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Marist Calendar

23 January

Saint Margaret
1939, Marist foundation in Kutama (Zimbabwe) and Marist foundation in Phnom Penh (Cambodia)

Marist Calendar - January

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22/01/2016: General House
22 January
Anniversary of the death of Brother François Rivat
01/01/2016: Chile
Champagnat Movement of the Marist Family
Fraternity Gregorio Pastor - La Negra de Alto Hospicio
30/12/2015: General House
Renewed webpages section
Brothers Today Secretariat
28/12/2015: Brazil
Course Charisma and Marist educational principles
Marist education course offered to the entire Institute by PUCPR
26/12/2015: Italy
Solidarity: breakfast on the road
Istituto Fratelli Maristi Giugliano
24/12/2015: General House
Participants express gratitude, encouragement after two-month programme
Third age Marist and Marianist Brothers gathered from 11 countries
23/12/2015: Sri Lanka
Asia Marists meet in first regional assembly
First Asian Mission Assembly takes place in Negombo
22/12/2015: General House
The Vatican publishes a document on the identity of the Religious Brother
The former secretary of the Superior General feels ‘greatly satisfied’
21/12/2015: Brazil
Look at the past with gratitude, the present with passion and the future with hope…
Provincial Assembly of Brothers and Laity of 'Brasil Centro-Sul'
19/12/2015: Colombia
Norandina Province
Profession of Br. Héctor Xavier Colala Troya
18/12/2015: Brazil
Building a New Beginning
First provincial chapter of the Brasil Sul-Amazonia
17/12/2015: Vatican
Discussion on ‘Identity and Mission of the Religious Brother in the Church’
Vatican Radio interviews superior general on new Vatican document
17/12/2015: Spain
'Blue Marist' sheds light on Aleppo situation during provincial assembly
Mediterránea assembly focuses on history, identity, and communion
16/12/2015: Vatican
Church recognizes the identity of the religious Brother in a publication
Religious Brother is defined in writing for first time in Church history
15/12/2015: Spain
Be Passionate, Consecrated Life!
Encounter of young religious in Salamanca, in the Year of Consecrated Life
15/12/2015: Brazil
New provincial begins his triennial term
Brasil Centro-Norte holds assembly and fifth provincial chapter
14/12/2015: Brazil
Towards the creation of the Brasil-Cono Sur region
The reflection team of Brasil-Cono Sur gathers
12/12/2015: Italy
A new model for community and mission
General Assembly of Solidarity with South Sudan
11/12/2015: Mozambique
Marist charisma grows in Africa
Southern Africa: First Profession of Nine Novices
11/12/2015: Syria
To accept the risk of waiting…
Blue Marists - Letter from Aleppo 24
10/12/2015: General House
Do not be afraid!
Christmas Message 2015 of the Brother Superior General
09/12/2015: Brazil
Foundation of the Province South Brazil-Amazonia
The day of the Immaculate marks the beginning of the new Administrative Unity of the Institute
09/12/2015: General House
International Communities for a New Beginning
08/12/2015: Colombia
Perpetual profession in the Norandina Province
Br Hugo Alexander Tapia Bolaños makes his final vows
07/12/2015: Greece
Lycée Léonin de Néa Smyrn
Ceremony in honour of the Archbishop of Athens and primate of the Orthodox Church of Greece
05/12/2015: Australia
Over 45,000 march in Sydney
Brothers and youth take to the streets for climate issues
04/12/2015: General House
General house bids farewell to Brother Pietro Bettin in celebration
New and former superiors of general house community
04/12/2015: Netherlands
Promoting Marist characteristic spirit in schools
West Central Europe creates director of Marist Education position
02/12/2015: Argentina
A new experience. A challenge. A Gift of vitality
Shared Community in the Neighborhood San Jorge, Luján
02/12/2015: Spain
Marists, Laity, Brothers and Fathers meet to celebrate unity
Celebration of the Fourvière Year in Leon
01/12/2015: Australia
A common vision for Marist life and mission across Oceania
Oceania Council Meeting in Brisbane
30/11/2015: General House
Revision of the Constitutions
Communication from Marist International Commission for the Revision of the Constitutions
30/11/2015: Central African Republic
The Jubilee of mercy begins in Africa
Three interviews reveal the nation’s reality
27/11/2015: Spain
Spanish Marist Conference focuses on formation
Assembly of representatives of Conference gather in Madrid
26/11/2015: Mexico
New México Central provincial: ‘religious should awaken the world’
Superior general asks provincial chapter participants to work as a global institute
25/11/2015: General House
Jubilee of Mercy begins in Africa
Pope visits African soil shaken by violence
24/11/2015: Brazil
1,000 Marist youth meet for annual assembly
Youth meet under the theme ‘Love that Transforms’
24/11/2015: General House
Preparations for 2017 underway
Preparatory Commission of the General Chapter meets for the first time
23/11/2015: General House
The Problem of Refugees and Displace People in Europe
Declaration of the Marist European Conference
21/11/2015: General House
‘New Models’ project seeks to reform the general administration
Organisers hold first meeting with a new project team
20/11/2015: General House
Third term for West Central Europe provincial
Belgium, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands and Great Britain leader to stay
20/11/2015: General House
Number 400
Marist News is renewed
19/11/2015: Brazil
New relationship between Brothers and Laity
Retreat of Brothers and Laity in Rio Grande do Sul
19/11/2015: General House
“Educating today and tomorrow. A renewing passion”
About 30 Marist are participating in the congress promoted by the Vatican
18/11/2015: General House
Marist “foundation places”
English 3rd Age Pilgrimage to France
17/11/2015: Tanzania
Seeking a new beginning
Meeting of the Superiors of the Communities of the Province of Central-East Africa
16/11/2015: Italy
Charismatic Families in dialogue
Encounter of 70 Religious Congregations, representing 52 charismatic families
14/11/2015: Brazil
The lord is my shepherd, there is nothing I shall want
Brother Geandir Wermann makes his perpetual profession
13/11/2015: South Africa
International Council of Economic Affairs meeting reveals positive results
ICEA holds encounter in Johannesburg
13/11/2015: Australia
Growing openness to the laity
Oceania Marist Animator’s Course
12/11/2015: Brazil
Keep the flame burning
Assembly of the MChFM of Central-North Brazil
11/11/2015: Nigeria
Final vows in Nteje
Three Brothers made their Final Profession
10/11/2015: Australia
Creating spaces of dialogue on lay vocation
Meeting of the Extended Secretariat of laity in Sydney
09/11/2015: General House
November 20th
FMSI invites the Marist world to prepare the Universal Children’s Day
09/11/2015: Argentina
Cruz del Sur province holds fifth chapter
New provincial takes up office
06/11/2015: General House
One month ago…
Marist International Colloquium on Initial Formation
06/11/2015: Mexico
13 Marist fraternities of the ChMMF commemorate ‘Fourvière Year’
Superior general sends a video message to the ChMMF focusing on two aspects
05/11/2015: Greece
Europe organizes itself to create a Marist network of schools
European Mission Team
05/11/2015: General House
Process of conversion and renewal of our religious life
Commission of revision of the Constitutions
04/11/2015: Solomon Islands
“Sharing Stories”
Secretariat of the Laity – visit to Melanesia
03/11/2015: Greece
Building networks, building the future
Meeting of the CEM in Athens
02/11/2015: Madagascar
Involvement of all the vital forces of the Administrative Units
Meeting of the Commission for the sustainability of the Mission in Africa and Asia
01/11/2015: General House
November – December 2015
Calendar of the General Council and Directors of Secretariats
30/10/2015: General House
Brothers of Bugobe were killed 19 years ago
Four Brothers from Spain who refused to leave their people
30/10/2015: Guatemala
41 participate in the first Assembly of the Marist Life and Mission
Participant labels it a ‘very important moment’ for the Institute
29/10/2015: Italy
Wherever consecrated persons are, there must always be joy
Encounter of Religious Brothers in Rome
28/10/2015: Cameroon
2,000 gather for 50th anniversary celebration of Marist presence
Eucharistic celebration included six perpetual professions
27/10/2015: General House
Leaders of the New Models of Animation, Government and Management project gather
Further steps taken after Institute’s regions make progress
26/10/2015: Brazil
10 years of Marist Union of Brazil
Common tools launched for the educational units of Marist Brasil
23/10/2015: General House
A Team for International Communities for a New Beginning
Project plans move forward with more details on formation for candidates
22/10/2015: Madagascar
Mission Assembly in Madagascar
Strengthening communion and promoting a new relationship between brothers and laity
20/10/2015: Germany
“Being spiritual – being human”
West Central Europe Province Workshop
19/10/2015: France
Results of meeting on initial formation for Brothers will be published within a month
International Colloquium ends in France with final recommendations
18/10/2015: India
Final Profession of Brother Malangmei
Talit, West Bengal
17/10/2015: Italy
‘Presence of the Holy Spirit would be lost if elderly Brothers are forgotten’
Course for elderly Spanish and Portuguese speaking Brother ends
16/10/2015: General House
Marists and Marianists gather for a course dedicated to elderly Brothers
An Australian brother based in Algeria is leading the programme
15/10/2015: Spain
New provincial of Ibérica: Christian Marist communities as benchmark are ‘a challenge and a hope’
A brief look at the biography of Brother Moisés Alonso Pérez
14/10/2015: General House
Marist NGOs could have a worldwide network by 2016
European NGOs meet for the first time
13/10/2015: General House
43 youths were arrested and forcibly disappeared in 2014
FMSI calls on the Mexican authorities to make a general reassessment of the investigation
12/10/2015: France
Post-noviciate director: results of the colloquium ‘depends on the openness of participants’
75 Marists in last days of encounter, discussing changes on initial formation for Brothers
12/10/2015: Angola
Passed away an hour after being taken to hospital
Two Brothers die in car accident in Angola
11/10/2015: Madagascar
We are bold Marists of Champagnat
Encounter of lay leaders in Fianarantsoa
10/10/2015: Spain
Youth and the Fourvière Promise
Encounter of animators of Pastoral Youth of Ibérica
09/10/2015: Spain
‘We want to opt for the strengthening of the Marist identity’
Brother António Leal, new Provincial of Compostela
08/10/2015: Australia
Australia Chapter addresses possibility of creating Marist ‘villages’
New provincial and council take up office
07/10/2015: Guatemala
Meeting promoted multiculturalism, internationality
39 Brothers and Laity gather for the ‘Inter-American Encounter of Vocational Animation’
06/10/2015: General House
New internet application for international collaboration
Secretariat Collaboration for mission international
05/10/2015: Pakistan
Province of South Asia
Final Profession of Br. Farancis King
04/10/2015: Spain
90 participants gather at the ‘III Province Mission Assembly’ in Valladolid
Discussions focused on the Marist identity and communion between Brothers and Lay People
02/10/2015: France
Dare to Dream
International Encounter of Marist Youth (EIJM)
01/10/2015: Lebanon
Patriarch Bechara Boutros Rai: ‘Thank you for your presence’
Two congregations launch documentary on refugee project in Lebanon
30/09/2015: General House
Meeting of Marist NGO's of Europe
Fondazione Marista per la Solidarietà Internazionale (FMS)
30/09/2015: France
75 Marists are gathering to discuss changes on formation of Brothers
‘We want to see updates,’ says one of the organisers
29/09/2015: Vatican
“Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy” (Mt 5:7)
Message of Pope Francis for the XXXI World Youth Day 2016
29/09/2015: Spain
Marists are helping youths have greater emotional intelligence
José Antonio Rosa obtains PhD with highest mark on the subject
28/09/2015: Cuba
As a Marist community we have intensely lived the “hurricane Francis”
Impressions of the community of Cienfuegos on the visit of the Pope
27/09/2015: Cameroon
New Marist Community at Yassa-Douala
Brothers teach in a diocesan coeducational bilingual boarding secondary school
25/09/2015: Brazil
Arco Norte and Brasil-Cono Sur will become America’s two Marist regions
Conference of provincials of Americas wants more unity
24/09/2015: United States
Leader hopes his visit will change U.S. policies on immigration
Pope visiting Marist-led community on Friday in East Harlem
23/09/2015: General House
‘Post Perpetual Gier Programme’ leaves Marists renewed, stronger
Programme for middle-aged Marists finishes with positive feedback
22/09/2015: Lebanon
How Br Miquel Cubeles went from Spain to Lebanon
One of the Fratelli Project leaders tells his story
22/09/2015: Dem. Rep. of the Congo
Losing everything in order to gain Christ
Brother Basile Buunda Rutsuba makes perpetual profession
21/09/2015: Lebanon
Syrian Marists inspire prominent psychologist
Dr Robert J. Wicks writes about key ways to resist trauma
18/09/2015: Cuba
Pope will have lunch with the Bishop of Holguín, affiliated with the Institute
‘I’m sure he’ll leave a seed that will produce fruits in relation to other nations,’ says Bishop
18/09/2015: Nigeria
Annual Retreat in Nigeria was ‘very unique’
42 participants evaluate lives, discuss challenges
17/09/2015: Brazil
Superior General focuses on role of the laity in video message
Provincials meeting in Curitiba for the third Inter American Conference of Provincials
16/09/2015: Syria
Trivializing the horror
23rd Letter from Aleppo
16/09/2015: France
Beginning after beginning, ceaselessly beginning
Encounter of young religious in Taizé
15/09/2015: Haiti
Brothers consecrate themselves permanently to children & youth evangelisation
Perpetual Profession of Brothers Wilguins and Jean Mance
14/09/2015: Argentina
First youth assembly of Cruz del Sur province
Superior General sends video message to youth
14/09/2015: South Korea
Province of East Asia
Br. Il Nam makes final vows
12/09/2015: Italy
The Feast of Mary. A Family Feast
Celebration in the house of the Marist Missionary Sisters
11/09/2015: Lebanon
The human and spiritual quality of these Marists has impressed me
Br Emili Turú, Superior General, organises encounter with ‘Blue Marists’
10/09/2015: Madagascar
Provincia marista de Madagascar
Revision of the Constitutions and Statutes
10/09/2015: General House
General House of Marist Brothers offers to take in refugees
Superior General appeals to European Provincials to do the same
09/09/2015: Lebanon
A Marist and a La Salle Brother arrive to Lebanon to help displaced children
A new inter-congregational community begins Fratelli Project
09/09/2015: Guatemala
Fondazione Marista per la Solidarietà Internazionale
FMSI has found the Marist Organizations of Solidarity of the American Continent
08/09/2015: Italy
Marist Sisters celebrate Anniversary of their Founding
Feast of the Nativity of Mary coincides with birth of Marist branch 192 years ago
07/09/2015: France
The Brothers lived an intense time of fraternal life in L’Hermitage
Encounter of community Superiors of the Province of L’Hermitage
07/09/2015: Guatemala
Marist laity in the Americas
America Lay subcommittee holds annual meeting
05/09/2015: Samoa
Marist presence in Pacific
Retreat for Brothers and Lay Champagnat Marists
04/09/2015: General House
September – October 2015
Calendar of the General Council and Directors of Secretariats
03/09/2015: Australia
Australian Marists ‘rejoice’ at first profession of 2 brothers
Over 100 people gathered at the ceremony in Sydney
02/09/2015: Australia
First Assembly of Marist Association of St Marcellin
Over 500 people have already joined
01/09/2015: Italy
17 elderly Brothers meet in Italy
Brothers participate in the course ‘Amanecer 2015’ in Manziana
31/08/2015: Philippines
Be joyful witnesses to the Gospel
Meeting of the Brothers in temporary profession
29/08/2015: Mexico
Preparing the American Encounter of Marist Education
Meeting of the Sub-Commission of Education of CIAP
28/08/2015: General House
Programme for middle-aged Marists aims at ‘re-enchanting their calling,’ says coordinator
Post Perpetual Gier Program seeks to encourage Brothers
26/08/2015: Peru
Marist University grants title of ‘Doctor Honoris Causa’ to theologian
Priest receives award for his theological contribution to the Church
25/08/2015: Malawi
Vows and Silver Jubilee on the Feast of the Assumption
A Brother makes perpetual vows, 3 others renew temporary vows
24/08/2015: Ghana
West Africa district celebrates its chapter
The district is on the move
23/08/2015: Cuba
Marist Brothers help in the formation of the Young
Youth Pastoral Ministry in the Diocese of Cienfuegos
21/08/2015: Nigeria
Sustaining and Transmitting our Marist Pedagogy
Seminar for Brothers working in schools
20/08/2015: General House
Laity lovers of the Marist Charism
Meeting of the International Commission of Revitalization of the MChFM
18/08/2015: Spain
Embrace the Future with Hope
Encounter of Brothers & Laity of the network of Europe’s communities
17/08/2015: Ghana
Eight Brothers ready for their final commitment
Preparation for Final Vows
16/08/2015: Philippines
Filipino Brothers celebrate perpetual profession and silver jubilee
Final commitment made to live as Marist Brothers for the rest of their life
13/08/2015: South Sudan
Three Marist Brothers in collaborative and inter-cultural ministry
Solidarity with South Sudan
12/08/2015: Kenya
Evangelization of children and youth by means of education
New horizons: authentic and transforming leadership for a new Africa
10/08/2015: South Africa
Together we are moving forward and we will go far
African Lay and Brothers Commission
08/08/2015: Vatican
Educating Today and Tomorrow. A renewing passion
World Congress promoted by the Congregation for Catholic Education
07/08/2015: Canada
A new way of being a Brother today
Inter-provincial renewal course in Rawdon
05/08/2015: General House
23 young brothers will participate in programme to continue formation
Post Perpetual Gier Program will run from Aug. 13 – Sept. 20
04/08/2015: Colombia
Marist Communities of Champagnat open to dialogue
Experience of joint formation of Brothers and Laity
03/08/2015: Chile
Laity using Jesuit teaching in Spiritual Accompaniment
Lay Marists receive diploma in Ignatian Spiritual Exercises
03/08/2015: General House
FMSI invites the Marist NGO’s of the American continent
Objectives include the rights of children
30/07/2015: General House
Colombia will be the headquarters of the 2017 Chapter
The XXII General Chapter will be celebrated in Rionegro
28/07/2015: Syria
Aleppo has water again, confirms Syrian Marist
City suffers one month without water
28/07/2015: Australia
Heads of 53 Marist schools in Australia gather in big event
Nearly 200 lay Marists are expected to be participating
27/07/2015: Kenya
24 young African brothers meet for the first time
Encounter in Kenya aims at preparing brothers for a new beginning
24/07/2015: Argentina
New provincial of Cruz del Sur expresses a ‘heartfelt’ thanks
Cruz del Sur gets new provincial
23/07/2015: Australia
100 members of the Marist Family commemorate Fourvière
Marist Brothers officially begin the ‘Fourvière Year’ on July 23
22/07/2015: Spain
21 lay people make official promise to follow Marist charism
Vocation of lay Marists recognized and welcomed in Spain
21/07/2015: General House
Fourvière Year
Combined letter from the Superior of the four branches of the Marist Family
20/07/2015: Brazil
Name released of new Brasil Centro-Norte Provincial Superior
Brother Ataíde José de Lima will take up office in December
17/07/2015: General House
Associates for the mission
Fourvière Year - July 23, 2015 – July 23, 2016
16/07/2015: Bangladesh
Marists seek to raise awareness on child protection
Workshop held in Dhaka for Catholic institutions
15/07/2015: General House
‘New Models’ meeting comes to an end commemorating Fourvière
Final day of encounter was like a Eucharist, says organiser
14/07/2015: Brazil
Heirs of a Promise, heirs of a prophecy
Marist Encounter of Young Brothers
13/07/2015: General House
Institute changes expected within 5 years
Marists gathered on third day of discussions on ‘New Models’ Project
13/07/2015: Madagascar
A new Brother in Madagascar
First Religious Profession of Brother Lantohery Angelin Rasandratriniaina
11/07/2015: Brazil
With Champagnat we go to the encounter of the Montagne Youth
The Province of North Central Brazil carries out the provincial encounter of PJM
10/07/2015: General House
Superior General appeals for a change of heart and mentality
International Marist encounter with 85 participants begins
10/07/2015: Bolivia
Pope Francis’ last days of trip to Latin America
Norandina provincial affirms Pope’s visit gives encouragement
09/07/2015: General House
Encounter could lead to possible changes
General Council meets with representatives of administrative units
09/07/2015: General House
‘Searching together a new way of being brothers’
Formators meet to discuss upcoming programmes
08/07/2015: Ghana
Eleven new Marist Brothers in Africa
First Religious Profession in Kumasi
07/07/2015: Sri Lanka
Marists in Asia: Our progress in brothers-laity communion is our gift to the Church
Asia Laity Commission meets in Sri Lanka
06/07/2015: Kenya
Authentic, transformational leaders for a new Africa
Marist Africa invests in leaders
04/07/2015: Argentina
Echoes from Nairobi in Cruz del Sur
Zonal Assemblies of Marist Mission in Buenos Aires and Montevideo
03/07/2015: General House
What wineskins do we want for the new wine?
New Models of Animation, Governance and Management
02/07/2015: General House
The Marist Spiritual Patrimony Commission
Annual session at the General House
01/07/2015: France
Brothers between 40 and 55 years of age
Program of Permanent Formation
01/07/2015: France
A great international radiance
The Province of the Hermitage leaves the house of Varennes-sur-Allier
30/06/2015: Mexico
New Provincial of Central Mexico
Br José Sánchez Bravo
29/06/2015: Chile
Open Letter to Pope Francis
FMSI Cono Sur
27/06/2015: General House
New Superior of the Community of the General House
Br Antonio Sancamillo
26/06/2015: Syria
Our hope will not falter!
The Blue Marists - Letter from Aleppo No 22
25/06/2015: Kenya
New Provincial of East Central Africa
Br. Théoneste Kalisa
25/06/2015: Paraguay
Paraguay Marists follow up on Nairobi meeting
The country holds its II Marist Mission Assembly
24/06/2015: United States
U.S. Provincial Chapter Invites Lay People for First Time
Participant Labels the Gathering as ‘Historic’
23/06/2015: General House
The State of the World’s Children 2015
Reimagine the Future: Innovation for every child
23/06/2015: Syria
Doctor, a lay Marist, tells about testimony of a Syrian woman
Doctor, from the Blue Marists’ group, reveals drama in Aleppo
22/06/2015: Brazil
A new provincial for a new province
Br Inácio Nestor Etges will lead Brasil Sul-Amazônia
19/06/2015: Italy
Pope receives over 1,000 testimonies of Latin American children and youth
Marists give Francis a book aimed at promoting rights of children and adolescents
18/06/2015: General House
Two close Institutes meet to discuss common objectives
The Marist and De La Salle Brothers meet to share experiences
17/06/2015: Spain
New provincial of Mediterránea: I feel greatly appreciated
Br Juan Carlos Fuertes Marí will start his role on January 2
16/06/2015: General House
Names revealed of the next general chapter’s preparatory commission
11 Members chosen to prepare the general chapter in 2017
15/06/2015: Mexico
New provincial of México Occidental feels ‘unarmed, unworthy’
Brother Miguel Ángel Santos Villarreal talks about his new role
12/06/2015: General House
June 12
World day against child labour
11/06/2015: Brazil
Rooted in Christ Jesus for a new beginning
Marist National Seminar on Consecrated Life
10/06/2015: Venezuela
New secretary of superior general ‘surprised’ at his appointment
‘I am happy to return to Rome,’ says brother Pau Fornells
09/06/2015: Brazil
Reflections of Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul
15 years of personnel closeness to the Marist culture
08/06/2015: Kiribati
Marists meet in Fiji Islands and in Kiribati
Retreats in the District of the Pacific
06/06/2015: Paraguay
Meeting for leaders of youth held in Paraguay
Members of youth ministry learn to lead a movement for teenagers
05/06/2015: South Sudan
‘Solidarity with South Sudan’ director: We pray fighting ends
Three Marists involved in the project live in South Sudan
04/06/2015: General House
55 lay Marists from around the world finish two week formation course in Rome
Lay Marists express greater awareness of their mission
03/06/2015: General House
Proposals for the future
New Models of Animation, Government and Management
03/06/2015: Argentina
Lay Marists discuss their role in Argentina
Meeting of Fraternities Highlight Laity Tasks
03/06/2015: Colombia
Colombian Marists revise Constitutions
First meetings held in Ibagué, Armenia, Chachaguí
01/06/2015: General House
Superior General Challenges Marists to Leave Comfort Zone
Syrian Marists Give Testimonies in Video Message for Feast of St. Marcellin
01/06/2015: General House
June - August 2015
Calendar of the General Council and Directors of Secretariats
29/05/2015: South Africa
Volunteers Needed for August in Johannesburg
College Helps Refugee Children survive Xenophobia in South Africa
28/05/2015: Bolivia
We give meaning to the experience of life
Meeting of Brothers aged up to 57 years (Cono Sur)
27/05/2015: Argentina
Publishers will raise funds for Marist initiatives
Marist Publishers to contribute to Institute’s Projects
26/05/2015: Central African Republic
Gold and diamonds in CAR fuelled 2 years of terror
Marists continue work in a destroyed Central African Republic
25/05/2015: Brazil
Marist Centre for Child Protection of the Marist Solidarity Network
Campaign to defend the rights of children and adolescents receives Award
25/05/2015: General House
Participant says laity course is wonderful, perfect
Positive response after first week of Marist gathering
23/05/2015: Philippines
Marist Education: A Mission
Marist Administrators’ Formation Program
22/05/2015: General House
‘Beatification of Oscar Romero fills us with joy,’ say his Marist friends
Friends of martyr greatly pleased with his beatification
21/05/2015: New Caledonia
A Man like Champagnat
A Farewell to Br Georges Pitiot
21/05/2015: Spain
Walking on “footpaths” of life as Marist Brothers
Formation Course “Senderos” in El Escorial
20/05/2015: General House
Woman ‘impressed’ with first ever formation course for laity
Gathering teaches Marist laity how to form others worldwide
19/05/2015: Brazil
Brasil Centro-Norte Province
Meeting of the Leaders of the Champagnat Movement
17/05/2015: Sri Lanka
Large Asian Conference confirmed for December
Asia’s Marist International Mission Assembly to be held in Sri Lanka
15/05/2015: Guatemala
Marists, passionate for the mission!
Provincial Meeting of Marist Directors 2015
14/05/2015: Lebanon
Maronite Church Leader guides Marists of Europe, Syria, Lebanon
Syrian Marists ask Lebanese Patriarch to help obtain peace
13/05/2015: General House
Econome General: I hope to add my little grain of sand
The Institute Reflects on its Finances
12/05/2015: Lebanon
Syrian Brothers to speak at Marist European Conference
20 Brothers gather at Marist European Conference in Lebanon
11/05/2015: Spain
Vatican official praises Marists work with Laity
Cardinal João Braz de Aviz lauds Champagnat Followers
10/05/2015: Spain
New Marists in Mission!
5th Cycle of IEM Coffee Talks
09/05/2015: Italy
‘It’s fantastic, enriching, challenging,’ says Philippine Marist
Asian, African and Polynesian Marists gather in Italy
08/05/2015: General House
‘Children need us’ says Lay Marist
Marists seek new ways of Evangelizing Youth
08/05/2015: General House
21st Anniversary of the death of Br Henri Vergès
Brother Henri Vergès and Consecrated Life
07/05/2015: Brazil
600 people gather from Brasil Centro-Sul
Marist youth ministry celebrates 10th Anniversary
06/05/2015: Papua New Guinea
A Time of Personal Encounter with Jesus
A Retreat in the District of Melanesia
05/05/2015: General House
Marist International Solidarity Foundation
FMSI hopes evaluation team will help its work with children’s right
04/05/2015: Syria
Latest bombings in Aleppo
Blue Marists continue work in Syria
04/05/2015: Brazil
New Province Brasil Sul-Amazônia
Provinces of Rio Grande do Sul and the district of Amazonia unite
03/05/2015: Guatemala
Assembly of the Province of Central America
Central American Province revises Constitution
01/05/2015: Spain
Encouraging us in our faithfulness to the Marist project
European encounter of elderly brothers
30/04/2015: General House
Team releases global diagnosis of Marist Institute
Analysis of improving the Institute worldwide ends after 1 Year
29/04/2015: General House
Without Limits
Diary of the martyr Brother Miguel Ángel Isla, killed in Bugobe
28/04/2015: Australia
Australian Brothers Gather to Revise the Constitutions
120 Brothers meet in Australia
28/04/2015: Brazil
With Mary towards a new beginning
Meeting of the Inter-American Network of the Marist Apostolic Spirituality
27/04/2015: General House
Saint Peter Chanel
Marist Father, first martyr of Oceania
27/04/2015: France
Second European Assembly of the Marist Mission
Interviewe with Brother Javier Gragera
27/04/2015: Spain
Brothers Antonio Ramalho and Ernesto Sánchez
General Councillors visit the Province of Compostela
26/04/2015: Philippines
Stories of the Journey – Philippine Context
Retreat and review of Constitutions
25/04/2015: Spain
Opening “paths” in midlife
Spirituality Course “Paths” (Senderos)
24/04/2015: Fiji
District of the Pacific
New Era Leadership Programme
24/04/2015: Vatican
We need not confuse the crisis of quantity with the more serious crisis of quality
International Congress for Formators to Consecrated Life
23/04/2015: France
European Assembly of the Marist Mission
Day 4, April 16 - The day of communion
23/04/2015: General House
Co-responsibility in a new beginning for the Institute
Course for lay leaders of the Secretariat of the Laity
22/04/2015: Bolivia
Superior Encourages New Marists
Br Emili Visits 15 New Marists Ahead of Final Vows
22/04/2015: Belgium
Called to bear fruit
Marist gathering in Brussels
21/04/2015: Philippines
Province of East Asia
On-Going Formation in Philippine Sector
20/04/2015: Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka December 2015
20/04/2015: France
Second European Assembly of the Marist Mission
Day 4 April 16 - Closing Word
18/04/2015: France
Second European Assembly of the Marist Mission
Day 3, April 15 - The day of Mystic
17/04/2015: Cambodia
Marist District of Asia
Conference of community leaders
17/04/2015: Brazil
On the path of the mission
Peggy Vivas, Marist voluntary for the mission
16/04/2015: Bolivia
New Brothers get healing workshops before final vows
15 Marists preparing for perpetual vows in Bolivia
15/04/2015: France
Second European Assembly of the Marist Mission
April 14, the second day of the Assembly
15/04/2015: General House
Brothers in a two month course in Rome
Trip to France renews Elderly Marists
14/04/2015: General House
The Dance of Mission
‘It’s as if God’s self were a dance of life,’ says Superior General
14/04/2015: France
Second Marist European Assembly on mission
13 to 16 April, 2015
13/04/2015: France
New Marists on Mission
Evaluation of the II AIMM
11/04/2015: General House
Champagnat Movement of the Marist Family
Towards a “new beginning” for the Champagnat Movement
10/04/2015: Liberia
Marists fighting against Ebola
Marist presence in Monrovia
09/04/2015: Kenya
New Horizons
Authentic and Transformative Leadership for a New Africa
08/04/2015: Ghana
Task of accompaniment, leadership is challenging
West Africa district superior speaks about challenges, re-election
07/04/2015: General House
International Gathering of Marist Youth - Lyon 2016
Combined Letter of the Superiors General of the Marist Family
06/04/2015: Puerto Rico
“New Marists in Mission”
National Meeting of Fraternities of the MChFM
04/04/2015: General House
Computer Systems
New IT architecture for the Institute
03/04/2015: Belgium
Montagne Year
Marist meeting in Mouscron
01/04/2015: General House
April - May 2015
Calendar of the General Council and Secretariat directors
31/03/2015: Switzerland
Fondazione Marista per la Solidarietà Internazionale (FMSI)
States debated the investment in children and adolescents
31/03/2015: General House
Framework for the Identity of the Lay Marist
Proposal by the General Council ahead of the 2017 General Chapter
30/03/2015: General House
The Fratelli Project
Marist Brothers and De La Salle Brothers
28/03/2015: Spain
Monastery of las Avellanas
Meeting of Marist alumni associations (ADEMAR) of the Marist Provinces who works in Spain
27/03/2015: Brazil
New horizons for the Marist Brazil
Ordinary General Assembly UMBRASIL
27/03/2015: General House
II International Marist Mission Assembly
Regional Phase
26/03/2015: Ecuador
Second meeting of the CIEHL in Quito
Interamerican Commission on Spirituality, Brothers and Laity
25/03/2015: Zimbabwe
Thousands Gather at Marist-Jesuit Joint Celebration, including Mugabe
75 years of Marist presence
24/03/2015: Mexico
Presentation of the Graphic Identity Manual of Mexico’s Marists
Marist Provinces of Mexico
24/03/2015: Argentina
Br. Alberto Schönberger
100 years of work work and simplicity
23/03/2015: Vanuatu
Marists Survive South Pacific Cyclone
News from the District of Melanesia
23/03/2015: General House
A new way of being a brother!
French Third Age Renewal Program
22/03/2015: Malawi
Province of Southern Africa
Vocation Promoters meet in Lilongwe
21/03/2015: Colombia
Province Norandina
Meeting of Provincial Commissions 2015 – 2017
20/03/2015: General House
United by the Gift of Being Brothers
Meeting of the commission of the the All Brothers group
19/03/2015: Spain
Compostela Province
Schools begin a path of methodological innovation
17/03/2015: Puerto Rico
Marists, passionate about the mission!
Educators Meeting in Manatí
15/03/2015: Vanuatu
Cyclone hit Vanuatu
News from the District of Melanesia
14/03/2015: Spain
Province of Ibérica
Coping with the Social Issue - Third Forum
14/03/2015: General House
Computer Services
International collaboration in the General House
13/03/2015: Fiji
Projects managers from across the Pacific come together for a workshop
Solidarity Meeting in the District of the Pacific
12/03/2015: Philippines
Meeting of Laypeople
Champagnat Movement gathers to pray, reflect, and celebrate!
11/03/2015: Sri Lanka
An international community
Marist International Novitiate, Tudella
10/03/2015: Mexico
Young People Building a Better World for Everyone
First International Marist Youth Leaders Camp
09/03/2015: General House
Br Hipólito Pérez Gómez
Assistant Director of the Brothers Today Secretariat
07/03/2015: Portugal
Marist Europe
Meeting of the European Team of
06/03/2015: General House
International Charism and Interprovincial Solidarity
Appointments and staff changes in the General Administration
05/03/2015: Bolivia
Heart in Hand
Preparation for Perpetual Profession
04/03/2015: Syria
Sad Anniversary
Letter from Aleppo No 21
03/03/2015: Cuba
Year of Religious Life Celebrated
Religious Life Day in Cienfuegos
02/03/2015: South Africa
Province of Southern Africa
Marist Schools Council
27/02/2015: General House
Fraternity, responsibility, and far-sighted approach at the meeting
New Models of Governance, Management and Animation – First Stage Completed
25/02/2015: Mozambique
Province of Southern Africa
Marist presence in Mozambique
24/02/2015: Switzerland
Fondazione Marista per la Solidarietà Internazionale (FMSI)
UN looks to Chile through the eyes of their children
23/02/2015: United States
Young Adult Program
Online Lenten retreat
21/02/2015: Guatemala
Province of Central America
Community Animators Meeting
20/02/2015: Brazil
Province of Brasil Centro-Norte
Marist Solidarity Mission
19/02/2015: Mexico
Marist University of Guadalajara, Jalisco
Master’s Degree in School Leadership and Management
18/02/2015: Vatican
Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God (Mt 5: 8)
Message of Pope Francis for the Thirtieth World Youth Day 2015
18/02/2015: General House
Dare to Dream!
International Marist Youth Meeting, 2016
17/02/2015: Spain
II MIMA: European Regional Phase
Notre-Dame de l’Hermitage, April 13-16, 2015
16/02/2015: Brazil
Mysticism and prophecy for a new beginning
Fifth Chapter of the Amazonia District
16/02/2015: General House
Is Religious life in crisis?
Interview of Br. Emili Turu with Aleteia
14/02/2015: Brazil
Reality, advances and prospects
New relationship between Laity and Brothers
13/02/2015: Colombia
Spirit of collaboration and support in America
Interprovincial Novitiate of La Valla, Medellín
12/02/2015: General House
What is between Black and White?
International Commission of Brothers Today
11/02/2015: Guatemala
Arco Norte
Regional Assembly of the Marist Mission
10/02/2015: General House
Fondazione Marista per la Solidarietà Internazionale (FMSI)
Survey of the FMSI Advent Booklet
10/02/2015: General House
Project developing as scheduled
New Models of Animation, Governance, and Management
09/02/2015: Brazil
Marist presence in Brazil
The Interprovincial novitiate welcomes the formators and new novices
07/02/2015: Paraguay
Know more about Jesus and learn to walk with him
Young people from the District of Paraguay
06/02/2015: Venezuela
Just a Tent at the Heart of Our Future - Awakening the Dawn
Seventh National Assembly of the Laity
05/02/2015: Italy
Brother Alessandro Di Pietro’s ‘Vital Space’
Theater play in honor of a Righteous Among the Nations Marist Brother
04/02/2015: Brazil
Inter-American Conference of Provincials (CIAP)
Meeting of the Inter-American Education Subcommission
02/02/2015: Italy
Sergio Mattarella
New President of Italy is a former student of the Marist brothers
02/02/2015: Spain
Meeting in openness
Meeting of representatives of the Marist Works of the Mediterranean Province
31/01/2015: Brazil
Brother Delvino Decezero
26 years as missionary in Amazonia
30/01/2015: Australia
Brother Peter Carroll
New Provincial of Australia
29/01/2015: Brazil
Network of Marist Universities
Course Charisma and Marist educational principles
29/01/2015: Brazil
Vocational School
Continuing professional development course for vocations ministry teams
28/01/2015: Cameroon
Marist District of West Africa
Final Profession of Brother Dinayen Brendan Ghakanyuy
27/01/2015: Italy
Consecrated life as marists
Meeting of the general councils of the marist family
25/01/2015: Australia
A feast for the mind, soul and body
My experience of the Marist Youth Festival 2015
23/01/2015: General House
Blessings and thanks
Birthday of Br Emili Turú, Superior General
23/01/2015: El Salvador
Province of Central America
Perpetual profession of Br. Alejandro Gustavo Herrera Galicia
21/01/2015: General House
Superior General (1967 - 1985)
21 January: anniversary of the death of Br. Basilio Rueda
21/01/2015: Liberia
Ebola Epidemic has gone down considerably
Schools in Monrovia will resume in February
20/01/2015: United States
Arco Norte
Juan Diego International Community in New York
19/01/2015: Kenya
Marist International Center community in Nairobi
Child rights and advocacy workshop
17/01/2015: Australia
Just Living – Hearts without borders
Marist Youth Festival in Sydney
16/01/2015: Brazil
Marist province of Brasil Centro-Norte
Perpetual profession of brothers
14/01/2015: Mexico
Innovation and creativity in education
International meeting in education in Morelia
14/01/2015: Philippines
Province East Asia
Temporary Professed Brothers
13/01/2015: United States
Br. Patrick McNamara
New Provincial of the United States
12/01/2015: Australia
Marist Youth Festival 2015
12/01/2015: Haiti
A Many-year-old Young Country
Five years after the earthquake that shook Haiti
09/01/2015: Vatican
World Congress on Catholic education
Congregation of Catholic Education
08/01/2015: General House
January - March 2015
Calendar of the General Council and the Directors of Secretariats
07/01/2015: Ecuador
Champagnat Movement of the Marist Family
Annual meeting of co-ordinators, delegates and advisers of fraternities and lay groups
05/01/2015: Papua New Guinea
District of Melanesia
Final Profession of Br Sixtus Winduo
02/01/2015: Argentina
Challenging invitations
Letter to the laity of Cruz del Sur

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