nigeria
The child, the foundation of society
Nigeria launches a year-long programme for childcare and education
04/12/2010: General House
Pope’s gratitude to consecrated persons
Benedict XVI underlines contributions of religious life to the Church
03/12/2010: Brazil
Councillor General of the Institute 1985 - 1993
Br. Cláudio Girardi receives the title of Doctor Honoris Causa
02/12/2010: General House
Consecrated life in Europe
General Assembly of the Union of Superiors General
01/12/2010: Nigeria
Province of Nigeria
Lay Marist Movement
30/11/2010: Brazil
“To all dioceses of the world“
Ad gentes in the Marist Hospital Units of Curitiba
29/11/2010: Chile
A pilgrimage begins the celebration of the Centenary
100 years of the Marists in Chile
29/11/2010: Spain
Help me with your prayers
Echoes from Benedict XVI’s visit to Barcelona
28/11/2010: Brazil
Ad Gentes
Marist Fraternities of the ChMMF of Rio Grande do Sul
26/11/2010: General House
A working team prepares a document
Institutional policies on the defence of children
26/11/2010: General House
The Handmaid of the Lord
The participation of Mary in the Trinity’s mystery of love (2)
25/11/2010: Brazil
Animators share on what has been achieved for laity
Meeting of animators of laity of Marist Brasil
25/11/2010: Chile
Marist representatives from Brasil, Chile, Bolivia, Peru and Colombia
Defence of children and youth: seminar to discuss the methodologies used
24/11/2010: France
Pilgrimage to the Heart
Le Rosey – Souvenez vous
23/11/2010: General House
The Word of God in the mission of the Church
Document of the XII General Assembly of the Synod
23/11/2010: Brazil
“All the dioceses of the world enter into our plans.”
Ad gentes – Interview in Porto Alegre
22/11/2010: Malawi
25 capitulants from the 6 countries
The Fifth Provincial Chapter of the Province of Southern Africa
19/11/2010: Brazil
Pilgrimage to the Hermitage
Course on the Marist Spiritual Patrimony for lay people
19/11/2010: General House
Reflections on our world through the eyes of children
Advent and Marist Solidarity 2010
18/11/2010: Guatemala
Marist life
Meeting of former Marist Brothers
17/11/2010: Brazil
Province of Brazil Centro Sur
Ad gentes and the pastoral agents
17/11/2010: General House
The handmaid of the Lord
Mary’s participation in the Trinity’s mystery of love (1)
16/11/2010: Brazil
Marist Institutions of Higher Education
IVth Meeting of the Council of Rectors and Representatives of the Marist International Network of Institutions of Higher Education
15/11/2010: Spain
“Firm in the Faith”
World Youth Day (WYD) hymn is released
12/11/2010: Brazil
« With Mary, go in haste to a new land »
The Marist Union of Brasil celebrates a Marial Year in 2011
11/11/2010: Guatemala
Beginning of second mandate of Br. Hipólito Pérez
The Province of « América Central » holds its 5th Provincial Assembly
10/11/2010: Haiti
Haiti still in a state of emergency
Visit of Brother Emili to Haiti
09/11/2010: Mexico
Educate for Rights and Solidarity
« México Central » takes an initiative in favour of unprotected children
08/11/2010: France
Recovering the spirit of the Hermitage
Reflections of the architect Joan Puig-Pey at the end of the work of renovation
07/11/2010: Spain
Here and now, to a new land!
An initiative of the fraternities of Mediterránea
06/11/2010: Japan
Two Marists in Japan
Meeting of former students at Kobe
05/11/2010: Brazil
A cloud of witnesses
Blessed Brothers Bernardo, Laurentino, Virgilio and 44 companions martyrs
04/11/2010: Brazil
Youth Ministry
Youth Assembly of the Marist Province of « Brasil Centro-Sul »
03/11/2010: Italy
17 October – 13 December 2010
Manziana - English Third Age Programme
02/11/2010: Philippines
Marist Asia Pacific Centre (MAPAC)
Course of studies at MAPAC
01/11/2010: Spain
Why am I involved in the Mission Ad Gentes project?
Ad gentes: Br. Santiago Fernández García
30/10/2010: Brazil
Campinas novitiate
Session of information on Ad gentes Project
29/10/2010: Thailand
I am growing little by little in the Marist spirituality
Ad Gentes: Christina Kim Young Ja
29/10/2010: Guatemala
“Marists …towards a new land!”
Intercommunity meeting in Guatemala
28/10/2010: General House
Synod on the Middle East
Reflection of Br. Emili Turú, Supeiror General
27/10/2010: Spain
« Towards new Thresholds »
Following the Marist Spirituality Course at Los Negrales
26/10/2010: Italy
Back « to the origins »
Bairo 45 years later
26/10/2010: India
With mary, in haste to West Bengal
Ad gentes: Br. José Javier Bometón Aguilar
25/10/2010: General House
Brothers and laypeople serving the Institute
Organigram of the current General Administration
24/10/2010: Brazil
Catholic and Marist identity of the University
PUC Porto Alegre - Continuing formation
22/10/2010: Malaysia
A great privilege to be among the first Marist Lay Missionaries
Ad gentes: Alice Lee
22/10/2010: General House
Reflection on the financing on Administrative Units
Financial Team suggested by the XXI General Chapter gathered together in Rome
21/10/2010: General House
A connection between the holy foundress and our Institute
Saint Mary MacKillop first Australian saint
21/10/2010: General House
Objetives General Council
20/10/2010: Brazil
Challenges and vision of the future
IVth Meeting of the Council of Rectors and Representatives of the Marist International Network of Institutions of Higher Education
20/10/2010: Italy
Financial Planning for the school year in progress
Economes of the Province of « Mediterránea » at the General House
19/10/2010: New Zealand
Brothers and lay and the charism of Marcellin
57 Brothers and 21 lay people - Aotearoa Assembly
18/10/2010: Philippines
Why I want to be a missionary
7th Ad gentes group: Br. Ignatius In
18/10/2010: El Salvador
El Salvador, September 2010
Second Inter-community Meeting
15/10/2010: Philippines
“I will give you a new heart”
Brother Ernie Sentina vows for life
15/10/2010: Mexico
With Mary towards a new culture of vocations!
Provincial Assembly on Vocation Ministry
14/10/2010: Philippines
Mission ad gentes for me is a grace
7th Ad gentes group: Agnes Segovia Reyes
13/10/2010: Cuba
Echos of a community meeting
Marist life in Cuba
12/10/2010: France
Like the Apostles at the cenacle
25 Years of the Champagnat Movement at Notre Dame de l’Hermitage
11/10/2010: Mexico
«Sowing life in community»
Marist Formation in Mexico
09/10/2010: Philippines
May Jesus help me love what He has given me
7th Ad gentes group: Br. Juan Gustavo Gil
08/10/2010: Italy
A return to the sources
07/10/2010: Philippines
To All the Dioceses of the World
Ad gentes: VII Orientation Session in Davao
06/10/2010: Haiti
Champagnat’s dream on Haitian soil
25th anniversary of the Marist presence in Haiti
05/10/2010: Ghana
African International Novitiate
Marist Kumasi Novitiate
05/10/2010: South Korea
Journey toward uncertain future in India
7th Ad gentes group: Abel Eom (Korea)
04/10/2010: Philippines
A retreat centred on missionary spirituality
7th Ad gentes group
02/10/2010: Canada
Château-Richer receives distinguished visitors
125th anniversary of the arrival of the Marist Brothers in Canada
01/10/2010: General House
Meeting of the Secretariat on the Laity
Animation Plan of the Secretariat for the Next Three Years
30/09/2010: General House
General councilor during Brother Basilio’s term as Superior General
Death of Brother Arturo Chávez de la Mora
30/09/2010: Thailand
To be a missionary !
Ad Gentes: Neiva Hoffelder, Province of ”Brasil Centro-Sul”
29/09/2010: Canada
Province of Canada
Celebration of the 125th anniversary of the Marist Brothers in America
28/09/2010: Madagascar
“With Mary, go in haste to a new land!”
The general superior visits Madagascar
28/09/2010: United States
Walking in the footsteps of Champagnat
Roselle Catholic High School’s recent pilgrimage to L’Hermitage
27/09/2010: General House
Nomination of Provincials
Decisions of the General Council
26/09/2010: Brazil
With Mary, go in haste to a new land
National Encounter of Formation Leaders
24/09/2010: El Salvador
Province of America Central
III provincial youth gathering
24/09/2010: France
LHermitage: an icon and a challenge
Inauguration of the new Hermitage
23/09/2010: France
An icon and a challenge
The renovated hermitage - Br. Emili Turu, Superior General
22/09/2010: Brazil
Marist Solidarity Network of the Province of « Brasil Centro-Sul »
Inauguration of the Marist Centre for the Defence of Children
21/09/2010: Italy
September – October 2010
Manziana: Spanish and Portuguese course for brothers of the 3rd age
21/09/2010: Guatemala
“I cannot see a child without telling him how much Jesus loves him”
4th Youth Pastoral Continental Congress
20/09/2010: Italy
«Let us build together»
Meeting of teachers from the Marist schools in Italy
19/09/2010: Brazil
Marist Solidarity Mission
Postulants of the Province « Brasil Centro-Norte »
18/09/2010: Philippines
Signs of a changing model
Ad Gentes: the experience of internationalism
17/09/2010: Colombia
Building communities with new hearts
Experience of interprovincial renewal for the Brothers animating communities
16/09/2010: Spain
On the road to a new land!
2nd European Assembly of the MCHFM
15/09/2010: Mexico
A new CEPAM course
Together, laymen and Brothers study the letters of Champagnat
14/09/2010: Brazil
History of the Marist Social Centres
Marist Solidarity Network of the Province of « Brasil Centro-Sul »
14/09/2010: Spain
Doors open to a future of hope
Centenary of the Marist presence in Avellanes
13/09/2010: Kenya
Bringing uniformity to programmes of initial formation
Meeting of Marist formators of Africa
12/09/2010: General House
Marial Spirit
Marys name
11/09/2010: Spain
Course in Champagnat Documents (Cycle B: 1837-1838)
A Study of the Marist Spiritual Patrimony promoted by the IMS of Salamanca
10/09/2010: Canada
Meeting of Marist Fathers and Brothers
125th anniversary of the arrival of the Marist Brothers in Canada
09/09/2010: Spain
Chronicle from Los Negrales
A new « Umbrales » course
08/09/2010: Mozambique
« Maputo is at present a hell »
A Marist Brother gives a warning cry from the capital of Mozambique
08/09/2010: Thailand
Forty-five participants, twenty-two nationalities
Assembly of the Ad gentes Sector
07/09/2010: New Zealand
The Brothers are well
Earthquake in Christchurch
07/09/2010: Sri Lanka
To a new land
2nd Provincial Chapter in South Asia Province
06/09/2010: Brazil
Province of Brasil Centro-Sul
Perpetual Profession of Br. Vanderlei Antonio Kuhn
04/09/2010: General House

Message of Benedict XXI for WYD 2011 - Madrid
02/09/2010: Mozambique
Echoes from a Marian Retreat
Retreat in Mozambique – 16-22 July, 2010
30/08/2010: General House
Annual report 2009
FMSI - Foundation of Marist Solidarity International Onlus
07/08/2010: Brazil
Echoes from a Marian Retreat 2
Retreat in Mozambique - 2010
06/08/2010: Mozambique
Echoes from a Marian Retreat 2
Retreat in Mozambique - 2010
05/08/2010: Kenya
Human rights advocacy
Joint Training program in Nairobi
04/08/2010: Mozambique
Echoes from a Marian Retreat
Retreat in Mozambique – 16-22 July, 2010
03/08/2010: General House
1909 - 1984
Bullettin de lInstitut
02/08/2010: General House
Marist Mission Ad Gentes Project
Mission AD GENTES and the « new land »
30/07/2010: Spain
The Luquin-Lasa Family
Javier and Jaione have a different kind of summer
29/07/2010: Brazil
Ad Gentes yesterday
Ad Gentes today
28/07/2010: Philippines
With Mary, New Marists Towards a New Land
8th Marist Educators’ Congress
27/07/2010: Australia
The gospel parable of the mustard seed
Young Marist Retreat - Tugun
27/07/2010: United States
Province of the United States of America
Marist Brother Jubilarians celebrate 890 years of service
26/07/2010: General House
Plenary Session of the General Council
Re-structuring of the services of the General Administration
25/07/2010: Mexico
Province of « México occidental »
First professions in the novitiate of Morelia and Haiti
24/07/2010: Ghana
District of West Africa and province of Nigeria
Marist Novitiate in Ghana gave birth to eight
23/07/2010: Spain
What We Take with Us
Escorial - Senderos Course Ends
22/07/2010: General House
Shanthi Liyanage (South Asia) and Luis García Sobrado (Sector Mission ad gentes)
The General Council appoints two new provincials
21/07/2010: General House
Publication Team incorporate the changes
Text of the Constitutions
20/07/2010: Kenya
Planning Meeting in Africa
Marist Spiritual Patrimony
19/07/2010: Australia
Towards a 2020 Vision
Oceania Lay Partnership Conference
17/07/2010: Philippines
How good and delightful it is to live together like Brothers
Beginning of the VII Mission Ad Gentes Program in Davao
16/07/2010: Brazil
Solidarity-Based Economies (ES)
Leaders and Activists in Brasilia for National Conference
15/07/2010: General House
The Marian Church has the heart of a mother
Female Presence in Mission ad Gentes
14/07/2010: Argentina
Education for Social Integration
Seventh Ibero-American NGO Forum for Children and Adolescents
13/07/2010: Thailand
Quy, one of the aspirants of the Sector Ad Gentes
Reflexion of Br.Luis Sobrado, Superior of the Sector Ad Gentes
11/07/2010: Romania
News from the Marist Brothers’ NGO-SED
Lay Volunteers Help at Summer Work Camp in Romania
09/07/2010: Philippines
Homily during the opening eucharist celebration
Ad Gentes Mission – Davao Group 2010
08/07/2010: Philippines
Notre Dame of Kidapawan College
Champagnat Movement – Philippine experience
07/07/2010: Guatemala
“I cannot see a child without telling him how much Jesus loves him”
4th Continental Gathering of Marist Youth Ministry
06/07/2010: Romania
A Place of Hope
In Romania, children do not count
05/07/2010: El Salvador
Taking up the challenges of the XXI General Chapter
Intercommunity meeting in El Salvador
03/07/2010: General House
Speaking of the martyrs
Crisanto and his fellow martyrs
02/07/2010: United States
“New hearts for a new world”
Marist Youth 2010
01/07/2010: Guatemala
« Water from an abundant source »
Meeting of Brothers working among the people
30/06/2010: Philippines
MAPAC - 40 Brothers
Marist Asia Pacific Center, Manila
29/06/2010: General House
Programme for future work
Commission of the Patrimony in Rome
27/06/2010: Australia
Co-responsibility for vitality and mission
Oceania Regional Assembly
26/06/2010: Guatemala
Process of evangelisation
Provincial pastoral leaders in Central America
25/06/2010: Spain
Rights of the Child
FMSI comes to Barcelona
24/06/2010: Rwanda
Fertile ground for Marist Brothers
Save Novitiate has eleven new Brothers
23/06/2010: Brazil
Marist youth around the same table
Province of « Brasil Centro-Norte »: Course for Marist Leaders
22/06/2010: Mexico
Province of « México occidental »
Meeting of Marist Directors, May 2010
21/06/2010: Guatemala
Marists towards a new land
Intercommunity Meetings in Guatemala
20/06/2010: General House
Mary model of faith
What the “Marian principle” of the Church means
19/06/2010: Brazil
You are all brothers
National Meeting of Lay Religious men
18/06/2010: General House
Setting in motion the process for accomplishing a mandate of the Chapter
Edition of the Constitutions and Statutes
17/06/2010: General House
Does God listen to us?
The prayer we address to our models of Marist sanctity
16/06/2010: Australia
How to best serve others
XII Marist Forum - Mittagong
15/06/2010: United States
A Call to Serve
Francis Cardinal George visits Marist High School in Chicago
14/06/2010: General House
7th Ad Gentes group
Message to the Ad Gentes «Davao 2010» group
13/06/2010: Australia
Five day shared formation experience
Marist Joint Formation Experience Hermitage, Mittagong
11/06/2010: Guatemala
Marist Solidarity Fund
Tropical storm Agatha hits Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras
09/06/2010: Australia
The Spirit of Marist Student Leadership
Marist Student Leaders Weekend – Yeppoon
08/06/2010: General House
My first trip Ad Gentes
Ad Gentes Project
08/06/2010: General House
The prophetic challenge of the african churches
Seminar of SEDOS in Ariccia
07/06/2010: General House
The Marist Mission in Higher Education
Marist International Network of Institutions of Higher Education
05/06/2010: General House
Br. Emili Turú, Superior General
Message for the feast of Saint Marcellin Champagnat, 2010
04/06/2010: General House
Europe calls for the consecrated life
Brother Emili Turú speaks at the Union of Superior Generals
03/06/2010: General House
Monastery of Avellanes
Symposium on structures of animation for Marist spirituality
01/06/2010: General House
Changing of the guard in the Marist Pacific
New provincials for Melbourne and New Zealand
31/05/2010: Chile
Promoting the rights of children
1st Marist Meeting on the Rights of Children and Adolescents
31/05/2010: General House
From the chapter hall to the community room
The “Marial face” of the Church
28/05/2010: General House
29 May 1955
Anniversary of the beatification of Marcellin Champagnat
27/05/2010: General House
Association with the Marist Family
The affiliation to the institute of Hans Wennink
26/05/2010: General House
Modifications introduced in the Constitutions will enter into force on 6 June 2010
Acts of the XXI General Chapter
25/05/2010: General House
June – December 2010
Calendar of Brother Superior General
21/05/2010: Brazil
To build new roads for a new world
Meeting of young Brasilian Brothers
20/05/2010: General House
Marists, “Marial face of the Church”
Brother Emili Turú, Superior General and the “Marial Church”
19/05/2010: Brazil
Meeting in Brasília
Continental Marist Mission Team in America
18/05/2010: Philippines
East-Asia Province
Summer Vocation Workshop
17/05/2010: Bangladesh
Young Bengalis in the footsteps of Jesus
Vocations Day in Srimongol
15/05/2010: Italy
Community week
Youth from Giugliano discover the Marist community
14/05/2010: General House
Dialogue and exchange to plan for the future
Meeting of the General Council with the members of the General Administration
13/05/2010: Australia
Marist Pilgrims stay at LHermitage
The 2010 Hermitage Pilgrimage and Study Tour
12/05/2010: Italy
” The story unfolds…..“
Marist Family Midlife Renewal Programme,2010
11/05/2010: General House
Province of Mediterránea
Meeting of Co-ordinators of Social Works
10/05/2010: Spain
Two new works from Ediciones Khaf
News from the Publishing Group Luis Vives
08/05/2010: Italy
Celebration at San Leone Magno
Brother Flavio Testa completes 100 years
07/05/2010: Brazil
Province of Rio Grande do Sul
Province Assembly of the Marist Champagnat Family Movement ( MCHFM)
06/05/2010: Greece
Marist Spirituality: Action 60
Lycée Léonin in Néa Smyrni
05/05/2010: Mexico
Enthusiastic Marist Joy
Youth Ministry in « Mexico Central »
04/05/2010: Brazil
Province «Brasil Centro-Norte»
Meeting of community Superiors
03/05/2010: General House
Association of Econome Generals
Seminar on accounting and administration
03/05/2010: General House
Constructing a vision of the future for the Institute
Plenary planning session
02/05/2010: Brazil
Perpetual Profession
Marist Province of « Brasil Centro-Sul »
01/05/2010: General House
Is this an educational crisis?
Letter of Pope Benedict XVI
29/04/2010: Spain
With Mary, go in haste to a new land!
Fraternity of Grenada - In the spirit of the XXI General Chapter
29/04/2010: General House
Half the provincial leaders of the Institute united in Rome
Meeting of new provincials with the General Council
28/04/2010: General House
Marial reflections
Mary During the month of May
27/04/2010: Argentina
Marist Apostolic Spirituality
V Meeting of the Inter-American Network of MAS and XV Meeting of the Latin-American Network
27/04/2010: General House
Notes from the log
Rome from day to day
26/04/2010: General House
Branches of the Marist Family
Marist Family General Councils meeting
24/04/2010: General House
Brief Report on the XXI General Chapter
FMS Message 40
23/04/2010: Spain
SENDEROS: the PATHS traversed
Beacons from Los Negrales
22/04/2010: Australia
Province of Sydney
Brother Jeffrey Crowe’s second mandate as Provincial
20/04/2010: Brazil
Marist Union of Brasil
Marists for Haiti
20/04/2010: France
Brother Maurice Berquet takes up his duties as Provincial
III Chapter of the Province of the Hermitage
19/04/2010: General House
Some martyrs rediscovered
Brothers who were killed in Peking in 1900
17/04/2010: Bolivia
Entry to the novitiate and pre.novitiate
Interprovincial novitiate of Cochabamba
16/04/2010: Brazil
Marist mission in the Amazon
Important meeting for the Marist District of Amazon – 28/03 to 02/04/2010
15/04/2010: Spain
Penitential Confraternity of the Holy Cross
Association of former students of Logroño
15/04/2010: General House
A service not two years old
Number 100 of “Marist News”
14/04/2010: General House
World youth day 2011
International Meeting of Marist Youth Madrid 2011
13/04/2010: Chile
“We are a family; tell that to the children.”
Day for new Marist teachers
12/04/2010: General House
The themes of the document “Gathered around the same table”
Br. Teofilo Minga on Marist Laity - 4/4
10/04/2010: Brazil
With Mary, go in haste towards a new land
Strategic Plan of the Province of « Brasil Centro-Sul »
09/04/2010: Chile
Starting the Journey
About Being a Lay Marist
08/04/2010: General House
Br. Teofilo Minga on Marist Laity - 3/4
The Structure of the document “Gathered around the same table”
07/04/2010: Brazil
Province of « Brasil Centro-Sul »
Diffusion of the document «Gathered around the same table»
06/04/2010: General House
Causes under study
What’s new with our saints?
03/04/2010: Italy
Marist Family
Midlife Programme 2010 in Manziana
02/04/2010: General House
The importance of the laity in the Marist Congregation
Br. Teofilo Minga on Marist Laity - 2/4
01/04/2010: Brazil
Champagnat Movement of the Marist Family
Newest MCHFM fraternity - Province of Brazil Centro-Sul
31/03/2010: France
In the “spirit of the Hermitage”
L’Hermitage: a new goal attained
31/03/2010: Italy
Animation on the «Rights of Children»
FMSI participates in the cultural week organised by «L’Istituto San Leone Magno» in Rome
30/03/2010: General House
Br. Teofilo Minga on Marist Laity - 1/4
The importance of the laity in the Marist Congregation
30/03/2010: Italy
A meeting to give vitality to the fraternities
First meeting of the Champagnat Movement of Italy
29/03/2010: Puerto Rico
In fraternity, Mary inspires our journey
Fraternity «L’Hermitage»
29/03/2010: Brazil
International Debate on Education
Marist Solidarity Network of the Province of « Brasil Centro-Sul »
26/03/2010: Italy
New Marist Generation
Genma fom Giuliano visits the General House
26/03/2010: General House
A community to animate the Institute
The General Council works on its community plan
25/03/2010: Italy
Marist Family
International Spiritual Renewal Experience
24/03/2010: Italy
Perpetual profession mediterranea province
Brother Daniel Pardo makes final vows in Giuliano
23/03/2010: Spain
Celebrating the 100th anniversary of the monastery in Avellanes
A new disc from Kairoi
21/03/2010: Brazil
Province of « Rio Grande do Sul »
Commission of Consecrated Life and Laity
19/03/2010: Ecuador
Norandina Province
The Brothers of Ecuador – One-week Annual Retreat
18/03/2010: Spain
New teachers for Ibérica
Group of 55 new teachers for the centres of the Ibérica Province
16/03/2010: Spain
Holy Year Compostela 2010
Letter of the Marist Province “Compostela” to the Marist Communities
15/03/2010: Thailand
Marist Mission Ad Gentes Project
The communities in Tailandia
12/03/2010: Chile
A testimony
Experience of charismatic growth and vitality in Limache
11/03/2010: Guatemala
The task of formation after the guidelines of the XXI General Chapter
Meeting of the formators of the Northern Arc
11/03/2010: Brazil
International Women’s Day (8 March)
Homage to Doctor Zilda Arns Neumann
10/03/2010: Brazil
A providential meeting in Curitiba
Three lay participants in three General Chapters
09/03/2010: Peru
Province of Santa María de los Andes
Marist experiences of charismatic growth and vitality
08/03/2010: General House
Martyrs who died in the years 1936–1939
Brother Crisanto and Sixty-seven Companions, Martyrs
07/03/2010: Brazil
With our eyes we have seen your salvation
Admission to the novitiate in the Province of Brasil Centro-Norte
06/03/2010: Spain
Institute of Marist Studies (IEM) of Salamanca
First Days of Children’s Rights
05/03/2010: Spain
Brothers and Laity Together
Formation Program in Hermitage Province - Second Time Around
05/03/2010: General House
Marist Union of Brasil (UMBRASIL)
An Assembly discusses the subject of Marist Brasil
04/03/2010: General House
Features of Lay Marist Life
Distribution and study of the document Gathered Around the Same Table
04/03/2010: Haiti
Marist presence with the people
Life in Haití after the earthquake
03/03/2010: Nigeria
“Go in haste with Mary and Champagnat to a New Land.”
Assembly of Province of Nigeria on the 21st General Chapter
03/03/2010: Brazil
Champagnat Movement of the Marist Family
1st National Meeting of Animators of the ChMMF
02/03/2010: Belgium
West Central Europe
Provincial Chapter - 12 to 17 February 2010
02/03/2010: Brazil
Champagnat Movement of the Marist Family
Meeting of the fraternities of the ChMMF of Fortaleza
01/03/2010: Spain
An indispensable work for researchers of the Marist Patrimony
The Letters of Champagnat: Biographical and Topographical References
01/03/2010: Chile
Reassuring news
The Marists in Chile after the earthquake
28/02/2010: Spain
New digital image of the Monastery inaugurated
100 years of Marist presence in Avellanes
26/02/2010: Spain
New Ideas in Professional Studies
Marist Studies at the University of Salamanca
26/02/2010: Chile
« Men integrated and integrating »
Workshop for Community Animators of the Brothers and Communities of « the Southern Cone »
25/02/2010: Paraguay
“A dream come true” in Coronel Oviedo, Asuncion
Brothers and Lay People in Paraguay - Sharing a Formation Experience
24/02/2010: Cambodia
Marist Mission Ad Gentes Project
Communities in Cambodia
23/02/2010: Brazil
With Mary, go in haste to a new land!
Meeting of the Enlarged Bureau of the Laity
23/02/2010: General House
Courses of ongoing formation
Brother Angel Medina appointed Director of courses of spirituality in Spanish
22/02/2010: India
Marist Mission Ad Gentes Project
Tribal Boys Hostel in Burdwan
22/02/2010: Brazil
« Mary has done everything for us! »
New group of novices in Brasil
20/02/2010: Mexico
Go in haste to meet youth!
Meeting of Co-ordinators of Youth Ministry of the Province of México Central
19/02/2010: Mozambique
Southern African Province
First Year Novices at Matola Novitiate
18/02/2010: General House
“Pathways” course in Spanish and Portuguese
Br. Javier Espinosa director of the Bureau of the Laity
17/02/2010: Bangladesh
Marist Mission Ad Gentes Project
Communities in Bangladesh
16/02/2010: Madagascar
Apostolic Spirituality and charism of Marcellin Champagnat
Mahatamana Marist Camp
16/02/2010: Spain
«Senderos» (Pathways) Course
Formation for Brothers between the ages of 40 and 55
15/02/2010: Brazil
Basilio lives on among us
«Brother Basilio» Project in the Postulancy of «Brasil Centro-Norte»
13/02/2010: Guatemala
Province of América Central
Meeting of Community Animators
12/02/2010: Spain
Educational network for youth at risk
Marist community Badajoz
11/02/2010: France
Activities over two months
The Hermitage community on the way
10/02/2010: Colombia
New Provincial - Brother Libardo Garzon
Norandina’s Third Provincial Chapter
10/02/2010: Colombia
“Everything in life has its time and its season…”
Novitiate in Medellín, Colombia
09/02/2010: Guatemala
Province of Central America
2009 Retreats
08/02/2010: Colombia
In the steps of Marcellin Champagnat
16 young men in the postulancy of Manizales
06/02/2010: Spain
“Gabella” Coordinates Three Projects
Marist Brothers in Barcelona’s Gótico Neighborhood
05/02/2010: Brazil
« Hearts connected», a common horizon for members of the MYM of Brasil
1st National Marist Youth Ministry Congress
04/02/2010: General House
International Meeting of Marist Youth
World Youth Day: Madrid, August 2011
03/02/2010: General House
Château-Richer, Québec
Our « Exhibition of cribs » 2010 edition
02/02/2010: General House
Revision and updating of the Chronology of the Institute
Historians begin preparing for the celebration of the Bicentenary of the foundation of the Institute
01/02/2010: Australia
Marist seeing the world through the eyes of a child
Marist Solidarity Campaign 2010
30/01/2010: General House
Brothers considered as models
Models of Marist Holiness
29/01/2010: General House
Brother Teófilo Minga assumes his new position
A new coordinator in Rome for the Mission ad Gentes Project
28/01/2010: General House
Celebrations in the General House
Brother Emili Turú, Superior General, celebrates 55 years
27/01/2010: Spain
Together, with Mary, we are building the future
Letter of the lay participants in the3rd «Mediterranea» Provincial Chapter
26/01/2010: General House
Br Jim Jolley
Description of work of FMSI in Geneva
25/01/2010: Australia
Concurrent Provincial Chapters
Marist life in Oceania
24/01/2010: General House
Brother Onorino Rota concludes his mandate
Br. Pietro Bettin new superior of the Community of the General House
22/01/2010: Spain
Brother Oscar Martin New Provincial
Compostela Province - Third Chapter
22/01/2010: General House
Fondazione Marista per la Solidarietà Internazionale Onlus
FMSI - Working for Haiti
22/01/2010: Brazil
Marist Union of Brasil (UMBRASIL)
1st National Congress of the PJM - Brasil
21/01/2010: General House
Father Josep Samsó was martyred in 1936
Beatification of a former Marist student
21/01/2010: Brazil
Professions at Mendès – December 2009
Young brothers of « Brasil Centro-Norte »
20/01/2010: Brazil
Province of Brazil Central-South
Brother Antonio Luiz da Costa pronounces perpetual vows
19/01/2010: Rwanda
Rwanda from December 27-30
III Provincial Chapter of the Marist Province of Africa Central East
18/01/2010: Spain
An account of three years of functioning
Reflexions following the European Council of MCHFM
18/01/2010: Haiti
Communication of Brother Sergio de Jesús Cáceres from Haití
The Marists in Haití
17/01/2010: Mexico
On the way with Mary in search of a new land!
Mexico Central - XIV Provincial Chapter
15/01/2010: France
In the Very Footsteps of Our Founder
International Marist Community - LHermitage
14/01/2010: Spain
Major themes for the new governance team
Third Provincial Chapter of the Iberica province
13/01/2010: General House
Activities of this Commission since 2000
The Commission on the Religious Life and archivum
13/01/2010: General House
Earthquake in Haiti
Brother Emili Turú, Superior general, confirms that the brothers in Haiti are unharmed
12/01/2010: Spain
Inauguration of the centenary
100 years of Marist presence in el Monasterio de les Avellanes
11/01/2010: Spain
Province Mediterránea
Third Provincial Chapter of Mediterranea Province
08/01/2010: Senegal
An educational project in support of sustainable development , Senegal
Sainte Marie de Hann in Dakar - Marist Fathers
08/01/2010: Mexico
«Washing the feet of one another.»
Province of Mexico Central: a Three-year Term Gets Under Way
07/01/2010: El Salvador
A joint message
VIII National Meeting of the Fraternities of El Salvador
06/01/2010: Cuba
Cienfuego here
Two projects for youth
05/01/2010: Spain
« We carry Tui in our hearts »
The Marist Brothers receive the Gold Medal of the « Concello de Tui »
04/01/2010: General House
To say goodbye - By way of message
Course “Amanecer“: Brothers of the “third age”

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