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27 January

Saint Angela Merici
Day of Mourning the Holocaust

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19/05/2015: General House
20 May
Birthday of Marcellin Champagnat
28/02/2015: General House
First March
Memory of Br. Alfano
30/12/2014: East Timor
Over 400 fully qualified teachers for Timor-Leste
Catholic Teachers’ College, Baucau
28/12/2014: Scotland
India Village Project
Two Marist Brothers from India visit Scotland
26/12/2014: South Africa
Annual summer camp in Langbos
Past pupils from St Henry’s Marist College in Durban
24/12/2014: Cuba
A visit full of hope
Br Emili Turú visits Cuba
22/12/2014: Mexico
Like a Comet!
Visit of the Superior General to the provinces of Mexico
20/12/2014: Pakistan
Attack on Army Public School
Marist Schools have cancelled the Christmas parties
19/12/2014: Ecuador
Quito, 12 to 16 December 2014
V Provincial Chapter of the Province of Norandina
17/12/2014: Syria
God alone is capable of everything…
Letter from Aleppo No 20
17/12/2014: Brazil
Stay with us, Lord
V Chapter of the Province of Brasil Centro-Sul
16/12/2014: Colombia
Brothers and Laity together
Meeting of animators of expressions of Marist laity
15/12/2014: Nigeria
Province of Nigeria
Final Profession of Four Brothers
12/12/2014: Brazil
Here I am, Lord
Five new Brothers in Brasil
11/12/2014: General House
We Are All Brothers
Letter of the Leaders of 15 Congregations of Brothers
10/12/2014: East Timor
Marist Solidarity
Opened a Primary School in Caicido
09/12/2014: Mexico
Disappearance of 43 students of the School of Ayotzinapa
Letter of the Province of México Central
06/12/2014: General House
Beggars of Light
Brother Superior General’s 2014 Christmas Message
05/12/2014: United States
Called to be more
Retreat at Marist High School in Chicago
04/12/2014: Mexico
Adding up to form Fraternity
XX National Meeting of Marist Fraternities
03/12/2014: Vatican
Year of Consecrated Life
Br Emili at the plenary assembly of the Congregation for Consecrated Life
02/12/2014: Philippines
Marist Institutions of Higher Education: meeting around the fire
VI Assembly of the International Marist Network of institutions of Higher Education
01/12/2014: Cameroon
Journeying in Faith and Hope
Fifty years of Marist Presence in Cameroon
29/11/2014: Guatemala
Province of América Central
X Provincial Meeting of the Marist Fraternities of the ChMMF
28/11/2014: Germany
Province of West Central Europe
Workshop at Freising on Spirituality and Vocation
27/11/2014: General House
Children’s Right to Participation
Daily Reflections for Advent
26/11/2014: Colombia
Inter-American Conference of Provincials
Permanent Council of CIAP
26/11/2014: South Korea
Marists of Korea and Hong Kong
Secretariat of the Laity
25/11/2014: Vatican
Consecrated Life in the Church of today
Year of Consecrated Life
25/11/2014: General House
General Administration
Meeting on the II Marist International Mission Assembly and the opening of the Montagne Year in the General House
24/11/2014: General House
LHermitage, a paradigm?
Spanish, Portuguese and Italian-speaking Brothers - Program Amanecer
23/11/2014: Colombia
Province Norandina
Perpetual profession of Brothers Robinson Emilio Moná Moncada and José Rodrigo Martínez
21/11/2014: Thailand
New Models of Animation, Administration and Government
Regional Meeting of Asia in Bangkok
21/11/2014: Argentina
Province of Cruz del Sur
Retreat of the Fraternities of the ChMMF
20/11/2014: Philippines
Joint Formation Experience
Asia Brothers–Lay Marists
20/11/2014: General House
20 November
Universal Childrens Day
15/11/2014: Syria
Current Situation in Aleppo
Vatican Radio Interview with Brother Georges Sabé
13/11/2014: General House
Towards a New Beginning
Meeting of New Provincials 2014
12/11/2014: General House
Vessels Willing to Become Useful
Final Report: Brother Formators for a New World
11/11/2014: General House
Course Charisma and Marist educational principles
Marist education course offered to the entire Institute by PUCPR
10/11/2014: Brazil
Marist Union from Brazil (UMBRASIL)
Strategic Plan 2021-2015
08/11/2014: Philippines
District of Asia
15 young men from Bangladesh an other 2 countries in the Postulancy
07/11/2014: South Sudan
International Communities for a New Beginning
South Sudan 2015
06/11/2014: Greece
Lycée Léonin
Meeting with the Patriarch Bartholomew I
05/11/2014: Guatemala
Province of América Central
Marist Vocations Camp
05/11/2014: General House
New Appointment to Cmi
Br. Pedro Chimeno
04/11/2014: Madagascar
Training sessions on the rights of the child
Two day course in Betroka on children’s rights
01/11/2014: Romania
Packing ones bags
St Marcellin Champagnat Centre, Bucarest
31/10/2014: Spain
Towards a new beginning
Meeting of the Secretariat of the Laity
30/10/2014: Uruguay
Syrians flee violence
The Casa San José in Uruguay receives the Syrian refugees
29/10/2014: New Zealand
District of the Pacific
Montagne Year
29/10/2014: General House
New models of animation, government and management
European Regional Meeting
28/10/2014: Brazil
Province of Rio Grande do Sul
Youth celebrate youth leadership
28/10/2014: Argentina
Marist education for the XXI century
American Education Sub-commission
27/10/2014: United States
Collaboration for Mission, International
Building Our Juan Diego Community
25/10/2014: South Korea
Province of East Asia
Br. Damaso makes final vows
24/10/2014: General House
European Marist Conference
Meeting in Rome brings together the 5 Provinces of Europe
23/10/2014: General House
Voices of the Fire
Message from the II Marist International Mission Assembly
22/10/2014: Pakistan
Province of South Asia
Final Religious Profession of Br. Biniamine Masih (Ben)
21/10/2014: Spain
European Commission of Communion between Brothers and Laity
Meeting in Roxos, Santiago de Compostela
20/10/2014: Spain
Brothers Formators for a New World
Chronicle of San Lorenzo de El Escorial
20/10/2014: General House
Ex-Postulator General
Brother Giovanni Bigotto (1939 – 2014)
18/10/2014: South Korea
Marist Asian Youth Meeting Experience
An opportunity for Marist youth to explore and renew their faith
17/10/2014: Spain
Province of Ibérica
II Provincial Days for Volunteer Service
16/10/2014: Colombia
Intercultural experience in the novitiate of Medellin
Novices of Australia and the United States in Colombia
15/10/2014: Brazil
Province of Rio Grande do Sul
Brothers Gérson Dresch and Manuir Mentges make final profession
14/10/2014: Liberia
Ebola virus update from Liberia
Ebola has now killed more than 2,600 people across West Africa
13/10/2014: Australia
Province of Australia
Marist Youth Care
13/10/2014: Brazil
Thirty students progress towards the end of the program
The course on the Marist charism and educational principle crosses the Equator
12/10/2014: United States
Living Well: Healthy, Holistic, Hopeful and Holy
USA Directors’ Weekend
10/10/2014: Australia
A year to remember in Cambodia
Reflections from a Marist volunteer...
09/10/2014: Brazil
Province of Brasil Centro-Norte
Laity reach the third stage of the formation itinerary
09/10/2014: Germany
Province of West Central Europe
Marist Centenary in Germany 1914 – 2014
08/10/2014: Bolivia
Inter-American Conference of Provincials
Formation program in preparation for Perpetual profession
08/10/2014: Canada
Why the journey?
Animators on pilgrimage to Notre Dame de L’Hermitage
07/10/2014: Philippines
Province of East Asia
Temporary Professed Brothers in Active Ministry
07/10/2014: France
International Marist Community
FMSI Marist Community in Geneva
06/10/2014: Argentina
Province of Cruz del Sur
Meeting of Brothers from 58 - 75 years of age
06/10/2014: Germany
Present situation and future mission
Assembly of German Brothers
04/10/2014: General House
October – December 2014
Calendar of the General Council and the Directors of Secretariats
03/10/2014: Brazil
Study laboratory on the life, spirituality and work of Brother François Rivat
The Institute Science and Faith of PUCPR and the Sector of Consecrated Life and Laity of PMBCS
03/10/2014: General House
Bicentennary celebrations of the pledge of Fourvière (1816-2016)
Letter from the Marist family congregational leaders
02/10/2014: Haiti
Presence in the midst of youth
First Leadership Camp in Haití
01/10/2014: Peru
Br. Antonio Boldú
100 years of life, commitment and vocation
30/09/2014: Liberia
News from the Community of Monrovia
The situation in Liberia concerning the Ebola Virus
27/09/2014: Kenya
II Marist International Mission Assembly
27 Saturday: Helping the dawn to be born
26/09/2014: General House
The utopia of dawn in the evening of life
Third Age Course in Spanish and Portuguese
26/09/2014: Kenya
II Marist International Mission Assembly
Friday 26: Igniting Lives
25/09/2014: Spain
Province of Compostela
Forum on education and spirituality
25/09/2014: Kenya
II International Marist Mission Assembly
September 25: Challenges and Opportunities for the Marist Charism
24/09/2014: Brazil
Digital culture and the use of technology in education
UMBRASIL promotes a Forum on educational technologies
24/09/2014: Dem. Rep. of the Congo
Province of East Central Africa
Perpetual profession in Bobandana
24/09/2014: Kenya
II International Marist Mission Assembly
Wednesday, September 24th: A new era for the Marist charism
23/09/2014: Argentina
Fraternities 2017: A new birth
National Meeting of Marist
23/09/2014: Kenya
II International Marist Mission Assembly
Tuesday, September 23rd: The young people taking part in the Assembly
22/09/2014: Brazil
Searching together for a greater vitality of the charism
Third meeting of the American Sub-commission of the Laity
22/09/2014: Kenya
II Marist International Mission Assembly
Monday 22: New Marists in Mission
21/09/2014: Kenya
II Marist International Mission Assembly
Sunday, September 21st: Visit to MIC and to the Bomas of Kenya
20/09/2014: Kenya
II Marist International Mission Assembly
Saturday 20 September: Brothers and laity in a new spirit of communion
20/09/2014: Cuba
Who does not live to serve, is of no use for living
Leadership School in Cienfuegos
19/09/2014: Kenya
II International Marist Mission Assembly
Friday 19 September: The fire that makes us burn
19/09/2014: Brazil
Human Rights and Education
The diocesan Marist college hosts a debate on Human Rights in the field of education
19/09/2014: Italy
A new form of being brother
French language Third Age Course
18/09/2014: Kenya
II Marist International Mission Assembly
Thursday, September 18th: sharing the road
17/09/2014: Kenya
II Marist International Mission Assembly
Opening party of the II MIMA: Wednesday, September 17th
17/09/2014: Brazil
The Marists in Amazonia: inculturated mission in favour of life
III Marist Pan-Amazon Meeting
17/09/2014: Mozambique
Novitiate of Matola
Workshop on Child rights
16/09/2014: Kenya
II Marist International Mission Assembly
Tuesday, September 16th: Karibu Party
16/09/2014: Kenya
II Marist International Mission Assembly
A preview of the overall program
16/09/2014: Spain
Marist Provinces with a presence in Spain
Slogan for 2014-15: Opening doors
15/09/2014: Australia
New Models of Animation, Governance and Management
Oceania Meeting, August 2014
15/09/2014: Kenya
II Marist International Mission Assembly
Arrival in Nairobi of most of the participants
15/09/2014: Angola
60th Jubilee Celebrations
Festival involving three Marist Schools and Communities
14/09/2014: Kenya
II International Marist Mission Assembly
A great Marist International and Mixed Community
13/09/2014: Peru
Province of Santa María de los Andes
Provincial Chapter in Santa Eulalia
12/09/2014: Spain
Brothers Today
European retreat in Valladolid
11/09/2014: Colombia
Province of Norandina
125 years of the presence of the Marist Brothers in Colombia
09/09/2014: Syria
To leave or not to leave
Blue Marists - Letter No. 19
07/09/2014: Brazil
Marist bodies chosen as organs of the National Government
UMBRASIL and PJM are elected onto the National Council of Youth
06/09/2014: Kenya
Africa Marist Conference
Meeting of the Superiors of the Administrative Units of Africa
05/09/2014: General House
Marist International Solidarity Foundation
MMI-LAC calls for the protection of unaccompanied immigrant children and adolescents
04/09/2014: Brazil
Annual Meeting of the Champagnat Movement of the Marist Family
Province of Brasil Centro Sur
03/09/2014: Central African Republic
Difficult situation in the Republic of Central Africa
Testimony of a young Marist Brother
01/09/2014: Bangladesh
How can we not believe in miracles if we see them every day?
Marist presence in the tea plantations villages
31/08/2014: General House
II Marist International Mission Assembly
Africa welcomes the participants
30/08/2014: Philippines
East Asia Province and the Philippine Sector
East Asia celebrate jubilee of 5 brothers
29/08/2014: Italy
Marist International Network of Institutions of Higher Education
Working Group on University Ministry
27/08/2014: France
Marists walking together
Preparation for the international meeting of marist youth - 2016 Lyon
25/08/2014: United States
Novitiate of Esopus
Immersion experience at Camp Marist
22/08/2014: France
Province of the Hermitage
Marist Youth Ministry.Promote the formation of youth groups
20/08/2014: France
Drinking at the sources of Marist life
Provincial retreat at the Hermitage
17/08/2014: Chile
Account of childhood, Chile 2014
Launch of the second report from look-out for children and Adolescents
14/08/2014: Kenya
II International Marist Mission Assembly
Nairobi is ready to host the II IMMA
12/08/2014: South Korea
Korea, Land of Martyrs
The Pope’s Visit and the Marist Presence
11/08/2014: Kenya
Provincials Conference of Africa
Meeting of the Commission for the New Relationship between Brothers and Laity in Africa
08/08/2014: United States
The Power of Presence - A New Way of Being Brother
USA Province Assembly
07/08/2014: South Korea
Marist Asian Youth Meeting
Marist Korea-Japan Sector (East Asia Province)
06/08/2014: General House
Lexicon Project
Secretariat of Laity
05/08/2014: Kenya
African Regional Meeting
New Models of Animation, Management and Governance
04/08/2014: Argentina
Outward Impulse
Provincial Retreat Session for Brothers and Laity
02/08/2014: Belgium
Sharing experiences
A Meeting on Solidarity
01/08/2014: Argentina
Missioning Mass of Verónica Rubí
International Project of Mission in Tabatinga
31/07/2014: Papua New Guinea
District of Melanesia
Assembly and Chapter
29/07/2014: General House
2017: Bicentenary of the Institute
Logo chosen for the celebration
29/07/2014: Venezuela
Brothers and laity together around the same table
First experience of joint formation
28/07/2014: Australia
JUST living: Hearts without Borders
Marist Youth Festival
25/07/2014: Brazil
District of Amazonia
Brother Joao Gutenberg, superior for a second mandate
24/07/2014: United States
Meeting of the Inter-American Commission and the Sub-commissions of Mission
Inter-American Provincials Conference
23/07/2014: Canada
Marist Association of Laity
Work of collaboration to assure the vitality of the charism of Champagnat
22/07/2014: Brazil
Marist Connection
Vocations Meeting in the Province of Brasil Centro-Sul
22/07/2014: Argentina
Marist Vocations Animation in Cruz del Sur
Youth Vocation Groups and Strengthening of the Lay Marist Vocation
21/07/2014: Ghana
Six Brothers made their First Religious Profession
Novitiate of Kumasi
19/07/2014: Colombia
Interprovincial Novitiate La Valla of Medellín
Workshop on the rights of the child
18/07/2014: East Timor
Marist candidates in Baucau
English language and music intensive
17/07/2014: Brazil
National Meeting of Animators of Vocations
Marist Union of Brasil
16/07/2014: Colombia
Pilgrimage to l´Hermitage and Marist places
With Marcellin passionate to increase and strengthen our vocations
15/07/2014: Papua New Guinea
District of Melanesia
Final profession of Br. Brendan Sinei
14/07/2014: General House
The Marists defend the social and solidarity economy
FMSI and IMS signs the document presented at the UNO
11/07/2014: Syria
A city suffering from thirst
Letter from Aleppo No 18 (7 July 2014)
11/07/2014: Peru
Marist Youth Assembly
Province of Santa Maria de los Andes
10/07/2014: Peru
Annual Retreat of Lay Movement
Province of Santa María de los Andes
10/07/2014: General House
Commission of the Marist Spiritual Patrimony
Annual session in the General House
09/07/2014: Ecuador
Br Emiliano García Llamas, 100 years old
Province of Norandina
08/07/2014: General House
New Models of Animation, Governance and Management Project
Balance of the work done in the Americas
08/07/2014: Belgium
Meeting of Community Accompaniers
Province West Central Europe
07/07/2014: Brazil
Br Joaquim Sperandio
Provincial of « Brasil Centro-Sul »
07/07/2014: Sri Lanka
Province of South Asia
Formation for Marist Laypeople
05/07/2014: Ecuador
Meeting of Hearts in Solidarity : October 2014
Inter-American Sub-Commission of Solidarity
04/07/2014: General House
“Let us save Aleppo”
Br Emili Turú has given his support to the appeal of Andrea Riccardi
04/07/2014: Canada
Chapter of the Province of Canada
30 May to 1 June
03/07/2014: General House
Calendar July – September 2014
Calendar of the General Council and the Directors of the Secretariats
02/07/2014: Brazil
Children protecting themselves against sexual violence
Marist Solidarity Network
02/07/2014: Nigeria
Preparation for the II Marist International Mission Assembly
Province of Nigeria
01/07/2014: Philippines
Marist International Network of Institutions of Higher Education
Second preparatory meeting for the VI Assembly
30/06/2014: General House
1 July 1994
XX anniversary of the deaths of Chris Mannion and Joseph Rushigajiki
30/06/2014: Zimbabwe
Marist camp in Dete Chezhou
A glorious opportunity for making Jesus known and loved...
28/06/2014: Uruguay
Marist house welcomes refugee children
Marists of Uruguay reach out to the children of Syria
27/06/2014: General House
A Weekend with the Laity of the General House
Meeting in Ariccia
26/06/2014: General House
Chris Mannion – our Brother
A testimony by Br Stephen Smyth
25/06/2014: Philippines
A United Asia Region with effective processes of collaboration and networking
Asia Laity Commission Meeting
25/06/2014: Argentina
Champagnat Itinerary
Catechetics Program Province Cruz del Sur
24/06/2014: Spain
Province of West-Central Europe
Marist Education Conference: June 6 – 9, Guardamar
23/06/2014: Pakistan
Champagnat Presence in Peshawar
St. Mary’s High School
21/06/2014: Angola
Marist Presence in Africa
The Marists commemorate 60 years of mission in Angola
20/06/2014: Cuba
Cuban children in the heart of Champagnat
Feast of Saint Marcellin in Cienfuegos
19/06/2014: Spain
Add up lives, multiply horizons
Marist Compostela sets up its Provincial Communications Office
18/06/2014: Guatemala
“Yes, I wish to be all for You”
Perpetual profession, Marist Sisters of Champagnat
18/06/2014: France
Brothers formators for a new world
Feast of Saint Marcellin Champagnat at the Hermitage
17/06/2014: Brazil
Brother Leandro Cimadon
Perpetual Profession in the Province of Brasil Centro-Sul
17/06/2014: Pakistan
Marist Presence in Asia
Celebrating Marcellin Champagnat
16/06/2014: General House
Marist Spirituality
Marist Notebooks 32
16/06/2014: General House
A better world for children
FMSI - Activity Report 2013
14/06/2014: Peru
Meeting of the Extended Secretariat of Laity in Lima
Paths to follow, and how to move forward according to the three-year plan
13/06/2014: Spain
V Days of the Institute of Marist Studies (IEM)
Sport as education in values
12/06/2014: Ecuador
II Marist International Mission Assembly
Provincial Phase of Norandina
12/06/2014: Spain
New Marists on mission!
V Cycle of “Café Colloquia” of the Institute of Marist Studies (Salamanca)
11/06/2014: Brazil
Violets, a Marist Symbol
The province of Rio Grande do Sul distributes flowers in Porto Alegre
11/06/2014: Spain
Brother Formators for a New World
San Lorenzo de El Escorial – April and May
10/06/2014: Sri Lanka
South Asia Province
New Models Project, and Marist Youth Ministry Seminar
10/06/2014: Mexico
II International Marist Mission Assembly
Provincial Phase México Central
09/06/2014: General House
Br César Augusto Rojas Carvajal
Appointment of Provincial of the Province of Norandina
09/06/2014: Bangladesh
District of Asia
Wicked human rights infringement in Nihar
08/06/2014: Brazil
The Champagnat Movement of the Marist Family
CMMF brings its leaders together
06/06/2014: Sri Lanka
New models of animation, management and government.
Visit of the Secretariat of Mission to the Marist novitiate of Tudella
05/06/2014: General House
6 June
Marcellin Champagnat. Passion and compassion
05/06/2014: Italy
Brother Emili Turú, president of SEDOS
Seminar from 21 to 25 May
05/06/2014: Romania
Marist European Mission Team
Meeting in Bucharest
04/06/2014: Guatemala
To form Vocation – A living and formative experience
We cannot live in any other way: we are Marists
04/06/2014: United States
Province of United States
Marist Youth Gathering
04/06/2014: Syria
Project Civilian War Wounded
Marist Blues of Aleppo
03/06/2014: Brazil
Province of Rio Grande do Sul
II IMMA Provincial Stage
03/06/2014: Brazil
II Marist International Mission Assembly
Brasil Centro-Norte completes the provincial phase
29/05/2014: General House
2017: A new beginning
Message of Br Emili Turú, for the feast of Saint Marcellin Champagnat
29/05/2014: General House
Secretariat Brothers Today
Second meeting of the International Commission
28/05/2014: Philippines
Marist International Mission Assembly
Statement of the Marist family of the Philippine Sector
27/05/2014: Australia
Citizen on the Year Award
Br. Harry Prout
27/05/2014: Venezuela
Assembly of the Brothers of Venezuela
Los Teques, 15 to 17 May 2014
26/05/2014: Spain
International Marist Mission Assembly
Assembly of the Province of Mediterránea
25/05/2014: Netherlands
Province of West Central Europe
A project for adolescent boys at risk
24/05/2014: Côte dIvoire
Vocation promotion in Bouaké
World Day of Prayer for Vocations
23/05/2014: Netherlands
Marist Educational Conference in Guardamar
Province of West Central Europe
22/05/2014: Kenya
Marist International Center, Nairobi
An interview with Brother Lawrence Lucius Ndawala, fms, superior of MIC
22/05/2014: Kiribati
Kiribati report
The retreat was based on Water from the Rock
21/05/2014: Haiti
Province of México Occidental
How long have the Marists been present in Haiti?
21/05/2014: Thailand
3rd Annual Meeting
Marist Asia Conference
20/05/2014: Fiji
Sharing the challenges, hopes and possibilities for Marist Brotherhood in Oceania
Oceania Younger Brothers Gathering
20/05/2014: General House
International Economic Affairs Council
Meeting at the General House (April 30 - May 2, 2014)
19/05/2014: Syria
I accuse
War crimes and crimes against humanity in Aleppo
19/05/2014: General House
Marist International Mission Assembly
Using the #nairobi2014 hashtag
18/05/2014: France
Province of Notre Dame de L’Hermitage
Solidarity and commitment in the educational works of the Province
18/05/2014: Sri Lanka
International novitiate of Tudella
Reception of novices at the new novitiate
17/05/2014: Nigeria
Province of Nigeria
Province website launched
16/05/2014: Peru
Inter-American Conference of Provincials
Meeting of Commission of Brothers Today
15/05/2014: General House
Material for the II IMMA
Songs « New Marists in Mission »
14/05/2014: Chile
New models of animation, management and government.
Meeting : Brasil and Cono Sur
14/05/2014: France
International Marist Mission Assembly
Provincial Assembly at the Hermitage
13/05/2014: Peru
Prophets and mystics for a new beginning
IX Meeting of the Inter-American Spirituality Network
13/05/2014: Syria
An urgent appeal!
A drop of water for my people
13/05/2014: Colombia
Marist presence in Norandina
Retreat for Brothers and Laity
12/05/2014: General House
The final document will come from your own hearts
Process of revision and updating of the Champagnat Movement
12/05/2014: Kenya
Marist International University College, Nairobi
MIUC launches Bachelor of Business Management programme
11/05/2014: Brazil
Province of Brasil Centro-Norte
Groups prepare summaries of the II MIMA local phase
10/05/2014: Canada
God’s dream for me… for us
Weekend of 11-13 April in la Madone
09/05/2014: Brazil
PUCRS – Project Reflections
Presentation of the Marist tradition and the challenges of Higher Education
09/05/2014: Argentina
Province of “Cruz del Sur”
Zonal Assembly in preparation for the II International Marist Mission Assembly
09/05/2014: Sri Lanka
International Missionary Collaboration
Marist volunteer from the Province of Brasil Centro-Sul
08/05/2014: General House
8 May 2014
20th anniversary of the death of Brother Henri Vergés
08/05/2014: Guatemala
Province of Central America
Provincial meeting of managers
07/05/2014: Mexico
Regional meeting of Arco Norte
New models of animation, governance and management project
07/05/2014: General House
Br. Henri Vergès (1930-1994)
A Witness to the Gospel in the midst of Islam
06/05/2014: Brazil
II Marist International Mission Assembly
Marist Province of Brasil Centro-Sul holds its Provincial Meeting
05/05/2014: Syria
Marist Blues
Letter from Aleppo No 17 (1 May 2014)
05/05/2014: Spain
Student and teacher: both protagonists
Edelvives and Microsoft join forces to offer new educational services
04/05/2014: Brazil
Province of Rio Grande do Sul
Course on the Spiritual Patrimony, history and charism of Marcellin Champagnat
03/05/2014: France
Marist International Mission Assembly
Provincial Phase at Notre Dame de l’Hermitage
30/04/2014: Australia
Marist Oceania Council
Meeting at Varroville, NSW - 15-16 April 2014
30/04/2014: Australia
Province of Australia
Community Leaders Conference
29/04/2014: Guatemala
A dream, a journey, a vocation
To form Vocation – A living and formative experience
29/04/2014: Venezuela
II Marist International Mission Assembly
National phase in Venezuela
28/04/2014: Scotland
Marist European Conference (CEM)
Edinburgh, 7th – 10th April 2014
24/04/2014: Tanzania
Fondazione Marista per la Solidarietà Internazionale
FMSIs projects
23/04/2014: Brazil
Province of Rio Grande do Sul
pPreparatory meetings for the II International Marist Mission Assembly
21/04/2014: Canada
New horizons for pour Marist Evangelization in America
Inter-American Sub-commission of Marist Evangelization
19/04/2014: United States
The religious life
Interview with Br. Sean Sammon
18/04/2014: Brazil
Province of « Brasil Centro-Norte »
Strategic plan for the educational centres
17/04/2014: General House
Br. Libardo Garzón
New Econome General
16/04/2014: Mexico
II Marist International Mission Assembly
Monterrey and Nuevo Laredo are getting ready for II MIMA
16/04/2014: Spain
Like Fertile Rain Soaking the Earth
Brother Formators for a New World
15/04/2014: Colombia
Brothers and laity
Meeting off co-ordinators of fraternities and lay groups
14/04/2014: Ecuador
II International Marist Mission Assembly
Local phase in Loja
14/04/2014: Brazil
New Marists in brotherly life in community
Provincial meeting of community animators
13/04/2014: Vatican
Educating Today and Tomorrow: A Renewing Passion
Congregation for Catholic Education
11/04/2014: Haiti
Evangelizing Haitian Children and Young People
Sharing about a visit to Haiti
11/04/2014: Brazil
Province of Brasil Centre-Nord
Meeting on the evangelisation of children
11/04/2014: Chile
Fondazione Marista per la Solidarietà Internazionale
Meeting of the new FMSI office Cono Sur
09/04/2014: United States
II Marist International Mission Assembly
Arco Norte Captures Theme: “New Marists in Mission”
09/04/2014: General House
If not now, when?
Meeting on Lay Association and Belonging
08/04/2014: South Korea
Abel Eom and Christina Kim
How Becoming Marist Missionaries Changed Our Lives
07/04/2014: General House
Only 1000 days to go
Centenary of the foundation of the Institute
07/04/2014: Fiji
Marist Solidarity (MSol)
Marist Brothers High School in Suva
05/04/2014: General House
II Marist International Mission Assembly
II MIMA Preparatory Commission Meets for Last Time
05/04/2014: General House
Champagnat Movement of the Marist Family
European Council of the ChMMF
04/04/2014: Syria
Mounting towards Easter
Letter from Aleppo No 16 - 23 March 2014
04/04/2014: Zimbabwe
See the world throught the eyes of the children
Marist Camp at Kutama College
03/04/2014: General House
Br. Emili Turú
Member of the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life
03/04/2014: General House
Project launching
New models of animation, government and management
03/04/2014: Belgium
Focus on mission
3rd Assembly of Belgian Brothers
02/04/2014: Cuba
Communities rejuvenated
Intercommunity Meeting in Cuba
01/04/2014: South Sudan
Solidarity with South Sudan (SSS)
News from Br. Bill Firman
01/04/2014: Côte dIvoire
Marking the way for education and development
The work for education and solidarity of the Marist Brothers on the Ivory Coast
31/03/2014: Brazil
Province of Rio Grande do Sul
Champagnat Movement of the Marist Family
30/03/2014: General House
April – June 2014
Calendar of the General Council and the Directors of Secretariats
29/03/2014: Spain
Blessed Martyr Br Valente José (Jesús Delgado de la Fuente)
Thanksgiving, blessing and installation of the icon in Mazuelo de Muñó
29/03/2014: France
Responding to Marcellin’s call
Meeting with the Vocation Team of France
28/03/2014: Australia
Ashley Bulgarelli
Marist Volunteers Australia Coordinator
27/03/2014: General House
Training course for secretaries and archivists
Course in the General House from March 3 to 12
26/03/2014: Brazil
Fraternities of the ChMMF united by the Marist charism
The Animators of 23 fraternities gathered in Curitiba
26/03/2014: General House
Brothers and lay people
Meeting on Lay Association and Belonging
26/03/2014: Australia
Administrative Units of Oceania
Oceania Partnership Commission Meeting
25/03/2014: General House
To be Brothers Today
Logo for the ‘BrothersToday’ Secretariat
24/03/2014: Italy
Testimony of Br. Saul Placious
Program for the Formators brothers for a new world in Manziana
24/03/2014: Australia
Marist schools of the Province of Australia
Marist Principals Gather at Mittagong
23/03/2014: Bolivia
Continuing on the road of Marist life
Entry to the novitiate Marcelino Champagnat in Cochabamba
21/03/2014: Brazil
II International Marist Mission Assembly
Itinerary of preparation in the Province of Brésil Centre-Sud
20/03/2014: General House
Laity and Brothers
Meeting on Lay Association and Belonging
20/03/2014: Côte dIvoire
Stations of the Cross with the little ones
Centre Scolaire St Marcelin Champagnat, Bouaké
18/03/2014: Australia
Marist Solidarity ...because young people matter
Marist Solidarity Campaign 2014
18/03/2014: Kenya
Marist School Leadership Programme for Africa
Meeting of the Preparatory Committee
17/03/2014: Brazil
Province of Brasil Centro-Sul
Forum on Laity and Shared Life
15/03/2014: United States
Brother Patrick McNamara
International community of Prévessin-Moëns
13/03/2014: Bolivia
Br Saturnino Alonso Ortega
New Provincial of the Province of Sta. María de los Andes
12/03/2014: Mexico
Province of México Occidental
Provincial Meeting of Marist Directors and Administrators
11/03/2014: Kenya
Conference of Superiors of Africa
Visit to the MIC Community
11/03/2014: Australia
Remembering 1954
Brothers’ school alongside St Josephs Church, Subiaco
10/03/2014: Brazil
Province of Brasil Centro-Norte
The Forum discusses joint formation and the new relationship between brothers and laity
08/03/2014: Mexico
Province of México Occidental
Preparation for II International Marist Mission Assembly
07/03/2014: South Sudan
Solidarity with South Sudan (SSS)
Report from Brother Christian Mbam
06/03/2014: Haiti
Bringing hope back to Haiti
Update on the Marist solidarity effort after the earthquake
05/03/2014: Spain
Brother formators for a new world
San Lorenzo de El Escorial, January-February 2014
04/03/2014: France
Province of LHermitage
Meeting on educational works at Notre-Dame de l’Hermitage
04/03/2014: General House
All the staff of FMSI meet in Rome
03/03/2014: General House
Are you a Marist too?
Meeting in preparation for the Marist International Mission Assembly
02/03/2014: Belgium
« Around the same table »
A new CD of Marist hymns with Theo Mertens
28/02/2014: Bangladesh
Br Eugenio Sanz
Diary of a missionary in Asia
27/02/2014: Cambodia
Missionaries in Asia
Young couple with a Marist missionary vocation
26/02/2014: Germany
Centenary celebration
100 Years of Marists in Germany
25/02/2014: Greece
Session of Marist formation
Lycée Léonin of Néa Smyrni and Lycée Léonin of Patissia
24/02/2014: India
We Share, We Care
Marcellin Trust Centre, in Trichy
24/02/2014: Brazil
Animation of vocations and initial formation
Meeting of the Sub-commission of Brothers today of America
22/02/2014: Spain
Life in Marist Europe
European Mission Commision
21/02/2014: Brazil
PUCPR offers a new service of Marist formation to the Institute
Course on the Marist Charism and Principles of Education
20/02/2014: Spain
“Add lives, multiply Horizons”
Visit to Compostela of the Mission Team
19/02/2014: Chile
«Cono Sur»
Workshop on Child Sexual Abuse
19/02/2014: Brazil
Marist Province of Brazil Centro-Norte
Vocational Animators Course
18/02/2014: Germany
Collaboration for Mission, International
An International Volunteer Service of the German Marists
17/02/2014: Colombia
A joyful step
From the novitiate of “La Valla” in Medellín, Colombia
15/02/2014: Switzerland
Seeing Far and Near
Internationality in the Geneva community
14/02/2014: Brazil
Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul (PUCRS)
Mission of the University in China
13/02/2014: Brazil
Vocational Accompaniment
Pre-postulants from the Province of Brazil Centro-Norte
13/02/2014: United States
Novitiate in Esopus
New novices from USA and Australia
12/02/2014: Colombia
Province of Norandina
Policy for the Protection of Children and Young People
11/02/2014: General House
Annual meeting of the Marist Family
The four Marist General Councils reflect on interculturality
10/02/2014: Syria
Are we heroes? No, we are only Marists
Message of the Marists of Aleppo
09/02/2014: Côte dIvoire
Missionaries and Journalists
The Marist Brothers in Ivory Coast
08/02/2014: Brazil
Province of « Brasil Centro-Sul »
Promotion of Vocations
07/02/2014: Venezuela
Around the same table
VI meeting of the laity of Venezuela
06/02/2014: Spain
Province of L’Hermitage
The Marist communities of Les Avellanes
05/02/2014: Brazil
Province of Brasil Centro-Norte
Three Brothers make perpetual profession
04/02/2014: Nigeria
Province of Nigeria
VIII Provincial Chapter
03/02/2014: Chad
God calls whom he wants, when he wants and how he wants
Perpetual Profession
02/02/2014: General House
Consecrated Life
Year of Consecrated Life set for 2015
01/02/2014: Venezuela
Marist Youth Ministry
Marist Animators School in Venezuela – 2014
01/02/2014: Tanzania
Forming the youth
Workshop for young people in Nyakato, Mwanza
31/01/2014: Sri Lanka
First Chapel dedicated to Marist Martyrs of Spain
Marist Formation House, Nugagoda
30/01/2014: Colombia
Marist roots in Colombia
125 years of education (1889-2014)
29/01/2014: General House
Assistant Director of the Secretariat “Brothers Today”
Br Tony Leon
28/01/2014: Paraguay
Marist live
From Paraguay
27/01/2014: General House
We Have a Prophetic Role in the Church
An interview with the Vicar General, Joe McKee
25/01/2014: Brazil
Pontifical University of Rio Grande do Sul
Exchange of students with the University of Harvard
24/01/2014: Mexico
Among the young and also at home!
Provincial Retreat of México Occidental
23/01/2014: Dem. Rep. of the Congo
Br Jerome N’Sanda
Final Profession in Bobandana
23/01/2014: General House
Adding Lives, Multiplying Horizons
Materials from the Secretariat of Laity
22/01/2014: France
Community of Mulhouse-La Valla
European Community of Taizé in Mulhouse
22/01/2014: Switzerland
They are our brothers, we cannot leave them alone
Peace Conference for Syria
21/01/2014: Cambodia
District of Asia
Marist presence in Cambodia
20/01/2014: Canada
Br. Gérard Bachand
New Provincial of the Province of Canada
20/01/2014: Kenya
Marist International University College
Graduation of 26 Brothers in Nairobi
18/01/2014: General House
Educating through intercultural dialogue in the Catholic school
A new document of the Congregation for Catholic Education
17/01/2014: France
With the swelling of the Gier
Community of Notre Dame de lHermitage
16/01/2014: Uruguay
1934 - 2014
Eighty Years of Marist Presence in Uruguay
15/01/2014: General House
Brother Formators for a New World
Program for formators in Manziana and El Escorial
15/01/2014: Cambodia
District Marist of Asia
Marist life in Pailin
14/01/2014: South Africa
President Nelson Mandela
Sacred Heart Marist College Johannesburg
13/01/2014: Madagascar
“Marists, bearers of new life”
Provincial chapter of Madagascar
13/01/2014: Brazil
Province of Brasil Centro-Norte
Local phase of the 2nd International Marist Mission Assembly (IMMA)
11/01/2014: General House
Solidarity with South Sudan
Malakal community
10/01/2014: General House
Brother Formators for a New World
Interview with Br Angel Medina, director of the El Escorial team
09/01/2014: General House
Capturing our imagination
Secretariat of Collaboration for Mission, International
08/01/2014: Philippines
Typhoon Haiyan: Philippines emergency
Collaboration of FMSI and SAGIP KA 2000 Foudation
07/01/2014: Rwanda
Marist Novitiate of Save
Admission to the novitiate of 3 novices of the province of Madagascar
07/01/2014: Brazil
Pontifical Catholic University of Paraná
New Rector and Pro-Rectors for the PUCPR
06/01/2014: Australia
Marist Vocations Website goes Live
04/01/2014: Brazil
Province of Brasil Centro-Norte
Perpetual profession of Brother Edvaldo Ferreira
03/01/2014: General House
January – March 2014
Calendar of the General Council and Directors of Secretariats
02/01/2014: Guatemala
Awaken the Dawn: Prophets and Mystics for our People
Provincial Chapter of the Province of Central America

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