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Saint Angela Merici
Day of Mourning the Holocaust

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18/04/2018: General House
A heart that knows no bounds
18 April 1999: Canonization of Marcellin Champagnat
30/12/2016: Uruguay
Welcoming Syrian refugees
Marist Experience of attention to the migrant population
29/12/2016: Italy
Project Lavalla200>
An intercultural and international in Siracusa
27/12/2016: Australia
Marist Association of St Marcellin Champagnat holds regional meetings
Videos released to help prepare members
26/12/2016: General House
Marist Vocation Animators for a New Beginning
Testimonies of the Marist Vocation Animators encounter
23/12/2016: Brazil
International Communities for a New Beginning – Lavalla200>
Brothers Jeff Crowe and Ángel Medina visit the community in Tabatinga
21/12/2016: Haiti
Marist works resume activities
Marist students return to classrooms
20/12/2016: General House
Gratitude, forgiveness, commitment
Message of the Superior general for the Marist Bicentenary
19/12/2016: General House
Being light in the world
Closure of ‘Marist Vocation Animators for a New Beginning’
17/12/2016: Italy
‘Take in the beauty,’ Br Stefano tells participants
Perpetual profession of Br Stefano Divina in Giugliano
16/12/2016: Syria
Moving Forward
Letter from Aleppo No 28 (December 12th 2016)
15/12/2016: Mexico
“Be firm and steadfast, for God is with you wherever you” (Joshua 1: 9)
Perpetual profession of Br Antonio Isidro Peralta Aragón
15/12/2016: Spain
‘First Day of the Marist Educator’ in the Mediterranea Province
Over 450 teachers participate in a meeting in Alicante and Cordoba
14/12/2016: General House
New Communication Committee of the Institute
Implementing a culture of communication
13/12/2016: General House
A new Marist Dawn, a new Beginning
Prayer for the 2nd January
13/12/2016: General House
Commission for the Review of the Constitutions and Statutes
Constitutions and Statues and Rule of Life
12/12/2016: Italy
3rd Age Program for English Speakers
19 October - 16 December
10/12/2016: General House
Human Rights Day
Marists commit to promoting and defending children’s rights
09/12/2016: Mozambique
We are Marist Brothers for the most disadvantaged
Religious professions in Mozambique
08/12/2016: Mexico
Marist Experiences of attention to the Migrant population
Marist Support Center for the Migrant in Querétaro
07/12/2016: General House
Being marist spreads, but in community
Marist Vocation Animators for a new beginning (28 November - 4 December)
06/12/2016: General House
A Path to Education and Maturity in Faith
The Mystique of Marist Youth Ministry
05/12/2016: Spain
The Marists are recognized for their work rendering attention to the victims of a war
The Blue Marists receive the International Award Navarra to Solidarity 2016
05/12/2016: Ecuador
We made our roadway, as we walk
Meeting of the coordinators of the Lay Commissions of the Americas on 23-27 November
04/12/2016: Colombia
“We are born of Solidarity, and we will be born again for Solidarity”
Encounter of directors and animators of the community of the Norandina Province
02/12/2016: General House
There is a flower ... I think it has tamed me ...
Marist Vocation Program 2016 - Week 3
01/12/2016: General House
Bicentenary of the Institute
30/11/2016: Brazil
Solidarity with the victims of the plane crash
15 students are children or grandchildren of Colombia's plane crash vicitims
30/11/2016: Pakistan
Golden Marist Presence in Pakistan
Visit of Brothers Emili Turu and Michael De Waas
29/11/2016: Nigeria
Professions in Nigeria Province
Three Brothers promise to follow the dream of Marcellin Champagnat in perpetuity
28/11/2016: Vietnam
A new Champagnat!
A sign of a “New Beginning”
28/11/2016: Malawi
Province of Southern Africa
Four Brothers commit their lives to God for life
27/11/2016: Mexico
Mexico Occidental Province
Formation itinerary for spiritual companions
26/11/2016: Italy
Marist Brother wins honorific Italian prize for outstanding social work
Br Vasco Santi campaigned for blood donation for several decades
25/11/2016: General House
“it is no longer enough to reform consecrated life; it has to be reformatted”
Br Emili took part in the Assembly of the Union of Superiors General
24/11/2016: General House
General Center for Marist Mission
Proposal of the Operational New Model for Marist Mission
22/11/2016: General House
Mobile App “Maristas”
New Mobile App enables fast access to Marist world news and pictures
22/11/2016: General House
Wake and Listen
Marist Vocation Animators Program 2
21/11/2016: Mexico
Contemplatives in action like Mary
Nartional Encounter of the Marist fraternities of Mexico 2016
20/11/2016: General House
November 20
Universal Children’s Day
19/11/2016: Guatemala
A sign of hope for our Marist future
100 years old: Br Alberto Castrillo Tablado
18/11/2016: General House
Global “photograph” of the Marist Mission
Module Missio of the Marist System for Data Management
18/11/2016: Philippines
Telling and listening to heart-warming stories
Temporary Professed Brothers in Active Ministry
17/11/2016: New Zealand
Marists are safe despite earthquake and tsunami
Schools have not been affected
16/11/2016: General House
Marists committed to the vocational future!
Programme of Marist Vocation Animators
16/11/2016: Kenya
Study and analysis of New Models for Africa
The Commission draws up a 6-year strategic plan to address crucial issues
15/11/2016: General House
Course “Amanecer” (Dawn or Daybreak) in Rome
The course of Spanish and Portuguese language for the Third Age has come to an end
15/11/2016: Haiti
The island is experiencing the worst humanitarian crisis since the earthquake of 2010
How is the island a month after hurricane Matthew?
13/11/2016: Spain
“Belonging to a global body”
Meeting of the Marist European Conference (CEM)
11/11/2016: Australia
Australian Marist Solidarity
Christmas campaign will help Timor Leste
11/11/2016: General House
Br Eugène Kabanguka returns to the General House after months in hospital
“I live in a big and good family,” says the Brother
10/11/2016: Brazil
One prayer at every impulse!
Brasil Centro-Sul launches videos to animate daily activities
10/11/2016: Italy
Charismatic families on their way
Religious institutes are invited to value the experiences of the laity
09/11/2016: Brazil
“Look now at the skies and count the stars”
I Interamerican Encounter of Marist Formators
08/11/2016: Spain
200 and +… On the way to a new beginning
Extended General Council of Europe
07/11/2016: General House
Universal Children’s Day - November 20
FMSI launches an initiative to call attention on the rights of infancy
06/11/2016: Honduras
Transforming dreams into realities
Marist life and mission in Honduras
04/11/2016: Brazil
A new beginning: Discipleship, mysticism and mission
Pastoral Assembly of the Marist Province of Brazil Centro-Sul
03/11/2016: Syria
Who is my neighbour?
Situation in Aleppo – 30 October
03/11/2016: United States
Staff of seven Marist schools take part in a retreat
Marist Brothers Center at Esopus gathers teachers and staff
02/11/2016: Australia
What is Marist Solidarity
Meeting of NGOs of the Marist region of Asia and the Oceania
01/11/2016: Brazil
Marist Brazil debates quality education
5th International Congress of Marist Education
31/10/2016: Chile
Showing solidarity with ‘Villa Hermano Fernando de la Fuente’
Marists evangelise a peripheral neighbourhood in Rancagua
30/10/2016: General House
November – December 2016
Calendar of the General Council and Directors of Secretariats
29/10/2016: Australia
New beginning in Oceania
New Models Project Meeting
28/10/2016: General House
Marist Vocation Animators for a New Beginning
Institute will hold an important vocational encounter for brothers and laity
27/10/2016: Thailand
Common Vision for Marist Life and Mission in Asia
Meeting about the New Models
27/10/2016: Ireland
Gratitude to those many Marist educators
The Marist schools of ‘The Emerald Isle’ celebrated Marist week
26/10/2016: General House
Martyrs of Bugobe - 31 October 1996
20th anniversary of the tragic death of the Brothers Servando, Julio, Miguel Ángel and Fernando
24/10/2016: Australia
Extended General Council in Oceania
Gathering of the General Council with the 3 Councils of the Oceania Region
24/10/2016: Thailand
District of Asia receives five new missionaries
Destination countries include Philippines, Sri Lanka and Cambodia
21/10/2016: Guatemala
Being a Brother: The biome of fraternity
4th Seminary of the Latin American and Caribbean Confederation of Religious – CLAR
20/10/2016: Rwanda
1,000 participants attend the Eucharistic celebration
Br Félix Banam makes final vows in Rwanda
20/10/2016: Haiti
The hurricane’s big destruction
The population of Haiti bears the consequences of hurricane Matthew
19/10/2016: Australia
Old Boy of Marist Brothers High School in Suva
Fijian Prime Minister visits Parramatta Marist High School
19/10/2016: Brazil
New management at PUCRS
Brother Evilázio Teixeira appoitned as new Rector
18/10/2016: General House
Living experience at Manziana
Thresholds program
17/10/2016: Brazil
Nearly 2,000 objects & 24,000 photographs in Champagnat memorial
Revitalizing work continues in Brasil Sul-Amazonia’s museum
15/10/2016: Argentina
Need to dream together
Cruz del Sur Province now includes Paraguay District
14/10/2016: General House
Marist Missionary Sisters
Former superior general, Sister Patricia Stowers, passes away
13/10/2016: Brazil
LaValla200> Project
International Community of Tabatinga
13/10/2016: Haiti
Emergency Haiti
How to help the affected population
12/10/2016: United States
FMSI visits the Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General on Violence against Children
Brother Álvaro Sepúlveda meets with Marta Santos Pais
11/10/2016: Haiti
Much destruction also in Dame-Marie
Schools could reopen within a month and a half
11/10/2016: Thailand
The vocation of a brother and the new beginning
Extended General Council of Asia in Bangkok
10/10/2016: Syria
Renowned Spanish prize awarded to the Marists of Aleppo
Blue Marists will donate their 15,000 Euros to humanitarian aid and education
09/10/2016: France
Last day of the Laity Continental Commissions Meeting
Saturday, October 8
08/10/2016: France
Fifth day of the Laity Continental Commissions Meeting
Friday, October 7
08/10/2016: France
Fourth day of the Laity Continental Commissions Meeting
Thursday, October 6
08/10/2016: Haiti
Haitians affected again
Marist mission hit by a strong hurricane
08/10/2016: Lebanon
Youth from a Lebanese Marist School volunteer with the Fratelli Project
Students vist 150 children and their families
07/10/2016: Australia
New national director for Marist Schools Australia
Frank Malloy
06/10/2016: France
3rd day of the Laity Continental Commissions Meeting
Wednesday, 5 October
06/10/2016: Greece
Spanish youth visit refugee camp
Filippiada, the home of 500 refugees
05/10/2016: France
2nd day of the Laity Continental Commissions Meeting
Tuesday, October 4
04/10/2016: Spain
160 people listen to testimonies, address the future of youth ministry
Provincial encounter of youth ministry in Lardero
04/10/2016: France
1st day of the Laity Continental Commissions Meeting
Monday, October 3
03/10/2016: General House
Preparatory Commission sends document to all Marists of Champagnat
Pre-Chapter Process
03/10/2016: France
Meeting of the Continental Commissions Meeting
50 participants discuss the new relationship between brothers and laity
01/10/2016: Ireland
Irish Marist Schools
Marist Student Leadership Training
30/09/2016: Australia
Mother of Cmi director passes away
Institute offers deepest condolences to Brother Chris Wills
29/09/2016: United States
Fraternity, Mission and Spirituality
Encounter of Canadian and American Marist Youth
28/09/2016: General House
Thresholds and Amanecer
Formation courses now taking place in Italy and in Spain
27/09/2016: General House
Revision of the Constitutions
Provinces & districts asked to answer the 1st part of the consultation
26/09/2016: France
Islamic-Christian day in Lyon
Commemoration of the martyrdom of Brother Henri Vergès
26/09/2016: New Zealand
Brother David McDonald
Pacific district superior will serve a second term
25/09/2016: Brazil
Brasil Sul-Amazônia Provine
Fraternity is theme of the retreat for brothers and laity
24/09/2016: Philippines
East Asia Province receives three new postulants
Three Filipinos discerning to become Brothers
23/09/2016: General House
Young People Explain the Marist Charism in New Video
Youth say Marist Charism is to ‘Love Jesus and Talk in the Way of Mary’
23/09/2016: France
L’Hermitage Province
Champagnat Marists of Lagny
22/09/2016: Guatemala
New communities for new times
8th Marist Provincial Assembly, América Central
21/09/2016: Syria
Revolt and Compassion
Letter from Aleppo No 27
21/09/2016: Spain
“Shall we dream…?”
II European encounter of animation teams of the Champagnat Movement
20/09/2016: General House
4th meeting of the Preparatory Commission for the 22nd General Chapter
Commission meets to complete material to help brothers & laity prepare for Chapter
20/09/2016: South Africa
Marist Lay Leader Formation
Encounter of 13 Marist lay leaders in Johannesburg
19/09/2016: Spain
Education structure in Catalonia could change by 2018
800 Marist teachers attend education conference in Gerona
16/09/2016: France
Musical “With you Marcellin”
Converting boys and girls in protagonists of their personal and social story
16/09/2016: General House
General councillor shows signs of recovery
Three months after incident, Br Eugène Kabanguka continues to improve
15/09/2016: Brazil
LaValla200> Project
The first international community is born in Brazil
14/09/2016: General House
Revision of the Constitutions
Provinces and districts reminded to send consultation by Sept. 30
14/09/2016: Sri Lanka
Dream Together for a New Beginning
Fourth Provincial Chapter of the South Asia Province
13/09/2016: Brazil
Evangelising Education
Meeting of the Subcommittee on Education of America in Brasilia
12/09/2016: Australia
Oceania Council and College of Leaders
Talks include new International Community, New Models Project
11/09/2016: Brazil
América Sur Region
Encounter of the implementation team
10/09/2016: Spain
Mediterranea Province
Retreat for Brothers and laity
09/09/2016: Malawi
Province of Southern Africa
7th Provincial Chapter
08/09/2016: United States
Brother Brian Poulin Celebrates his Final Profession
United States Province
08/09/2016: General House
A New La Valla
Convocation of the 22nd General Chapter - Letter of the Br Emili Turú
07/09/2016: General House
Meeting of the network of bursars’s offices of América Sur
Encounter of the Administrators of five Provinces
06/09/2016: Cuba
60 youth gather to learn about leadership
Young Cubans attend ‘School for Leaders’
04/09/2016: General House
September – October 2016
Calendar of the General Council and Directors of Secretariats
03/09/2016: Spain
First exercises for the Marist family
Marist Fathers, Brothers, Sisters and Laity participate in prayer exercises
02/09/2016: Netherlands
Marist Education
Launch of the new Marist Curriculum in West Central Europe
30/08/2016: Peru
Investigations of Marist documents on our origins
Diploma in Marist Spiritual Patrimony for the Peru sector
29/08/2016: General House
Kate Fogarty
New co-director of the Secretariat of the laity
28/08/2016: General House
On the way to the Hermitage
Meeting of the Continental Commissions of laity
27/08/2016: Cuba
“That Cuba opens itself to the world, that the world opens itself to Cuba”
History of the Marist presence in Cuba
26/08/2016: Guatemala
Province of Central America
Program OASIS
25/08/2016: Lebanon
The Crisis of the Refugees in Lebanon
Letter from one in charge of the Project ‘Fratelli’
24/08/2016: Spain
A Factory of Dreams
The School of A Second Opportunity is born in Malaga
23/08/2016: Brazil
Marist Union of Brazil - UMBRASIL
5th International Marist Congress on Education
22/08/2016: Colombia
Joint-formation experience
Laity and brothers gathered in Cuenca (Ecuador) and Armenia (Colombia)
21/08/2016: Spain
Together to transform education
Edelvives Group and Google
20/08/2016: General House
Focus on Fourvière
Marist Notebooks 34
19/08/2016: France
“The Fifth Gospel”
Theatre play on Brother Henri Vergès
18/08/2016: Haiti
Live Marcellin’s dream today!
Marist Postulants have an apostolic experience
17/08/2016: Rwanda
Thinking of alternatives for cooperation within the African region
Encounter of provincial administrators of Africa
16/08/2016: France
Continuing a history that has come a long way!
The fifth Chapter of the Hermitage Province, Aug. 1 – 5
15/08/2016: General House
Towards a New Beginning
FMS Mensaje 46 - Year XXX
14/08/2016: Guatemala
“Christ invites us to welcome the Father’s loving project in our life”
School for leaders 2016
13/08/2016: Papua New Guinea
District of Melanesia
Brothers’ Assembly in Port Moresby
12/08/2016: Brazil
New Life
Brasil Centro-Sul Province organises the first retreat for Brothers and laity
11/08/2016: Philippines
“Towards a new beginning, as mystics and prophets in communion”
East Asia Province holds 4th Provincial Chapter
10/08/2016: General House
New video on Marists’ work for children’s rights
Short film shows Institute’s work involving Child Protection
09/08/2016: Brazil
Representatives of América Sur gather in Brasilia
América Sur region establishes a communication plan
08/08/2016: Brazil
Provincial encounter of MChFM
Brasil Centro-Sul Province
06/08/2016: Mexico
Province México Occidental
Second session of the 18th Provincial Chapter
05/08/2016: General House
Marist Foundation for International Solidarity
FMSI’s new board begins its new journey
04/08/2016: United States
We are one Marist Family!
USA Province Celebrating Good Times and a New Beginning!
03/08/2016: Cambodia
Spirit of sorority
Marist District of Asia Chapter
02/08/2016: Colombia
Vocational ministry: commitment of the Marists of Champagnat
Third Formation Experience jointly for Brothers and lay Marists
02/08/2016: Rwanda
United in a common mission
Second session of the provincial chapter of the East Central Africa Province
01/08/2016: United States
Institutions of Higher Education
VII Assembly of the Marist International Network of Institutions of Higher Education
29/07/2016: Australia
Mount Druitt Community
27/07/2016: General House
General Council appoints new directors for the Secretariat of Mission
General administration to receive new Secretariat of Mission
26/07/2016: France
1,000 gather for 200th anniversary of Fourvière Promise
Basilica of Fourvière Mass included over 400 Marist youths
25/07/2016: Colombia
New Models of Animation, Government and Management
Team meeting implementation of the Arco Norte region
23/07/2016: France
International Gathering of Marist Youth
Chronicle DARE TO DREAM – Friday July 22
23/07/2016: France
International Gathering of Marist Youth
Chronical DARE TO DREAM – Thursday, July 21
22/07/2016: General House
Br Eugène Kabanguka
Process of rehabilitation
22/07/2016: France
International Gathering of Marist Youth
Dare to Dream chronicle – Wednesday, 20 July 2016
21/07/2016: France
International Meeting of Young Marists
Tuesday, July 19 – Drink at the source
20/07/2016: France
Dare to Dream – International Meeting of Marist Youth
EIJM – Report of July 18
20/07/2016: General House
General Administration
Appointments of the General Council
18/07/2016: General House
23 July 1816
Foundation of the Society of Mary
16/07/2016: Guatemala
Arco Norte
Course for accompaniators of vocational processes
15/07/2016: France
International Marist Youth Encounter begins this Sunday
Volunteers arrived early to Lyon to prepare ‘Dare to Dream’
14/07/2016: Argentina
Cruz del Sur Province
Second session of Fifth Provincial Chapter
13/07/2016: Italy
New website for Vatican document on Brother’s Identity
Tutti Fratelli group launches resources for further reflection
12/07/2016: Argentina
FMSI Cono Sur
Put an end to violence against children
11/07/2016: Bangladesh
Moulovibazar Project
Marist publishers offer scholarships for tea garden children
10/07/2016: Ghana
Internacional Novitiate
First religious profession in Kumasi
08/07/2016: Pakistan
Newness in “Gathered around the Same Table”
Conference at Marist School of Sargodha
07/07/2016: General House
International Communities for a New Beginning
Marists sent in mission by the Superior General
06/07/2016: Sri Lanka
Workshops held in Asia as part of the ‘Mission Sustainability Project’
Sustainability workshops give tools to help Province’s sustainability of the Marist Mission
05/07/2016: General House
Institute’s New Postulator General
Brother Antonio Martínez Estaún
04/07/2016: Syria
War invades us…
Letter from Alep Nº 26 (June 27, 2016)
02/07/2016: France
Commissioning and Pledge at Fourvière on June 28 and 29
01/07/2016: General House
General House welcomes refugees
Three immigrants from Ivory Coast arrive to General House
29/06/2016: General House
On the way to the XXII General Chapter
Integration days of the General Council and of the Secretariats
28/06/2016: Italy
Lavalla 200>
Chronicle of the sixth and seventh weeks of formation in Camaldoli (June 13 - 25)
27/06/2016: General House
Session of the International Commission of Marist Spiritual Patrimony
Commission meeting with the Secretariat Brothers Today
25/06/2016: Canada
Canadian Bishop credits Marists for his vocation
New bishop of Montreal acknowledges the Marist Brothers for his faith
24/06/2016: Haiti
Marist Noviciate of Jérémie
First profession of three brothers
23/06/2016: General House
We remain in communion with Brother Eugène
General councillor Brother Eugène Kabanguka
23/06/2016: General House
From Marlhes to the world (1789-1907)
Publication of the Institute’s History
22/06/2016: General House
New Models of Animation, Government and Management
Project Team meets with representatives of Regions
21/06/2016: Brazil
Brasil Sul-Amazônia Province
Perpetual Profession of Brothers Roger Perius and Ricardo Fermo
21/06/2016: General House
New Commission members officially take up office
The International Commission of Brothers Today meets to discuss upcoming activities
20/06/2016: Italy
Lavalla 200> A heart without frontiers
Chronicle of the fifth week of formation in Camaldoli (June 6 - 12)
20/06/2016: Syria
Syrian children hope to play despite bombs
Marist Brothers build children’s playground in Aleppo
18/06/2016: Kenya
“I am a lay Marist”
Secretariat of the Laity visits the East Central Africa Province
17/06/2016: General House
First draft and consultation form of the revision of the Constitutions
Provinces and districts to send consultation by September
17/06/2016: General House
Cerebrovascular accident (CVA)
General councillor Brother Eugène Kabanguka
16/06/2016: Guatemala
The Provincials of Arco Norte invite to face new challenges
Open Letter of the Provincials of Arco Norte: Advancing on the journey
15/06/2016: Spain
Journeying the Marist way
Provincial Gathering – West Central Europe
14/06/2016: Fiji
Four teachers to join Marist school for children with learning disabilities
Marist Champagnat Institute
13/06/2016: General House
Fourvière: the revolution of tenderness
Letter of the Superior General
13/06/2016: France
Attention to partnerships
International Assembly of Marist Publishers
10/06/2016: United States
Marist Youth Gathering 2016: Let Me Dream
Weekend with 15 Marist schools of the US, Canada and Mexico
10/06/2016: Italy
International Communities for a New Beginning
Chronicle of the 4th week in San Martino a Monte - From May 30 to June 5, 2016
09/06/2016: Fiji
Marcellin celebrated in the Pacific
Bicentenary of the Marist Brothers was also launched in Suva
08/06/2016: Brazil
Marists of Champagnat in the Shrine of Aparecida
Renewing the Promise of Fourvière at the National Shrine of Aparecida
08/06/2016: General House
Horizons programme - Brothers aged 35 – 45
Seven-week programme focuses on Marist vocation at midlife
07/06/2016: South Africa
Seeing new visions, dreaming new dreams
Marist Leaders of South African schools meet
06/06/2016: Portugal
Marist Europe grows as a Region
Encounter of the Marist European Conference
04/06/2016: Argentina
América Sur Region
Project for a new interprovincial novitiate
03/06/2016: General House
LaValla200> Life together
Chronicle of the 3rd week in San Martino a Monte - From May 22 to May 29, 2016
02/06/2016: Philippines
Asian Marist Conference
Meeting of the Commission of Mission of Asia
01/06/2016: General House
June – August 2016
Calendar of the General Council and Directors of Secretariats
31/05/2016: General House
Mercy, the foundation of life and mission
Message for the feast of St Marcellin Champagnat
31/05/2016: Philippines
East Asia Province
11th Marist Mission Congress
30/05/2016: General House
Marist Evangelization in America
Encounter and Dialogue of the Interamerican Subcommittee of Evangelization
28/05/2016: Mexico
American Encounter of Synergy
Continental Commissions and Permanent Council of the CIAP
27/05/2016: Italy
La Valla 200>
New keys on the project 'international communities for a new beginning'
26/05/2016: Guatemala
Living committed to the future
Fourth Provincial Encounter of School Counsellors
25/05/2016: Philippines
I have loved you and you are mine
First professions in Tamontaka
24/05/2016: Colombia
Radically following Marcellin Champagnat
Perpetual profession of Brother Juan Pablo Gaviria Chindoy
24/05/2016: Ireland
Province of West Central Europe
Marist Student leadership Programme has been launched!
23/05/2016: Mexico
México Central Province
Provincial Assembly of Young Marists
22/05/2016: Spain
Number of participants of annual Marist walk ‘exceeds expectations’
3,000 gather for Marist pilgrimage on the top of Montserrat mountain
22/05/2016: Brazil
Co-nourishers of the Charism: Marist laity
Article on the lay experience of the Marist charism
21/05/2016: Philippines
East Asia Province
New novices in the Immaculate Conception novitiate in Cotabato
20/05/2016: Italy
La Valla 200>
First week of the formation program in Camaldoli
19/05/2016: General House
20th May 1789 - Rosey
20 May - Birthday of Saint Marcellin Champagnat
19/05/2016: Argentina
Video message for the Champagnat Movement of the Marist Family
Nearly 60 participants of 13 fraternities gather in Cruz del Sur
17/05/2016: Chile
New Marist region América Sur
First meeting of implementation of the new region
17/05/2016: Sri Lanka
Young Vine and Branches Growing into the Light
Seven new novices in Tudella
15/05/2016: Canada
Being a Marist Today
Provincial Assembly of Canada
13/05/2016: Thailand
Marist Asia Conference
5th Annual General Meeting of the Asia Region
12/05/2016: Paraguay
Cruz del Sur, Santa María de los Andes and Paraguay
Fourth Encounter of perpetual Brothers under the age of 57
11/05/2016: France
The Promise and Commitment
Marist weekend in Notre Dame de l’Hermitage
10/05/2016: General House
Dare to Dream: International Marist Youth Meeting
Online preparation for youth to celebrate Fourvière promise
09/05/2016: General House
‘Beyond Fourvière… Reflections from Young Marists’
Book released by young members of the Marist Family’s four branches
06/05/2016: General House
Martyr in Algiers
May 8, 2016, 22nd anniversary of the death of Brother Henri Vergès
06/05/2016: Spain
Second celebration of Lay Linking to the Marist Charism
Ibérica Province
05/05/2016: Brazil
Pastoral coordinators reflect on priorities for the triennium and on the Fourvière Year
Priorities of the Brasil Centro-Norte Province
03/05/2016: General House
Lavalla200> Formation Programme begins in Rome
Formation begins for international communities
03/05/2016: Nigeria
Lay woman of the Philippines leads workshop for Brothers and Laity in Africa
Brothers and laity ‘in search of greater vitality’ for the mission in Nigeria
02/05/2016: South Africa
Sixty-five brothers and laity gather to discuss leadership in Africa
Second Encounter of the New Horizons Formation Programme of Leadership
29/04/2016: General House
New images promote Vatican document on the identity of the brother
The Secretariat Brothers Today and the Tutti Fratelli group design new resources
28/04/2016: Vatican
Vatican could open cause of future Marist saint within days
Marists request Vatican to investigate Basilio Rueda’s cause for sainthood
27/04/2016: France
Laity and brothers receive joint formation in Hermitage
Participants finish formation programme 'with great satisfaction’
26/04/2016: Brazil
Marist Youth Laity is born in the Brasil Centro-Sul Province
Over 70 youth meet in Curitiba to reflect and commit to a Marist proposal
23/04/2016: Italy
Sharing Marist Life
Encounter of Laity and brothers of Italy
22/04/2016: United States
Coming to Understand our Role as Marists
Marist Educators and Camp Councilors come together
21/04/2016: General House
Member of the Vatican’s Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors encourages Marists
Nearly 70 participants gather at Marist child protection conference
20/04/2016: Philippines
Vitality of Marist Life in Asia Region
Meeting of the Laity Commission
19/04/2016: Germany
A tandem journey into the future
Provincial Chapter of West Central Europe
18/04/2016: Ecuador
Earthquake hits north coast of Ecuador
Over 570 deaths and 4,000 injured
17/04/2016: Colombia
Statue of Our Lady of Fourvière travelling from Ecuador to Colombia
Norandina Celebrates the Fourvière Year with Our Lady
16/04/2016: Peru
Evangelising through education
School directors of the Americas gather for third encounter
15/04/2016: Greece
‘Greek brothers and laity feel immense joy’ because of the Pope’s visit
Pope’s visit is an ecumenical message of unity, says Greek Marist
15/04/2016: Vatican
Jubilee Year of Mercy
Pilgrimage of New Provincials and General Council to the Holy Door of St. Peter's Basilica
14/04/2016: Spain
Promotion and defense of children’s rights and dignity
Marists of Catalonia form a team of care for victims of sexual abuse
13/04/2016: Rwanda
Africa Central-East
The Workshop of Young Brothers Preparing for Final Vows
13/04/2016: General House
New Provincials meet with general administration
Participants gather with members of the general council
12/04/2016: Sri Lanka
International Novitiate of Tudella
Marist Brothers make their first profession of vows
12/04/2016: General House
Superior General expresses gratitude in a Spanish Magazine
'Vida Religiosa' publishes Br Emili's thank you list
11/04/2016: Germany
Together we go further
Meeting of the European Lay Commission in Freising
09/04/2016: Philippines
What is the Marist Asia Pacific Center?
Interview with the rector of MAPAC, Br Peter Rodney
08/04/2016: Greece
Ecumenical Life in Athens
Affiliation of M. Nicolas Dessypris to the Institute of Marist Brothers
08/04/2016: General House
Three Superiors nominated for another term
West Central Europe and East Asia Provinces, as well as Asia District leaders re-nominated
07/04/2016: Brazil
Assembly establishes new region’s governance and finance model
New region of ‘América Sur’ officially inaugurated
06/04/2016: General House
First of a kind encounter for leaders comes to an end
20 Brothers and Lay gather for final week of formation
05/04/2016: Venezuela
Fourvière Experience
Joint formation with a missionary colour
05/04/2016: Australia
Improving the mission in the Institute
Meeting of the International Mission Commission
04/04/2016: United States
Growing in identity as Marist Educators
Meeting of faculty and staff members of the Marist Schools
03/04/2016: Australia
Supporting the vitality and growth of Marist Life in Oceania
Meeting of the Oceania Council and College of leaders
02/04/2016: Germany
Brother passes down Arquebuse de l’Hermitage secret recipe
Former Marist student appointed as new distiller in Bavaria
01/04/2016: General House
April – May 2016
Calendar of the General Council and Directors of Secretariats
31/03/2016: General House
La Valla 200>
International Communities for a New Beginning
30/03/2016: Spain
New provincial takes up office, new council elected
The province of Compostela celebrates its fifth chapter
29/03/2016: Spain
‘Coffee talks’ on Marist life held in schools in Oviedo and Valencia
The University of Salamanca’s Institute of Marist Studies
28/03/2016: General House
Community Animators participate in 2 month Formation Programme
17 Spanish and Portuguese speaking brothers in El Escorial
25/03/2016: General House
Keeping Children and Young People Safe
70 People to Gather for Conference on Child Protection in April
24/03/2016: Vanuatu
Marist presence grows in Melanesia
Perpetual profession of Br Elie Sangul
22/03/2016: General House
New Models Project
Implementation of Mission Organization
21/03/2016: Spain
Authority in the service of communion and mission
CONFER publishes full speech of Superior General
21/03/2016: General House
Being a brother today: a story of grace
10 Congregations of ‘Tutti Fratelli’ gather to discuss Vatican document
19/03/2016: Brazil
Communication and mission
New website of the Brasil Centro-Sul Marist Province
18/03/2016: Syria
What is that Hope that you proclaim?
Blue Marists - Letter from Aleppo 25
17/03/2016: General House
Community animators gather to learn from each other’s experiences
Brothers meet in Manziana and El Escorial for two months
16/03/2016: Italy
Superior speaks with Pope Francis just days earlier
Marist Missionary Sisters hold 10th General Chapter
16/03/2016: Kenya
Sustainability of the Mission in Africa
Workshops aim to help Africa move towards self-sustenance
15/03/2016: Nigeria
48 Brothers from 13 communities gather in Orlu
Nigeria Province celebrates end of Year of Consecrated Life
14/03/2016: Ecuador
Encouraging co-responsibility
The last two days of the Extended General Council in Arco Norte
14/03/2016: General House
Marist Religious Leadership Teams, Rome
Marist Response to Laudato Si
13/03/2016: General House
General Administration
News of the week
12/03/2016: Ecuador
Meeting of the Extended General Council
Account of the lived experience during March 9, 2016
11/03/2016: Spain
‘Syria, Life in Hell’
Spanish programme will reveal Marist work in Lebanon this Sunday, 11:30am
11/03/2016: General House
Preparing the XXII General Chapter
Second encounter of the Preparatory Commission
10/03/2016: Ecuador
“Being Brothers Today: a story of grace”
Opening of the Extended General Council with Arco Norte in Quito
09/03/2016: Brazil
Brazil and Cono Sur (América Sur)
Chronicle of the last two days of the Extended General Council
09/03/2016: South Africa
Southern Africa’s new provincial: Brother Norbert Mwila
‘I hope to share my knowledge, understanding, experience of life as a formator’
08/03/2016: Australia
Growth and formation of Marists in Oceania
Oceania Partnership Commission Meeting
07/03/2016: Bolivia
Champagnat Movement of the Marist Family
Encounter of Animators of MChFM
07/03/2016: East Timor
East Timor focuses on improving education
46 new graduates from the only teaching college
05/03/2016: General House
General Administration
News of the week
04/03/2016: Brazil
Brazil and Cono Sur
Chronicles of the second and third days of the Extended General Council
04/03/2016: General House
A bifocal gaze
Meeting of the Secretariat of the Laity
02/03/2016: Brazil
Being a bridge towards a new beginning
Extended General Council for the Region of Brazil and Cono Sur
02/03/2016: Scotland
Film to be made about Irish Marist Brother
Founder of Glasgow Celtic Football Club will hit the screens
01/03/2016: General House
We’ve prepared a varied programme and we hope it’s very appealing
Preparations continue for International Gathering of Marist Youth in Lyon
29/02/2016: Brazil
Marist Union of Brasil
The ordinary assembly elects new posts
27/02/2016: Brazil
Ministry in a parish
La Valla Fraternity of MChFM of Florianópolis, Santa Catarina
26/02/2016: General House
General Administration
News of the week
26/02/2016: Lebanon
Fratelli Project Council meets to finalise groundwork
Preparations finish for two socio-educative projects for displaced children in Lebanon
25/02/2016: Brazil
Br João Paulo Aranhaga Vargas
Perpetual profession in Tabatinga
24/02/2016: Philippines
Eight Brothers discuss formation programmes
East Asia Province holds Annual Formators’ Forum to stay updated
23/02/2016: Kenya
Collaboration between administrative units for mission in Africa
The African Mission Commission meets with CSAC for first time
23/02/2016: General House
Revision of the Constitutions
Communication from Marist International Commission for the Revision of the Constitutions
22/02/2016: Fiji
Brothers confirm they are safe after Cyclone
Category 5 cyclone hits the Pacific District
21/02/2016: Guatemala
‘It’s an oasis to continue serving joyfully’
Provincial Encounter of Community Animators 2016
20/02/2016: General House
General Administration
News of the week
19/02/2016: Greece
350 lay Marists reflect with the Brothers
The current evangelising mission of the Marist Institution
18/02/2016: General House
Teachers gather to promote innovative Marist educational style
Encounter of Marist Educators in Cruz del Sur
17/02/2016: Spain
Compostela receives new Provincial
Brother Tomás Briongos Rica
16/02/2016: Kenya
Paths of Marist life in Africa
Yearly assembly of the CSAC
16/02/2016: General House
The Memorare in the Snow
February 1823
15/02/2016: General House
Commission hopes to finish first draft of revision by end of February
International Commission for the Revision of the Constitutions meet in Rome
14/02/2016: Colombia
Medellín group “Mother of the bare feet”
Official entrance to the interprovincial novitiate “La Valla”
12/02/2016: General House
Brothers Today looks at Colloquium results and prepares future work
Encounter of International Commission of Brothers Today
11/02/2016: Argentina
Brothers for our times
Brothers Today Interamerican Subcommission
10/02/2016: Cambodia
Communities should ‘favour life and support formators’
Formators of district of Asia meet in Phnom Penh
09/02/2016: Brazil
Marist Solidarity Mission
Education for solidarity
09/02/2016: General House
Secretariat of Mission receives new staff
New Liaison for Secretariat of Mission’s projects
08/02/2016: Sri Lanka
South Asia receives new Provincial
Brother Mervyn Perera to begin term in August
05/02/2016: Spain
Champagnat Movement of the Marist Family
Fraternities Champagnat, Rosey and Saint Fermin Fraternity
04/02/2016: General House
“We are present where people have open wounds”
Br Emili participates in a panel on Consecrated Life
03/02/2016: General House
Children in Latin America
FMSI Cono Sur
01/02/2016: Vatican
Marists join 5,000 for closure of Year of Consecrated Life
Brothers attend seminars on consecrated life and an audience with Pope Francis
01/02/2016: Madagascar
Fourvière Year
Encounter of the branches of the Marist family
30/01/2016: Peru
Preparing the III Continental Encounter of Marista Education
The Americas will further elaborate plan for evangelizing education in April
29/01/2016: Brazil
Debate on vocational ministry
Third vocational Marist school
28/01/2016: Argentina
Raising awareness for the need of child protection
Brothers of Cruz del Sur look at the effects of abuse on victims
27/01/2016: General House
Marist International Solidarity Foundation
FMSI thanks its donors
26/01/2016: Mexico
Arco Norte commission meets in Guadalajara
Work tool for March meeting in Quito on its way
25/01/2016: General House
Traveling in religious life
Published book reveals conversation with Br Emili Turú
24/01/2016: General House
The Institute Celebrates Superior’s Birthday
Superior General turns 61
22/01/2016: Philippines
East Asia holds Second Province Assembly
65 Brothers and Laity gather from across Asia
21/01/2016: France
New Provincial of L’Hermitage due to start in August
Brother Pere Ferré reflects on the paths of the Province
20/01/2016: Mexico
Brother Basilio Rueda on his way to Sainthood
Diocesan process ends and his canonization cause is passed to the Vatican
20/01/2016: New Zealand
Alternative education centre
Champagnat Marist Community of Kaikohe – Northland
19/01/2016: General House
January - March 2016
Calendar of the General Council and Directors of Secretariats
18/01/2016: Italy
Year Fourvière
Annual Meeting of the General Councils of the Marist Family
16/01/2016: Brazil
Champagnat Movement of the Marist Family
Fraternity Nossa Senhora da Assunção – Fortaleza
15/01/2016: Peru
Province Santa María de los Andes
Lay men and women go into the deepening stage
14/01/2016: Australia
Superior General: ‘If not you, who? If not now, when?’
Brothers gather in Australia to discuss Oceania Region challenges
13/01/2016: Spain
5th Provincial Chapter of Mediterránea
12/01/2016: Kenya
Gathered as a Family around Our Lady of Fourvière
The Chapter of the Province Africa Centre East
11/01/2016: Spain
“Passionate for the mission”
Ibérica province holds its fifth chapter
09/01/2016: Bolivia
Two Brothers make religious professions on Institute’s 199 anniversary
Santa María de los Andes Province receives first and final vows
08/01/2016: Brazil
10 representatives of different sectors contribute
Laity in the First Provincial Chapter of Brasil Sul-Amazônia
08/01/2016: Rwanda
Province of East Central Africa
Workshop for administrators from communities and schools
05/01/2016: General House
Two new bulletins on the New Models Project
International Assembly and roadmap for a new dawn of the Marist mission
04/01/2016: Mexico
To Bloom anticipating Spring
Provincial Chapter of Western Mexico
02/01/2016: General House
New Video explains four branches of the Marist Family
The Family will celebrate the 200th anniversary of the Fourvière Pledge in July

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