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Saint Angela Merici
Day of Mourning the Holocaust

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14/08/2015: General House
Patronal feast of the Institute
15 august - Assumption
31/12/2013: Mozambique
Province of Southern Africa
First profession in Matola
30/12/2013: Spain
Community experience with Marist youth
Marist community of Granada
28/12/2013: General House
Brothers formators for a new world
Interview with Brother Dennis Cooper
27/12/2013: Brazil
Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Su
The best private university of the South Region and the 3rd in the country
26/12/2013: Philippines
Fondazione Marista per la Solidarietà Internazionale
The emergency in the Philippines continues
25/12/2013: General House
And the Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us
All the ends of the Earth can see the Salvation of our God
24/12/2013: Bangladesh
District of Asia
Having the Cause of Children’s Rights at Heart
23/12/2013: Germany
Marist Europe
Meetings of the European Provincial Councils and the C.E.M.
22/12/2013: General House
María Pilar Benavente Serrano
Facilitator of the preparatory commission of the II IMMA
21/12/2013: Switzerland
Fondazione Marista per la Solidarietà Internazionale
FMSI training course: the account of a participant
20/12/2013: East Timor
Marist vocations
Marist presence in East Timor
19/12/2013: France
Province of L’Hermitage
II International Marist Mission Assembly
19/12/2013: Syria
The child who is given us!
Letter from Aleppo No 15
18/12/2013: Bangladesh
Fighting against modern slavery in the Tea Gardens
Project of providing secondary education to the tea workers children
18/12/2013: Colombia
Important meeting of Presidents held in a Marist college
Presidential summit at the Champagnat College of Ipiales
17/12/2013: Spain
Preparing for the II International Marist Mission Assembly
Meeting in Madrid, Xaudaró
16/12/2013: Brazil
Interprovincial Novitiate of Passo Fundo
First professions
16/12/2013: New Zealand
Restructuring in Oceania
Inauguration of the District of the Pacific
15/12/2013: El Salvador
Province of America Central
Retreat for the laity and brothers
14/12/2013: General House
Marist Martyrs in Spain
Book : The courage of the faith
13/12/2013: Papua New Guinea
Br Jean Marie Batick
New District Leader for the District of Melanesia Appointed
12/12/2013: Philippines
To be prophets and mystics like Mary
Provincial Chapter of the Province of « East Asia »
12/12/2013: Brazil
Interprovincial Novitiate of Passo Fundo
The Group from UMBRASIL visit the Interprovincial Novitiate
11/12/2013: Mexico
Province of Mexico Occidental
Province meeting on vocations ministry
11/12/2013: Spain
Marist Studies Institute of Salamanca
Second Conference on Solidarity and Volunteer Service
10/12/2013: Brazil
Province of Rio Grande do Sul
Perpetual profession of Brother Diego Lunkes
10/12/2013: Germany
Marist College Mindelheim
Money for young people in developing countries
09/12/2013: General House
Ubuntu: We Become Human through other People
2013 Christmas Message from Brother Superior General
08/12/2013: General House
André Lanfrey
The good Mother and the Virgin of the vow
07/12/2013: Canada
Province of Canada
Marist Forum and 5th Provincial Chapter
06/12/2013: General House
Marist News
300 numbers published
05/12/2013: General House
The Pope invites us not to exclude any frontier, and to act without fear
Br Emili Turú speaks of the meeting of the Superiors General with Pope Francis
04/12/2013: Kenya
Fondazione Marista per la Solidarietà Internazionale
FMSI workshop in Nairobi
04/12/2013: General House
CHANGE: make the difference!
Souvenir of the International Marist Youth Meeting
03/12/2013: Colombia
Champagnat Movement of the Marist Family
Meeting of fraternities and lay Marist groups
03/12/2013: General House
82nd General Assembly of the Union of Superiors General
The Pope announced that 2015 would be a year dedicated to consecrated life
02/12/2013: Brazil
Province of « Brasil Centro-Norte »
Formation Session for Leaders of the Champagnat Movement of the Marist Family
01/12/2013: Belgium
Province of West Central Europe
Assembly of the Brothers in Belgium
30/11/2013: General House
Educate by evangelizing and evangelize by educating
3rd Formation Seminar for Educators
29/11/2013: Mexico
Reviewing ourselves in the spirit of Champagnat… here and now
XIX Meeting of Marist Fraternities
28/11/2013: Kenya
II International Mission Assembly
Meeting of the Preparatory Commission
28/11/2013: General House
FMSI - Fondazione Marista per la Solidarietà Internazionale
Last funding round for FMSI micro-projects: results
27/11/2013: Mexico
To make our heart at home, to share life, to be like Marcellin
Meeting of young Brothers under 40 and Provincial Council of México Occidental
26/11/2013: Nigeria
Province of Nigeria
Perpetual profession of seven brothers at Orlu
25/11/2013: Kenya
“If you want to go far, go with others”
Workshop on laity - brothers
25/11/2013: General House
New Marists on Mission
Preparatory Meeting for the International Marist Mission Assembly
24/11/2013: Brazil
Marist Meeting on Mission and Management
Marist Brasil evaluates trends and prospects for education
23/11/2013: Germany
Province of West Central Europe
Meeting in Schönstatt
22/11/2013: General House
General Council
21/11/2013: Brazil
The Province of Brasil Centro-Sul wins the Prize for Communicaton
20/11/2013: General House
A new heart for a new world
Commission for the revision of the Constitutions
19/11/2013: Belgium
Retreat and
News of two meetings in Habay
18/11/2013: General House
Provincial Administrators in an International Institute
Meeting of Provincial Economes
17/11/2013: Argentina
Marist Province of « Cruz del Sur »
National Meeting of Fraternities
16/11/2013: General House
Br Colin Chalmers
New director of the General Archives
15/11/2013: Brazil
Reflection, sharing and work
Meeting of the Superior Council of UMBRASIL
14/11/2013: Spain
The Blessed Marist Brothers of Toledo
Thanks Giving Celebration for the Recent Beatification
13/11/2013: General House
Typhoon Haiyan
Philippines emergency
12/11/2013: Italy
Course for English-Speaking Brothers 2013
Third Age Renewal Program at Manziana
11/11/2013: General House
The World of Migrant Children and Youth
FMSI - Daily Reflections for Advent
10/11/2013: United States
Lavalla Weekend
Marist Brothers’ Center at Esopus
09/11/2013: Spain
Concrete Paths of Action
European Vocation Team
08/11/2013: Kenya
Br. Thomas Omari
Final Professon in Roo
07/11/2013: General House
Three thousand news items on the site
06/11/2013: Brazil
Convention on the rights of the child and follow-up strategies on human rights
FMSI workshop for the Americas
05/11/2013: Brazil
25 to 29 September in Porto Alegre
Meeting of the Solidarity Sub-commission
05/11/2013: General House
Marist martyrs - Intercessors and models
6 November - Memory of the Martyrs in Spain
04/11/2013: Costa Rica
We dream of new ways for Marist life
II Inter-community meeting
02/11/2013: Brazil
Br. James Pinheiro dos Santos
Interview with the members of The International Commission Brothers Today
01/11/2013: Australia
Oceania Partnership Commision
Regional Lay Commission of Oceania
31/10/2013: Brazil
Rio Grande do Sul
Marist Youth Meetingattracts nearly 900 persons
31/10/2013: Dem. Rep. of the Congo
Martyrs of Bugobe
Brothers Servando Mayor, Miguel Angel Isla, Fernando la Fuente and Julio Rodriguez
30/10/2013: Spain
Institute of Marist Studies
Days of Solidarity and Volunteer Service
29/10/2013: Malawi
Province of Southern Africa
Sixth Provincial Chapter
29/10/2013: Solomon Islands
Brothers Today
Interview with Br Jean-Marie Batick
28/10/2013: Spain
7 and 8 October 2013, Saragossa
II International Meeting of Marist Publishers
28/10/2013: General House
Br. Joarês Pinheiro de Sousa
New sub-director of the Escorial team
26/10/2013: Spain
Co-trustees of the charism of Champagnat
Meeting of the European Commission of the Laity
25/10/2013: General House
Br Miguel Angel Espinosa Barrera
Assistant Director of the Secretariat of Mission
25/10/2013: General House
FMSI - Fondazione Marista per la Solidarietà Internazionale
A new FMSI office in Latin America
24/10/2013: Kenya
Albert Nzabonaliba
Interview with members of the International Commission of Brothers Today
24/10/2013: Brazil
Province of « Brasil Centro-Norte »
Young Brothers meet in Belo Horizonte
23/10/2013: Cuba
“New” communities
Inter-community meeting of Marist Cuba
22/10/2013: General House
With the ancient is wisdom
Meeting of coordinators of Third Age formation programs in Rome
21/10/2013: Syria
Marist Blues
Letter from Aleppo N° 14
21/10/2013: Colombia
Sharing the seeds of the Marist charism
Joint formation of Brothers and laity
19/10/2013: Brazil
« Lumen Comunicação »
Marist presence in the communication media in Curitiba
18/10/2013: France
La Valla, a powerful house of light
Inauguration of the renovated house of La Valla
17/10/2013: Spain
Beatification of the 68 Marist martyrs - 13 October
Celebration in Tarragona
16/10/2013: Colombia
Alonso Pino Joaquí
Novitiate in Ibagué
15/10/2013: Madagascar
Marist educators: defenders of children’s rights
Session of pedagogical formation for teachers
15/10/2013: Pakistan
FMSI - Fondazione Marista per la Solidarietà Internazionale
Helping the victims of the attack in Peshawar
15/10/2013: Spain
Celebration - homage
Beatification of the 68 Marist martyrs - 11 and 12 October
14/10/2013: France
With the pilgrim Mary we accompany Marist life in the Americas
III Inter-American Conference of Provincials (CIAP)
12/10/2013: Guatemala
Presence and Identity
Second Intercommunity Meeting
11/10/2013: Spain
The courage of the faith
Book on the Marist martyrs
10/10/2013: Venezuela
Itinerary of personal conversion
Meeting of the Brothers of Venezuela
10/10/2013: Italy
Course for Spanish-and Portuguese-speaking Brothers of the third age
« Amanecer » Session – Manziana
09/10/2013: General House
Beatification of the martyrs in Spain (Tarragona)
Reflection on the Marist martyrs
09/10/2013: Brazil
Province of « Brasil Centro-Norte »
The Commission of the Laity meets : evaluation and planning
08/10/2013: Ghana
Marist Mission in Africa
Meeting of the African Mission Commission and Working Group on the Formation of Directors
08/10/2013: Cuba
Br Mario José Pentón Martínez
First profession
07/10/2013: Mexico
In the style of Mary and Saint Marcellin Champagnat
50 years of Marist presence in Tepic
05/10/2013: Brazil
Marist charism and educational principles
Marist formation course offered to the entire Institute by the PUCPR
04/10/2013: General House
October – December 2013
Calendar of the General Council and Directors of Secretariats
03/10/2013: Colombia
Province of « Norandina »
Launching of the local phase of the International Marist Mission Assembly
03/10/2013: Mexico
Socially responsible education
2nd International Meeting on Education
02/10/2013: Philippines
East Asia Province
Two young men vow for life as Marist Brothers
02/10/2013: Pakistan
Testimony of Br Remigius Fernando
The school at Peshawar reopens after the bombing
01/10/2013: Switzerland
Br. Evaristus Kasambwe
International community of Prévessin-Moëns
01/10/2013: General House
Our next Marist Blesseds
Beatification - Tarragona, Spain – 13 October 2013
30/09/2013: Brazil
Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul
The PUCRS is the 2nd best private University in Brasil
30/09/2013: France
It is up to us now
General Conference – 27 and 28 September
28/09/2013: France
General Conference – 26 September
Towards a synthesis
27/09/2013: General House
International Gathering of Marist Youth
Appeals of IYMM for The Marist Institute
27/09/2013: Australia
Province of Australia
Marist Life Mentors program
26/09/2013: France
General Conference – 24 September
26/09/2013: Italy
Programme « Amanecer » – Manziana
Course for Spanish-and Portuguese-speaking Brothers of the third age
26/09/2013: France
A new religious culture
General Conference – 25 September
25/09/2013: Paraguay
District of Paraguay
Marist Vocational Youth Ministry
25/09/2013: France
Animation, government and administration
General Conference – 23 September
25/09/2013: Fiji
125 year of Marist presence in Fiji
Retreat of Brothers and Lay Champagnat Marists
24/09/2013: Pakistan
It was a day to remember!
Peshawar: A terrorist attack at the doorstep of our Brothers home
24/09/2013: Spain
Liturgy comes onto the scene
Beatification - Tarragona - 13 October 2013
23/09/2013: South Sudan
Unions of Superiors General
Project Solidarity with South Sudan
23/09/2013: France
Projects and reports
General Conference – 21 September
22/09/2013: United States
Brothers Today
Interview with Br Dan O’Riordan
21/09/2013: Brazil
Dreams, concerns and life paths in Amazonia
Forum of the District of Amazonia
21/09/2013: France
I will awake the dawn! (Psalm 108: 3)
General Conference – 19 and 20 September
20/09/2013: General House
Brother formators for a new world
Programme for formators in 2014
19/09/2013: Ireland
Province of West Central Europe
Inauguration of renovated community in Moyle Park, Dublin
19/09/2013: France
Tomorrow for today
General Conference – 17 and 18 September
18/09/2013: Cuba
Being a believer is an option, not a tradition
A significant experience in Cuba
17/09/2013: Malawi
Province of Southern Africa
Br. Joseph Walton is reappointed Provincial
17/09/2013: Brazil
«Pontifícia Universidade Católica» of Rio Grande do Sul (PUCRS)
The Scientific and Technological Park is 10 years old
17/09/2013: France
La Valla: A new beginning
General Conference – Monday, 16 September
16/09/2013: Haiti

Perpetual profession of Brother Frantzley Exama
15/09/2013: Paraguay
Greater vitality for our charism
Second meeting of the American Sub-commission of the Laity
15/09/2013: France
Listening to reality – listening to our youth
General Conference – Friday 13 and Saturday 14 September
14/09/2013: Brazil
Life Sharing among Brothers
Middle-aged Brothers gather in the Province of Brasil Centro-Norte
14/09/2013: France
Awareness of our context
General Conference – Thursday, 12 September
13/09/2013: General House
Presence and mission in the world
Book about the Marist Family
13/09/2013: France
From the viewpoint of the Administrative Units
General Conference – Wednesday, 11 September
12/09/2013: Colombia
“On the way…”
Itinerary of conversion
11/09/2013: United States
Foundations Stones
A Marist Brothers’ Vocation Program
11/09/2013: France
General Conference - Tuesday, 10 September
From personal experience
10/09/2013: Mexico
Fraternity with a Marist Flavor
Youth Ministry Diploma 2013
10/09/2013: France
Building community on the Hermitage
General Conference – Moday, 9 September
09/09/2013: France
Present and future of Marist Europe
European gathering of brothers no older than 45
09/09/2013: France
The Champagnat’s House
General Conference -Opening session
08/09/2013: Kenya
Return to the Centre
Marist International Center - 2013
07/09/2013: Mexico
Interview to the members of the Marist Youth Commission (MYC)
Ulises Centeno, Province of México Central
06/09/2013: Spain
Beatifications 2013 - Tarragona
Letter of the Brother Provincials of the four Marist Provinces with works in Spain
05/09/2013: General House
7 September
Day of fasting and prayer for peace in Syria
04/09/2013: Argentina
Argentine and Uruguay
Visit of Br Teófilo Minga to the Province of « Cruz del Sur »
04/09/2013: Canada
Province of Canada
Mixed and international community of Willowdale
03/09/2013: General House
Communication to the whole Institute
Resignation of Br. John Klein as General Councillor for health reasons
03/09/2013: Brazil
II International Marist Mission Assembly
La Province of « Brasil Centro-Norte » creates a site for the local phase
01/09/2013: Philippines
Brothers Today
Interview with Br. Peter Rodney
01/09/2013: Mexico
Beginning of the Novitiate
Marist International Novitiate of la Asunción, Morelia – Michoacán – Mexico
30/08/2013: El Salvador
IV Provincial Youth Gathering - El Salvador 2013
Marists, Making a difference!
29/08/2013: Thailand
Asia Mission Ad Gentes
First Chapter of the Marist District of Asia
28/08/2013: Syria
Letter from Aleppo No 13 (26 August 2013)
Will this letter be a death notice?
27/08/2013: Spain
Brothers Today
Interview with Br Juan Carlos Fuertes Mari
26/08/2013: Madagascar
Sekoly Champagnat
Our Marist college
26/08/2013: El Salvador
CHANGE 2013 – Make the difference!
An experience to share
25/08/2013: Ecuador
GOLDEN JUBILEE of the « Instituto Superior Tecnológico Daniel Álvarez Burneo » - Loja (Ecuador)
Historical survey of 50 years
23/08/2013: Bolivia
Lay communities in the process of vocational discernment
Christian and Marist Development Program
22/08/2013: Greece
Visit to the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople
Marists uniting religious traditions
22/08/2013: Australia
He Gave Us the Name of Mary
Australian Marist Schools Conference
21/08/2013: Guatemala
Brothers Today
Interview with Br Hipólito Pérez
20/08/2013: General House
Beatifications 2013 - Tarragona
Programme and unfolding of the beatification of the Martyrs in Spain
19/08/2013: Canada
Province of Canada
An experience of community life with young adults
18/08/2013: Brazil
Marist Solidarity in the Americas
The document puts the accent on the Marist commitment to work for the rights of children and adolescents
17/08/2013: Spain
Interview with Br Ramon Rúbies Bernat, of the Province of l’Hermitage
Particular characteristics of the youth of Europe
16/08/2013: Guatemala
The gift of having a Marist heart
14/08/2013: Madagascar
Mariste Presence in Madagascar
The Postulancy in Fianarantsoa
13/08/2013: Spain
Marists on the road!
4th Provincial Chapter of the Hermitage
12/08/2013: General House
Marist witnesses to the faith
Marists martyred in Spain
10/08/2013: Bolivia
Marists in communion, new face of the Charism
Provincial Assembly - Prov. Santa María de los Andes
09/08/2013: Thailand
Marist International Solidarity Foundation
FMSI - Seminar on Fundraising and Project Cycle
08/08/2013: Australia
Brothers Today
Interview with Br. Tony Leon
07/08/2013: El Salvador
Gathered around a Name and a Story: We Are Marists!
IV Provincial Meeting of Marist Youth
06/08/2013: General House
Brothers Today
Interview with Br Norbert Mwila
05/08/2013: Bolivia
Sharing some experiences
Marist Training Program - Cochabamba 2013
03/08/2013: General House
Awakening the dawn
Prayer for the general conference
02/08/2013: Côte dIvoire
Centre Scolaire Saint Marcellin Champagnat of Bouake
Seminar of spiritual and pedagogical formation
01/08/2013: General House
Nehme Khattar, Province of Australia
Interview with the members of the Marist Youth Ministry (MYM) Commission
31/07/2013: General House
Josep (Pep) Buetas
New Co-Director of the Secretariat of the Laity
30/07/2013: Bolivia
Building vocational identity in communion
Workshop at the Cochabamba Novitiate
29/07/2013: General House
Brothers Today
First meeting of the International Commission for the Secretariat Brothers Today
28/07/2013: General House
Lumen fidei
The first Encyclical of Pope Francis
27/07/2013: Ghana
Be a Champagnat today
Celebrating St. Marcellin Champagnat School in Kumasi
26/07/2013: Syria
Marist Blues
Letter from Aleppo No 12 (17 July 2013)
26/07/2013: Colombia
Conversion from the perspective of a poor child
Retreat session for Brothers and Lay Marists
25/07/2013: France
Young hearts connected
Meeting of Brothers from Europe aged under 45
25/07/2013: Colombia
Novitiate of Medellin
First religious profession of Br Juan Bolaños Ordóñez
24/07/2013: General House
Ten Years of the Patrimony Commission
International Commission for the Marist Spiritual Patrimony
24/07/2013: Brazil
Province Brasil Centro-Sul
Conexão Marista”, Project “Vida Feliz”
23/07/2013: Brazil
CHANGE: Calls of the youth – The four Marist branches.
Message of the Marist Superior Generals to young people
21/07/2013: Brazil
CHANGE: Challenges and future perspectives
Service – silence – sisterhood
20/07/2013: Brazil
CHANGE: Jesus waits for us with open arms
Life and mission of youth
18/07/2013: Brazil
Official opening of EIJM 2013
CHANGE: Make a difference!
17/07/2013: Sri Lanka
Back To School
The old boys association of Maris Stella College
17/07/2013: General House
International Marist Youth Meeting
Interview with Br João Carlos do Prado, director of the Secretariat of Mission
16/07/2013: Brazil
Province of « Rio Grande do Sul » Brasil
Launching of the International Marist Mission Assembly
15/07/2013: General House
End of the General Council plenary session
Appointments and Commissions
14/07/2013: Nigeria
Interview with the members of the Marist Youth Ministry (MYM) Commission
Br Ifeanyi Mbaegbu, Province of Nigeria
13/07/2013: Bolivia
II Preparatory way to perpetual profession
« Experience of the dimension of consecration »
12/07/2013: France
Saint Paul-3-Châteaux
Fire in the main chapel: 11 June 2013
11/07/2013: France
Blessed are those who believe without seeing
Vicissitudes of the La Valla table
10/07/2013: General House
Historic review
International Marist Youth Meeting
09/07/2013: Mexico
We have been the future, we will be the past, but today…, we are the present !
2nd Marist Youth Assembly of « México Central »
08/07/2013: Cuba
Sharing on our journey
Chronicle of the community meeting
07/07/2013: Guatemala
Poor boys and girls profit from a good education marked by Marist values
Celebration of the 10th Anniversary of the School Centre «H. Moisés Cisneros»
05/07/2013: New Zealand
Brother David McDonald appointed District Superior
New District of the Pacific
05/07/2013: General House
July – September 2013
Calendar of the General Council and Directors of Secretariats
04/07/2013: Guatemala
We are no longer Brothers…, but we have never stopped being « Marists » !
Meeting of former Marist Brothers
03/07/2013: Brazil
CHANGE – Make the difference !
International Marist Youth Meeting and World Youth Day
02/07/2013: United States
Province of United States
Year of Marist Vocations
02/07/2013: Guatemala
Celebration of Saint Marcellin Champagnat
The communities of Guatemala around the Founder
01/07/2013: Canada
Province of Canada
Celebration of jubilees at Château-Richer
30/06/2013: Colombia
Marist Province of « Norandina »
Meeting of the Provincial Commission of the Marist Laity
29/06/2013: Costa Rica
« Coming closer to the burning embers »
Fire on the frontier
28/06/2013: El Salvador
Historical review of the Marist presence in Santa Ana (1938-2013)
Celebration of the 75th anniversary of the « Colegio San Luis »
27/06/2013: Italy
A life-giving experience!
Manziana Mid-life Renewal Program 2013
26/06/2013: Australia
Early school leavers re-engage with training, education and employment
Inaugurated a Marist Youth Care’s Skills Development Centre in Blacktown
25/06/2013: Colombia
We always form « good Christians and virtuous citizens »
75 years of « Colegio Champagnat » of Bogotá
25/06/2013: Argentina
Meeting in the Province of « Cruz del Sur »
Marists in favour of the rights of children and youth
24/06/2013: Colombia
Marist Youth Ministry
1st National Marist Youth Assembly
24/06/2013: Côte dIvoire
6 June
Feast of Saint Marcellin in Bouake
23/06/2013: Nicaragua
College San Francisco
Celebration of 6 June in Estelí
22/06/2013: Guatemala
Sharing life and reflection
Inter-community meeting
21/06/2013: Spain
Secretariat of the Laity
International formation meeting in Les Avellanes
20/06/2013: Cuba
« All the dioceses enter into our plans… »
The parish of Tulipán
19/06/2013: United States
To learn how to be Marist Leaders
Marist Youth Leadership Conference 2013
19/06/2013: Brazil
Jubilee of Marist life
Celebration of jubilarians in Curitiba
18/06/2013: Syria
Marist Blues
Letter from Aleppo No 11
17/06/2013: General House
On the way to the General Conference - 7
From “to help the dawn to rise” of Br Basilio Rueda to “to awaken the dawn” of Br Emili Turú
15/06/2013: General House
Interview with the members of the Marist Youth Ministry Commission
Br Luiz André da Silva Pereira - Province of « Brasil Centro-Norte »
14/06/2013: General House
Marist International Network of Institutions of Higher Education
Meeting of the Executive Committee
13/06/2013: Philippines
Notre Dame of Marbel University
Marist formation for new school personnel
13/06/2013: Brazil
International Marist Management Course
Marist Brothers and laity of Latin America and Europe update their management skills
12/06/2013: General House
New Marists in mission
II Marist International Mission Assembly
12/06/2013: El Salvador
Intercommunity Reunion
25 years of Marist presence in Ateos
11/06/2013: Canada
The new relationship between brothers and laity
Meeting of the Inter-American Network of Spirituality
10/06/2013: East Timor
A celebration fit for a ‘king’!
Marists in Baucau
10/06/2013: Malaysia
The “Dawning” of New Marist Life in Asia
1st Meeting of the Lay Marists and Brothers Commission in Asia
09/06/2013: Brazil
Mysticism and prophecy
Meeting of the young Brothers of the Province of « Brasil Centro-Norte »
08/06/2013: Guatemala
Province of « América Central »
Elements and guidelines of Marist institutional communication
07/06/2013: Brazil
Kosmos and Archivum
Formation meeting for Secretaries and Archivists of the Marist Provinces and Districts of Latin America
07/06/2013: Bolivia
Summary of the workshop « New way of being brother »
Itinerary of formation towards perpetual profession
06/06/2013: Brazil
International Marist Youth Meeting - Rio de Janeiro, July 2013
Musical theme for IMYM - CHANGE
05/06/2013: Kenya
New Horizons: authentic and prophetic leadership for a new Africa
Programme of formation of Directors for Marist Africa
05/06/2013: General House
5 June
Feast of Saint Marcellin on Twitter
04/06/2013: Guatemala
New Provincial of the Province of « América Central »
Br Luis Carlos Gutiérrez Blanco
04/06/2013: General House
Brother Crisanto and 67 companions martyrs
Approbation of the Cause of Beatification
03/06/2013: General House
Evangelisers in the midst of youth
Meeting of the international MYM commission
03/06/2013: General House
Burning embers, witnesses to the faith
Letter of the Superior General, Br. Emili Turú
02/06/2013: Brazil
The Marist Charism is always “new”
Meeting of the International Mission Commission
01/06/2013: Malawi
Inclusive education
Likuni Boys Secondary School
31/05/2013: General House
fms Studia
«The Rule of the Founder, its sources and its evolution»
31/05/2013: United States
Province of the United States of America
National Gathering of School/Ministry Governance Leaders
30/05/2013: General House
On the way to the General Conference - 6
Mystics and prophets : Interview with Br Emili
30/05/2013: Spain
Marist European Conference
14th meeting of the C.E.M.
29/05/2013: General House
Br. Carlos Alberto Huidobro
New Secretary General
28/05/2013: Rwanda
Province of Central East Africa
A second fire at Byimana
27/05/2013: General House
European mission team
Meeting in the general house
27/05/2013: Philippines
The “Inmaculada Concepción” Novitiate of Cotabato
Novitiate and first profession of 5 novices
26/05/2013: Brazil
With Mary, with a single heart, we go to Jesus
Meeting of community animators of the Province of « Brasil Centro-Norte »
25/05/2013: Colombia
Norandina Province
Vocations ministry
24/05/2013: General House
The wellbeing of the child and adolescent is a top priority
Meeting of the “ad hoc” Commission for Child Protection
23/05/2013: Bolivia
Itinerary of formation in preparation for perpetual profession
The General Council participates in the Brothers’ formation
22/05/2013: Belgium
Being Marist in Europe
European Vocations Team
22/05/2013: Brazil
Province of « Brasil Centro-Sul »
Itineraries of study of the Marist charism for laity
21/05/2013: Italy
Our pilgrimage of faith
Midlife renewal course at Manziana
21/05/2013: Australia
Tools for a Global Re-Shape
Australian Marist Solidarity
20/05/2013: Solomon Islands
District of Melanesia
Formation community in Laumanasa
20/05/2013: Brazil
Change – Make the difference
International Marist Youth Meeting (IMYM)
18/05/2013: Brazil
Province of « Brasil Centro-Sul »
Provincial Marist Youth Day
17/05/2013: Spain
Towards a renewal of our communities
Brothers Today European Commission
16/05/2013: General House
Marist Notebook 31
Special Edition “Lavalla”
15/05/2013: Guatemala
New Marists on mission
1st Inter-American Forum of the Mission Commission and Sub-commissions
14/05/2013: Bolivia
Fostering the anthropological dimension
Itinerary of formation towards perpetual profession
14/05/2013: Brazil
Marist International Mission Assembly
Opening of the local phase in the Province of « Brasil Centro-Norte »
13/05/2013: Brazil
Champagnat Movement of the Marist Family
UMBRASIL launches a national Formation Plan and Guidelines for the common organisation of the ChMMF
12/05/2013: Philippines
Brother Robert Teoh
Nomination of Provincial of the Province of «East Asia»
11/05/2013: Brazil
Province of « Rio Grande do Sul »
The Director of the Secretariat of the Laity meets the animators of the ChMMF
10/05/2013: France
The La Valla worksite
The state of work - end April 2013
09/05/2013: Thailand
Br. Juan Castro
Appointment of the Superior of AMAG
09/05/2013: General House
On the way to the General Conference - 5
Objectives and Methodology
08/05/2013: Argentina
A new face of brother to help bring the dawn to birth
Meeting of Brothers of the Cono Sur region younger than 55 years of age
07/05/2013: Brazil
International Course in Marist Management
Marist Brothers and laity of Latin America and Europe update their management skills
07/05/2013: General House
An encounter with the brother saints
8 May 2013 : Brothers Basilio Rueda and Henri Vergès
06/05/2013: Samoa
Province of New Zealand
Annual retreat in Samoa
05/05/2013: France
St-Laurent de Lagny-sur-Marne
Centenary of the Marist presence in Lagny sur Marne
03/05/2013: Sri Lanka
Marist Asia Conference
Annual Meeting of the Marist Asia Conference
03/05/2013: General House
II Marist International Mission Assembly
Pen drive with guidelines and subsidies sent to the Provinces
02/05/2013: Thailand
Fondazione Marista per la Solidarietà Internazionale
FMSI opened a regional ofice in Bangkok
01/05/2013: Mexico
The mission of Marist Directors today
Second formation meeting for the Directors of the Americas
30/04/2013: Bolivia
Deepening the Life Project
Young Brothers in Cochabamba
29/04/2013: Cambodia
From 15th March to 15th May 2013
Orientation session for Marist Lay and Brothers missionaries in Phnom Penh
29/04/2013: Syria
The «Marist Blues»
Letter from Aleppo No.10 - 21 April 2013
27/04/2013: France
« A prophetic presence today »
At the Hermitage, a forum on Marist life in communion/ 11 – 13 April 2013
26/04/2013: Dem. Rep. of the Congo
Central East Africa
Training workshop in human rights Nyangezi
26/04/2013: Canada
Arco Norte
Follow-up Committee to the Extended General Council
25/04/2013: France
“Its Foundation is in the Holy Mountains”
The remodeling of La Valla
24/04/2013: Philippines
The Philippine Sector Experience
CMMF promotes vitality of the marist laity
24/04/2013: Brazil
Internacional Gathering of Maris Youth – 17-22 July 2013
Volunteers for IGMY 2013 | CHANGE take part in a formation meeting
23/04/2013: Australia
Be Marists “with Mary” and “as Mary”
On Pilgrimage with Mary
23/04/2013: Spain
Technology and dialogue
The Ibérica Campus 2013
22/04/2013: General House
II Marist International Mission Assembly
Letter of Br. Emili Turú, Superior General
21/04/2013: Brazil
Marist Union of Brasil - UMBRASIL
Study Course in Strategic Management at the service of the school mission
20/04/2013: General House
On the way to the General Conference - 4
From Vatican II to the Marist Bicentenary
19/04/2013: Spain
Defense and Promotion of Children’s Rights
IV Conference of the Marist Studies Institut
19/04/2013: Venezuela
Norandina Province
Marist Renewal - REMAR
18/04/2013: General House
From Br Superior General and his Council
17/04/2013: Germany
West-Central Europe
5th Provincial Chapter
17/04/2013: Colombia
Make a difference with Jesus!
Marist Easter Gathering for Youth Animators - Popayan 2013
16/04/2013: Australia
Oceania Region
Extended General Council
15/04/2013: Argentina
New ways of life
Meeting of the Reference persons of the Fraternities of the Champagnat Movement of the Marist Family of «Cruz del Sur»
13/04/2013: Brazil
Called to Live in Unity
9th Annual General Meeting of UMBRASIL
12/04/2013: General House
New Marists on mission
Launching of the II International Marist Mission Assembly
11/04/2013: Rwanda
Province of East Central Africa (PACE)
Final vows preparations
11/04/2013: Brazil
Marist presence in Brasilia
50 years of history at the Marist Champagnat College in Taguatinga
10/04/2013: Bolivia
To the Ends of the Earth
Formation journey leading to perpetual profession
09/04/2013: Syria
Letter of 24 March (Letter No 9 - extracts)
Suffering and hope in Aleppo
08/04/2013: Mexico
“Wherever there’s a brother, I’ll be sure to find a home”
Revitalization of the Champagnat Movement
08/04/2013: General House
II Marist International Mission Assembly
An invitation to celebrate and build together our Marist life and mission
07/04/2013: Australia
Fondazione Marista per la Solidarietà Internazionale
FMSI regional workshop for the link persons in Oceania
06/04/2013: Brazil
Province of Brasil Centro-Sul
Employees of the Province study Champagnat’s Patrimony
05/04/2013: General House
On the way to the General Conference - 3
Subject and logo of the Conference
04/04/2013: General House
Help us improve our web site
03/04/2013: Romania
Fondazione Marista per la Solidarietà Internazionale
FMSI at the training program for Marist ministries
03/04/2013: General House
April - June 2013
Calendar of the General Council and the Directors of the Secretariats
02/04/2013: Brazil
Province of « Brasil Centro-Sul »
International Course in Marist Administration
02/04/2013: Australia
“How can I not respond with the gift of my life?”
Perpetual Profession of Brother Justin Golding
31/03/2013: Australia
Province of Australia
Growing Committed Marists
29/03/2013: Venezuela
Defense of the rights of children and adolescents
Directors of Marist works
28/03/2013: Brazil
Province of Rio Grande do Sul
Young Marist Brother professed perpetual vows
27/03/2013: Australia
Extended General Council – Oceania
Mittagong, 24 - 27 March 2013
26/03/2013: Spain
« Dare to look at the reality of the Marist Provinces of Spain »
Café-colloquium of the Institute of Marist Studies
25/03/2013: Brazil
Marist Union of Brasil - UMBRASIL
Formation for Provincial Councils
24/03/2013: Mexico
Leaders of tomorrow
First National Camp for Marist Youth Leaders of the Province of « México Occidental »
23/03/2013: Colombia
Arrival of the new postulants - Manizales
22/03/2013: Spain
Spanish Marist Conference
Formation for provincial secretaries, archivists and administrators of the headquarters of the Provinces
21/03/2013: France
Province of LHermitage
Joint formation Brothers-laity
21/03/2013: General House
Real Power is Service
The Church of the Apron, the Church of Tenderness
20/03/2013: General House
On the way to Nairobi (Kenya)
II International Marist Mission Assembly
20/03/2013: Argentina
Province of « Cruz del Sur »
Course for Marist educators
19/03/2013: Brazil
“Go and make disciples of all nations”
Young people from Curitiba receive the World Youth Day symbols
18/03/2013: South Sudan
News from Br. Christian Mbam
Solidarity with South Sudan
18/03/2013: General House
On the way to the General Conference - 2
Participants in the General Conference - September 2013
16/03/2013: General House
Welcome, Brother Francis
Thanks for embracing the dream of a more evangelical Church
15/03/2013: General House
Plenary Session of the General Council
The General Council meets with the personnel of the General Administration
15/03/2013: Brazil
CHANGE : make the difference !
IMYG 2013/CHANGE organizing Committee meets in Rio de Janeiro
14/03/2013: General House
FMSI - Fondazione Marista per la Solidarietà Internazionale
Board of directors meeting of FMSI
14/03/2013: Vatican
Annuntio vobis gaudium magnum
Habemus Papam
13/03/2013: Germany
Province of West-Central Europe
V Provincial Chapter
13/03/2013: Mexico
A young couple with the Marist missionary vocation
A Mexican family will take part in Mission ad gentes
12/03/2013: General House
A shared responsibility
Brother Emili states his opinion on the current historical moment of the Church
11/03/2013: Sri Lanka
Province of « South Asia »
Br Shanty Liyanage is reappointed Provincial
10/03/2013: Kenya
Conference of Superiors of the African Continent
Workshop: Marist Brothers and lay Marists
09/03/2013: Tanzania
We have a new school!
The Marist Boys Secondary school in Mwanza-Nyakato
08/03/2013: General House
The Marist mission in a new world
Commission of New Models of Animation, Management and Government
07/03/2013: Italy
English Speaking Midlife Renewal Program
06/03/2013: France
Reflection on the Marist mission
Meeting of the Educational Works of the Province of L’Hermitage
06/03/2013: Brazil
Province of « Brasil Centro-Sul »
Meeting with the Brother advisers of the CMMF
05/03/2013: General House
On the way to the General Conference
What is a General Conference?
05/03/2013: Bolivia
Programme of formation for perpetual profession
Brothers of America follow a joint formation course in Cochabamba
04/03/2013: Italy
Passion for education
Br Diogène defends his doctoral thesis
03/03/2013: East Timor
A new country – New Marist life
Marist vocations in Timor Leste
02/03/2013: Brazil
Interprovincial Novitiate of Passo Fundo
Celebration of entry to the novitiate
01/03/2013: Mozambique
Novitiate of Matola
Six new novices
28/02/2013: Australia
Strategic planning for Marist Youth Ministry
Province of Australia
27/02/2013: South Korea
A farmer went out to sow his seed
Marist presence in Korea
27/02/2013: France
The worksite of la Valla en Gier
The state of the works - February 2013
26/02/2013: Australia
Province of Australia
New Province Mission Council begins it mandate
26/02/2013: Colombia
Br. José Alberto Quintero Galvis
Perpetual profession in the Province of Norandina
25/02/2013: Spain
Sharing life
Escorial Spirituality Course « Senderos 2013 »
25/02/2013: Greece
Lycée Léonin of Néa Smyrni
Session of study and reflection on the Marist vocation
24/02/2013: Spain
Cirauqui (Navarra) is in festive mode because of one of its favorite sons
Enthronement of Blessed Nicolás Ran Goñi (Br. Ismael) in his hometown parish church
23/02/2013: Syria
The «Maristes Bleus»
Aleppo - Letter of 3 February
22/02/2013: Australia
Connect. Lives Change
Marist Solidarity Campaign 2013
22/02/2013: Spain
Marist Vocation in Europe
Meeting of the European Vocations Team
21/02/2013: France
La Valla : « From his breast flow streams of living water »
Redevelopment work at La Valla en Gier
21/02/2013: Philippines
Br. Mitsuaki Hatanaka Sakata
25 years of Religious Life
20/02/2013: General House
By his renunciation, the Pope « has spoken more strongly than many of his writings »
Reactions in the face of Popes resignation
20/02/2013: Colombia
Entry of new novices
Interprovincial Novitiate of « La Valla » - Medellín
19/02/2013: Kenya
Province of Africa Centre East (PACE)
Fourth Provincial Chapter
19/02/2013: El Salvador
« How precious it is for me that a child has the trust to embrace me! » (Oscar Romero)
Sub-commission of Brothers for America
18/02/2013: Guatemala
Humanise our communities
Meeting of the « Community Animators »
17/02/2013: Brazil
Young man, where is your heart ?
Entry retreat to the pre-postulancy of Vila Velha
16/02/2013: Zimbabwe
Meeting at Marist Nyanga
Marist Superiors and School Management Teams
15/02/2013: Australia
Province of Australia
Marist vocation team planning
14/02/2013: Kenya
Marist Patrimony (1st- & 3rd years)
Workshops at MIC, Nairobi
14/02/2013: Spain
SED and the Spanish Marist Conference
Prayer of solidarity for the period of Lent
13/02/2013: Mexico
Champagnat through his correspondence
CEPAM course – Brothers of Canada
12/02/2013: France
Br Maurice Berquet
Nomination of the Provincial of the Province of lHermitage for second term
11/02/2013: Vatican
Celebrate the vitality of Religious Life
Candlemass Day, feast of the Presentation of the Lord in the temple
09/02/2013: Switzerland
FMSI - Fondazione Marista per la Solidarietà Internazionale
Why an office in Geneva?
08/02/2013: Greece
« Around the same table »
Our house in Acharnès opened
07/02/2013: Brazil
Province of « Brasil Centro-Norte »
XXIII Marist Family Meeting in Mendes
06/02/2013: Ecuador
Marist Presence in Equador
The Marist community of Catacocha
05/02/2013: Venezuela
Maracaibo – January 2013
School for Marist Animators
04/02/2013: Spain
Province of « Mediterránea »
Provincial Meeting on Communication and Marketing
02/02/2013: General House
Marist International Network of Institutions of Higher Education
Course for Specialists in Marist Charism and Educational Principles
01/02/2013: United States
Province of United States
Marist Brothers Vocation Year
31/01/2013: South Africa
St Henrys Marist Brothers College
Students interact with poor children and their families
30/01/2013: France
Hermitage from 17 to 21 January 2013
Meeting of the 4 General Marist Councils
30/01/2013: General House
Perpetual profession in the General House
Br Marcelo Bonhemberger takes perpetual vows
29/01/2013: Argentina
Province of « Cruz del Sur »
Perpetual profession of Brother Victorino Díez Maeso
28/01/2013: France
The icon painted at the Carmel of Harissa
Enthronement of the Champagnat icon at St Paul Trois Chateaux
26/01/2013: Spain
European Vocations Team
Animation of Marist vocations in Europe
25/01/2013: Brazil
International Marist Youth Meeting (IMYM) – Rio 2013 (Brasil)
Competition for choosing the musical theme of the « IMYM »
23/01/2013: El Salvador
Inter-American Conference of Provincials (CIAP)
Meeting of the Permanent Committee of CIAP
22/01/2013: General House
Nairobi 2014
Logo of the II International Marist Mission Assembly
20/01/2013: General House
To the ends of the earth
First letter of Br Emili to all the Marists of Champagnat
18/01/2013: Kenya
FMSI child rights course
Children’s rights as part of the formation programme at MIC
18/01/2013: Syria
Marist community of Aleppo
Attempt on a quarter close to the community
17/01/2013: Mexico
Life-giving Structures
Chapter in the Province of « México Occidental »
16/01/2013: Canada
Death of Brother Alexis Pâquet
General Councillor from 1976 to 1985
15/01/2013: France
Joan Puig-Pey: My workmen
Redevelopment work at La Valla en Gier
15/01/2013: Brazil
Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul (Brasil)
Harvard students take part in an immersion course in PUCRS
14/01/2013: General House
Daring in hope - Br. Charles Howard (1926-2012
FMS Message 42
14/01/2013: Brazil
Vocation of Marist laity and consacrated life
Provincial Assembly of « Brasil Centro-Sul »
13/01/2013: Venezuela
« The future will have your eyes »
Brothers’ Retreat in Los Teques
12/01/2013: Mexico
For an all-round education
Monterrey in « México Occidental »
11/01/2013: Cuba
To educate is a work of infinite love
Our educational commitment in Cuba
10/01/2013: France
Mixed and international community
New community at Notre Dame de l’ Hermitage
09/01/2013: Spain
Province of «Ibérica»
IV Provincial Chapter
08/01/2013: Spain
Add up Lives, Multiply Horizons
IV Chapter of the Province of Compostela
08/01/2013: Canada
Voyagers to the Marist heart!
The «Marist Forum 2012» of the province of Canada
07/01/2013: Spain
To travel in haste, like Mary, to a new land
3 months of preparation for Mission Ad Gentes
05/01/2013: General House
Dialogues and encounters
Proposal of a Marist itinerary
04/01/2013: Spain
With another look
IV Provincial Chapter of « Mediterránea »
03/01/2013: Rwanda
Province of Central East Africa
Formation Seminar for Directors
03/01/2013: Brazil
Marist Vocational Itinerary
The Province of « Brasil Centro-Norte » organises meetings on vocation
02/01/2013: General House
January - March 2013
Calendar of the General Council and the Directors of the Secretariats
01/01/2013: General House
Blessed are the peacemakers
Message of his Holiness Pope Benedict XVI for the celebration of the world day of peace

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