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23 January

Saint Margaret
1939, Marist foundation in Kutama (Zimbabwe) and Marist foundation in Phnom Penh (Cambodia)

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30/12/2019: General House
Human Rights
The Institute continues its work at the United Nations
27/12/2019: Brazil
Youth groups living the Marist charism
First gathering of the Farol Movement based around the sharing of life stories
21/12/2019: Fiji
Journeying Together in Mission
3rd Chapter of the District of the Pacific
20/12/2019: Germany
To convey Marist values to our students
Meeting of the German Marist Coordinators in Recklinghausen
18/12/2019: Kenya
Africa-Asia Sustainability Project Leaders Meeting in Nairobi
‘If you cannot manage properly what you have, what is the purpose of having something else’
16/12/2019: Spain
Build and work as a Marist Family
Meeting of the committee for the creation of a Global Network of Marist Schools
14/12/2019: El Salvador
The story continues
First Lay Assembly in the Province of Central America
13/12/2019: Italy
First Anniversary of the Beatification in Oran
Diocese of Rome remembers the martyrs of Algeria
12/12/2019: Philippines
The beginning of the Marist life
10 Marist Postulants arrive to MAPAC
10/12/2019: General House
When the Spirit Sings, the Dance of Mission begins. Join in?
International Communities for a New Beginning
09/12/2019: Cambodia
Building bridges in Takhmao
Opening of the Lavalla Village
07/12/2019: Spain
Community Leaders, Bridge Builders
Formation Program for Community Leaders in Europe
06/12/2019: Spain
“A New Horizon for my Neighbourhood”
Marist social projects celebrate 25 years of work among the poor of Huelva
05/12/2019: Chile
Marist Life in Chile
Faced with a Crisis, Marist Schools Respond
04/12/2019: General House
Coordinators of Province Volunteering
International Network created to promote the Marist Volunteers
03/12/2019: Spain
Looking back the path followed in Marist Zambia
50th anniversary of the Castilla mission in Africa
02/12/2019: Peru
Helping the new “Montagnes” of Fr. Champagnat
Marists promote the construction of schools in the outer suburbs
01/12/2019: Brazil
South America Region
The Regional Communication team met in Puerto Alegre
30/11/2019: Spain
Someone Like You (Alguien Como Tú)
A movie that will help Marists in Spain to promote vocations
29/11/2019: Chile
We share a common dream, that of Marcelin
Encounter Brothers and Laity
27/11/2019: Brazil
Province of Brazil Centro-Norte
Province Policy on Child Protection
26/11/2019: Philippines
Call to form homes that are a beacon of hope in this turbulent world
Asia-Oceania Inter-Region Community Leaders Formation Program
25/11/2019: General House
Appointments of the General Council
Brothers and laity at the service of the Marist charism
24/11/2019: East Timor
Instituto Católico para a Formação de Professores
Saint Marcellin Champagnat in Baucau
23/11/2019: Canada
« Commitment, Fraternity and Life »
Province of Canada Assembly
22/11/2019: General House
United as a Global Charismatic Family
First Gathering of Province Volunteer Coordinators
22/11/2019: Spain
General Design of Marist Formation
Assembly of the Representatives of the Marist Provinces with presence in Spain
21/11/2019: General House
Universal Periodic Review of Bolivia
Marists participate in recommendations on rights addressed to the Bolivian government
21/11/2019: Thailand
Marist District of Asia
Meeting of commission of Marist life and mission
21/11/2019: Syria
The true «peace spring»
Letter from Aleppo No 37
19/11/2019: General House
Project «Stand Up, Speak Up & Act»
Marist Celebration of the 30th Anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child
19/11/2019: El Salvador
Memory and reflection looking to the future
XIV Meeting of Marist Fraternities
18/11/2019: Brazil
The Gaudete Project forms another group of Marist leaders
Brazil Centro-Sul province
18/11/2019: Canada
Marist House of Iberville
Lay Marists Spread Marcellin’s Charism Among Young Adults
16/11/2019: Argentina
A Spirituality with an identity
V Meeting of the Network of Centers of Marist Memory of the Region South America
15/11/2019: Argentina
Province of Cruz del Sur (Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina)
A Marist spirituality project takes its first steps
15/11/2019: General House
Amanecer 2019
The Program of Formation for elderly Brothers ends
14/11/2019: Canada
Working for life
Marists from Canada meet in assembly
14/11/2019: Australia
Commitment to the Environment
“Laudato Si” committee meets to promote the care of our Common Home
14/11/2019: Spain
Marist Europe more united and coordinated
Assembly of Provincial Councils in Valladolid
13/11/2019: Australia
Marist live and mission in Oceania
Oceania Council and College of Leaders Meetings in Brisbane
13/11/2019: Spain
The importance of communication in schools
XVI Marist Educator's Day
12/11/2019: United States
Growing as Arco Norte Region
Regional Assembly of the Provincial Councils
12/11/2019: General House
A blessed time of Sabbath rest
The 2019 English speaking Third Age Course
11/11/2019: Malawi
Responding boldly to the emerging needs
Provincial Chapter of the Province of Southern Africa
10/11/2019: France
Life entirely given as a “prophet of brotherhood”
Commemoration of Br. Henri Vergès, at Matemale
09/11/2019: Italy
International Lavalla200> community of Syracuse
Marist community and the local public administration team up to promote the formation of immigrants
08/11/2019: Brazil
Marist Union of Brazil
The three Provinces of the Country present the activities carried out in 2018
08/11/2019: General House
Brothers Angel Medina Bermúdez and Lindley Halago Sionosa
Appointed New Directors of the Brothers Today Secretariat
07/11/2019: Spain
Enriching Marist internationality
Second week of formation for European leaders
06/11/2019: South Africa
A beacon of hope in Atlantis
Lavalla200> Community Atlantis does activities with women who have experienced domestic violence and their kids
05/11/2019: Mexico
Marist Ministries Rebound from the Ruins
After the earthquake, the Province of Central Mexico describes the reconstruction
05/11/2019: Italy
Boys and girls in the Center of Protection
Presentation of the Book of the Marists, in the Embassy of Spain before the Holy See, on the Protection of Children
04/11/2019: Canada
Responsibility, Transparency and Trust
Meeting of Provincial Bursars from the Arco Norte Region
02/11/2019: General House
Calendar of the General Council and directors of the Secretariats and departments
November - Dicember 2019
01/11/2019: Philippines
Marist Youths in Mission
250 Marist delegates gathered at the national convention
31/10/2019: Guatemala
Being a Christian through Marist life
Oasis in Guatemala
30/10/2019: Vatican
Connection - Optimism - Hope
Brother Joao Gutemburg shares his impressions on the Synod for Amazonia
30/10/2019: Ghana
Marist International Kumasi Novitiate
37 novices in formation to become Marist Brothers
29/10/2019: Portugal
Province of Compostela
Perpetual Profession of Brother Fábio Oliveria
28/10/2019: Brazil
Brasil Sul-Amazônia
Brother José Bittencourt made his perpetual profession
28/10/2019: Greece
« Now … it’s your turn ! »
Marcellin Champagnat Day in Athens
26/10/2019: Nigeria
Ensuring team spirit
The provincial of Nigeria met with the members of the of Marist Schools Management Board
25/10/2019: Argentina
South America Region
Representatives of Provincial Economes Meet in Buenos Aires
25/10/2019: Philippines
A Joint Formation Experience in East Asia
Discovering, dreaming, designing and charting destiny for a revitalized marist life
24/10/2019: Spain
Champagnat College, Guadalajara
Marist College recognised as a reference centre for bilingual teaching
23/10/2019: Spain
Marist Province of Compostela
Community Experience in León
23/10/2019: United States
Marist Youth USA
Young Marists gathered in Esopus
22/10/2019: El Salvador
Putting our faith in the youth
Meeting of Brothers and Laity
22/10/2019: General House
Unions of Men and Women Superiors General (UISG and USG)
8th Seminar on the Formation of Educators
21/10/2019: General House
Communities for a new beginning
Appointments and conclusion of 2019 preparation program
20/10/2019: Philippines
Itineraries for vocations, commitments and joint formation
Meeting of the Enlarged Bureau of the Laity
19/10/2019: Colombia
Continuing and renewing the formation of formators
Meeting of formators of Arco Norte
18/10/2019: South Africa
Provide a great celebration in Christ
Atlantis Community Lavalla200> at the Taizé pilgrimage of trust
18/10/2019: France
Regional Meeting of the Champagnat Movement of the Marist Family
Representatives from six CMMF fraternities meet at La Neylière
17/10/2019: Vatican
Signs of Resistance, Hope and Prophecy
Joaquim Alberto Andrade Silva recounts his experience at the Synod of the Pan-Amazonian Region
17/10/2019: General House
Manu Gómez Cid
New Co-Director of the Secretariat for the Laity
16/10/2019: Chile
Santa Maria de los Andes, Extended Provincial Council
The three sectors of the province meet to deepen existing and generate new links
16/10/2019: Italy
Living together as brothers
The last day of the intercongregational experience "Tutti Fratelli” 2019
15/10/2019: Bolivia
Champagnat Regional Novitiate of Cochabamba
The Brothers distributed food to fire-fighters who came to put out the fire in Tunari Park
15/10/2019: Cambodia
A school that Marcellin Champagnat would be proud of
Around 100 students receive education and medical care at LaValla School
14/10/2019: Spain
Young people... now!
Ist Ibérica Youth Assembly
14/10/2019: Guatemala
Innovation in mission, education and evangelisation
Meeting of the members of the Arco Norte Regional Committee
11/10/2019: Venezuela
The Santa Catalina School
Pastoral Work in the Orinoco Delta, Amazonas State
11/10/2019: Nigeria
Three Brothers from the dioceses of Ogoja, Nsukka and Orlu
Perpetual profession in the Province of Nigeria
10/10/2019: Ecuador
Abya Yala Fisco-Misional Abya Yala Multilingual School
The Marist-Carmelite Community of Sucumbios promotes indigenous intercultural education in the Amazon Region
10/10/2019: Mexico
Marist Spirituality and Charism
The Fraternities of Mexico have celebrated the XXV National Meeting of the MCFM
09/10/2019: Peru
From the heart of Champagnat to the heart of Datem
Project of the Marcellin Champagnat University in favour of the peoples of Amazonia
09/10/2019: General House
The Cause of Brother Basilio advances step by step
09/10/2019: Madagascar
Missionaries of Joy
Five Brothers from the Madagascar province renew their temporary vows during the annual retreat
07/10/2019: General House
Wherever you go: Rule of Life of the Marist Brothers
We live out our consecration, brotherhood and mission, founded on a life-integrating spirituality
06/10/2019: Brazil
An Integral ecological conscience
Marists in Panamazonia and in the context of the Synod
04/10/2019: Colombia
Marist Solidarity
Lay Marists Inspired by Brother Eduardo Botero Arango
03/10/2019: Paraguay
Marist Youth, beacons of hope
70 young people from Marist Centres on the move
02/10/2019: Brazil
New Paths for the Church and for an Integral Ecology
Br. Joao Gutemberg participates in the Synod of Bishops on the Amazon
01/10/2019: General House
What are we doing to share in the care of creation?
Anticipating the Synod for Pan-Amazon
01/10/2019: Paraguay
Strengthening formation and planning of the IV Regional Assembly
Meeting of the Committee and Regional Council of South America
30/09/2019: General House
Open to the Light
Brothers over 70 participate in the
30/09/2019: Brazil
Province of Brasil Sul-Amazônia
Brothers and lay people participate in a joint retreat
29/09/2019: Brazil
Reflecting on the past, building the present and dreaming of the future
More than 1,300 young people take part in the Marist Youth Meeting (EJM) 2019
28/09/2019: Argentina
"Being beacons that illuminate life"
Provincial Meeting of Fraternities
27/09/2019: Germany
Initiatives and vision for the future
Meeting of the European Council of the Marist Mission
26/09/2019: General House
New Paths for the Church and for an Integral Ecology
Two Marists at the Synod of Bishops for the Pan-Amazonian Region 6 - 27 October
25/09/2019: Kenya
Marist International Centre, Nairobi
Post-novitiate formation for Africa and Madagascar
24/09/2019: General House

Final text of the Rule of Life submitted for approval to the Superior General
23/09/2019: Philippines
Postulants of the District of Asia and the Province of Australia
8 postulants from Vietnam and India entered the Davao pre-novitiate
22/09/2019: Greece
New school year in Athens
Three government ministers were present at the beginning of the Lycée Léonin school year
21/09/2019: Singapore
Travelling together as a global family
A camp established to create links between Marist schools in the Region of East Asia
20/09/2019: Italy
Tutti Fratelli 2019
Intercongregational program for Community Animators
19/09/2019: Italy
On the Roads of San Francisco
Pilgrimage of the participants of the formation programme "Horizons"
18/09/2019: Peru
Region of South America
Meeting of the Network of Schools strengthens the development of regional projects
18/09/2019: South Africa
A Place of Mercy and Hope
Infant and Child Care Center in Addo
17/09/2019: Mexico
Promotion of the fame of sanctity of the ex.Superior General of the Institute
Closing of the Diocesan Process of the Cause of Brother Basilio Rueda
17/09/2019: General House
Creating synergies to encourage the global family
Collaborative week of the General Council with the directors of the Secretariats and Departments
16/09/2019: Madagascar
FMSI and Caritas Italy
News desks for 280 students at the Marist school in Antananarivo
14/09/2019: Brazil
Strengthening Marist Volunteering
Br. Valdicer Fachi, director of CMI, visits Marist institutions in Brazil
13/09/2019: Brazil
A century of life and love for his neighbour
100 years of Brother Alfredo Moretti
12/09/2019: Mexico
Enriching the Teaching of Interiority
Interiority Workshops in the Province of México Occidental
12/09/2019: Brazil
Province of Brazil Sul-Amazônia
Provincial Meeting of the Champagnat Movement of the Marist Family
11/09/2019: Spain
Putting children and young people first
800 teachers celebrate the Marist Educator Days in Compostela
11/09/2019: Italy
Journing together as a Global Family
Formation Program for candidates to the international communities
10/09/2019: Brazil
America Sur Region
The regional communications team prepares for the September Committee meeting
10/09/2019: Cameroon
Challenges for the Marist mission
The political situation affects Marist schools in English-speaking regions
09/09/2019: El Salvador
Province of Central America
Meeting of Brothers under 55 years of age
09/09/2019: Brazil
Vocation Promotion in the America Sur Region
Session of theoretical and practical training on vocational culture
07/09/2019: Philippines
Young Brothers among excluded people
Eleven Marist Brothers from MAPAC Lived Three Days of Immersion Experiences
06/09/2019: Mozambique
Interreligious Encounter with Youth
13 advices from Pope Francis to young people
05/09/2019: South Africa
Days of prayer, reflection, silence and communion in Saint Lucia
Retreat of the Marist Youth
05/09/2019: Mozambique
Joining the Pope in Africa
The Pope travels to Mozambique, Madagascar and Mauritius
04/09/2019: General House
September - October 2019
Calendar of the General Council and directors of the Secretariats and departments
03/09/2019: Italy
In Mary’s way
Retreat of Brothers and Lay People
02/09/2019: South Korea
East Asia Province
Final Vows of Br. Moses Cho
02/09/2019: Madagascar
Province of Madagascar
Perpetual profession of Br Jean Baptiste Rakotomahefa
01/09/2019: General House
The global family is growing in Africa
Almost 500 Brothers have committed their lives to the Marist vocation
31/08/2019: Brazil
Children and violence in Latin America
Publication ensuring the rights in the daily lives of children and adolescents
30/08/2019: Sri Lanka
Marist presence in Pakistan, India and Sri Lanka
5th Provincial Chapter of the South Asia Province
30/08/2019: Papua New Guinea
District of Melanesia
Visit of Brothers Libardo Garzón and Carlos Alberto Rojas
29/08/2019: Canada
The Province of Canada celebrates!
50 years profession of Brothers Réal Sauvageau and Yvan Desharnais
27/08/2019: General House
The urgent challenge to protect our common home
Devastating fires have affected more than 2,200 kilometres in the Amazon
27/08/2019: Guatemala
Sharing the Marist vocation
II Intercommunity Meeting of Marist Brothers
26/08/2019: General House
Diocesan Tribunal of Guadalajara
The Cause of Br. Basilio Rueda Advances
26/08/2019: United States
Province of United States
First profession of Br. Luis Ramos
26/08/2019: El Salvador
Breaking the usual routines
The Marist laity of El Salvador gathered for a spirituality journey
23/08/2019: Cambodia
International Marist Volunteering
Kimberly, Philippines volunteer in Pailin
23/08/2019: Argentina
Caring for Growing Life in Cruz del Sur
The team responsible for children's rights renews the province’s commitment
22/08/2019: Brazil
“Our Superior Generals”
The book presents the biographies of the Superiors of the Institute from 1839 to 1993
21/08/2019: South Africa
“A sower went out to sow his seed”
Review of strategic planning of the Atlantis Lavalla200> Community
20/08/2019: El Salvador
Continuing to energise Marist life
Intercommunity Meeting
20/08/2019: Côte dIvoire
Attaining Happiness through focusing on my Vocation
Annual Retreats of the Marist District of West Africa
19/08/2019: Cambodia
Building bridges
Marist District of Asia Chapter and Workshop
19/08/2019: Italy
Looking to the Future as a Global Family
18/08/2019: Argentina
The Feast, Discernment and the Hour
Meeting of the Brothers of the Province of Cruz del Sur
17/08/2019: Canada
Marist Province of Canada
Youth animation in Le Patro of Fort-Coulonge
16/08/2019: Philippines
East Asia Province holds 1st Marist Volunteers Annual Gathering
15/08/2019: General House
Feast of the Assumption of Mary
15 August: Patronal Feast of the Institute
14/08/2019: General House
Weaving life 2019
A global family has been born and is now strengthened
14/08/2019: Mexico
Youth for Service in Central Mexico
Marist Youth Volunteering in Vulnerable Areas
13/08/2019: Brazil
Fraternity and prophecy in today's world
Regional Meeting of the Communities of the Province of Brasil Centro-Norte
09/08/2019: Brazil
Brazil South - Amazonia Province
The Marist Network launches a document to guide the pastoral action towards children
08/08/2019: Syria
Letter from Aleppo N. 36
In the heart of the summer 2019
07/08/2019: Guatemala
Life Project in Fraternity
The Champagnat Movement in the Province of Central America
05/08/2019: Philippines
Province of East Asia
Golden Jubilee of Br. Romulo Porras
04/08/2019: Mozambique
New Horizons Workshop
Improving quality education for children in 21 Marist schools in the 6 countries
03/08/2019: Brazil
Marist Apostolic Spirituality
Retreat for Brothers and Laypeople in the Province of Brazil Centro-Sul
02/08/2019: South Africa
Marist International Community Atlantis – Lavalla200>
Holiday program for children and young people of Atlantis
01/08/2019: Brazil
A program of Education for Solidarity of the Province of Brasil Centro-Sul
More than 500 people participated in the Marist Solidarity Mission, in the month of July
31/07/2019: General House
From the perspective of the Marist Christian charism
European course in accompaniment / mentoring for Vocational Discernment
30/07/2019: Spain
Universal Periodic Review of Spain
Sexual abuse and migrant children: central themes of the Marist report to the United Nations
29/07/2019: Kenya
Sustainability for the Marist life and mission
Meeting of the Administrators of the Administrative Units of Africa
29/07/2019: Uruguay
Province of Cruz del Sur
Meeting of the School Management Team
28/07/2019: El Salvador
Animate, promote and accompany
Meeting of Animators of Fraternities of the CMMF
27/07/2019: France
Opening new, as well as unexplored paths
VIth Chapter of the Province of L'Hermitage
26/07/2019: Uruguay
A new way of embodyingChampagnat's mission
CAIF "a small seed" is a new Project belonging to the Marists of Montevideo
26/07/2019: Kenya
Animation and time of discernment will require the participation of the African AU leaders
Conference of Superiors of the African Continent
25/07/2019: Mexico
Evangelizing through Education
Induction of new executives in Western Mexico
25/07/2019: Italy
Journeyingas a Marist Family
Meeting of the Giugliano Fraternities
24/07/2019: Brazil
Province of Brasil Centro-Norte
Perpetual profession of Brothers Fábio Soares and Dener Rodrigues
24/07/2019: United States
"Wherever we go... Today, tomorrow, together"
Brothers Retreat
23/07/2019: Australia
Laudato Si’
The Province of Australia adopts an ecological policy to care for our “common home”
22/07/2019: General House
July 23: Anniversary of the Fourvière Promise
We irrevocably dedicate ourselves and all our goods to the Society of the blessed Virgin
22/07/2019: Fiji
Preparation for perpetual profession in Lomeri
15 Marist Brothers ready to say “Yes”
21/07/2019: Brazil
Culture of Encounter and Dialogue
Meeting gathering more than 130 professionals in communication
20/07/2019: Australia
Nurturing the Present and Next generation
Each year, more and more young Marists decide to join the Marist family in Australia
19/07/2019: France
When the charism of Saint Marcellin Champagnat touches people's hearts, it changes their lives
Pilgrimage to Marist places
18/07/2019: Guatemala
American Conference of Provincials
II meeting of the Networks of America
17/07/2019: Thailand
We are blessed because the Lord has been good to us
Religious vocations in the Marist District of Asia
16/07/2019: Spain
Widening dreams
More than a hundred SED volunteers working in 17 countries to help those most in need
15/07/2019: Bolivia
Marists who cross borders
Novices from South America start their community experience in the Region
14/07/2019: Papua New Guinea
Protecting children concerns everyone
Marist activities to raise awareness of children's rights in the District of Melanesia
13/07/2019: Spain
Hope is being born again among the ruins
Syria and Lebanon
12/07/2019: General House
Strategic Plan of the General Administration
The Vicar General talks about Animation, Leadership and Governance of the Institute
11/07/2019: Kenya
Promotion of Marist life and mission in Africa
Annual meeting of the African Mission Commission
10/07/2019: Philippines
Marist bursars
Formation program on strategic planning and financial management
09/07/2019: Mozambique
Transforming educational model in Africa
Beginning of the second phase of the New Horizons Project
08/07/2019: East Timor
International Marist Volunteers
Janaíne, a Brazilian volunteer in Baucau
06/07/2019: United States
Thanksgiving event in East Harlem
Five Years of Presence with New York's Latino Community
05/07/2019: Vietnam
Br. Canísio José Willrich
New Superior of the District of Asia
05/07/2019: El Salvador
Celebrate what you live and live what you celebrate
Central American Laity Follow the
04/07/2019: Brazil
Collaboration with the International Mission
Bolivian girl involved in voluntary work in Brasil Centro-Norte
03/07/2019: South Africa
Br. Christopher Zimmerman, Southern Africa
More than two decades helping those most in need in the Eastern Cape Province
02/07/2019: Philippines
Formation for leaders of lay animation
An On-going experience at Notre Dame of Dadiangas University
02/07/2019: Spain
Partnership in Mission
West-Central Europe Province
01/07/2019: Scotland
International solidarity
Schools in Scotland collaborate with the Marists of India
01/07/2019: Spain
After one hundred years of work, Champagnat's dream is still alive
More than 1500 people celebrated the closing of the centenary of the Marist presence in León
28/06/2019: Brazil
Province Brasil Sul-Amazônia
Marist Memories Project: stories of love and life
27/06/2019: Colombia
The reflection of God's face, hands and merciful heart
Marist Centre in Maicao welcomes migrant boys and girls
26/06/2019: Brazil
Provincial Youth Meeting brings together Marists in Brasilia
Reflection, debate and politics involve the youth of Brasil Centro-Norte
26/06/2019: Hungary
Marist Presence in Karcag and Esztergom
Marist Brothers Provide Education for Roma Children
25/06/2019: General House
Brothers and lay people living together in community
A visit to the mixed community of Giugliano
25/06/2019: South Africa
Br. Norbert Mwila
Provincial of Southen Africa
24/06/2019: Italy
Dreaming new ways of collaboration as Marists in the future
Meeting of the 4 branches of the Marist Family in Manziana
23/06/2019: General House
Marist Notebooks 37
International Commission of Spiritual Patrimony
23/06/2019: France
Walking the paths of Champagnat
The Marist group “Amigos del Hispano”
22/06/2019: Spain
Collaboration and connections in Europe
Meeting of the European Council for the Mission
21/06/2019: New Zealand
Br. John Hazelman
New Superior of the Pacific District
21/06/2019: Greece
Marist Educational Mission in Athens
The Marists of Greece celebrate the feast of Saint Marcellin Champagnat and remember Brother Henri Vergès
20/06/2019: Guatemala
100 years!
Brother Zósimo Pérez Mañueco
19/06/2019: General House
June 20: World Day of Refugees and Migrants
The call of the XXII General Chapter asks us to be present among those excluded and displaced
19/06/2019: General House
Working together on strategies for Marist life and mission
The General Council meets with the directors of the Secretariats and Departments of the General Administration
18/06/2019: General House
Br. Ángel Diego García Otaola
Director of the Secretariat of Solidarity
17/06/2019: United States
International Congress of the International Office of Catholic Education (OIEC)
Marist projects and educational works mentioned as an example of best practices
15/06/2019: Cuba
Community Lavalla200> Holguín
The Community "Montagne" takes part in the Course for Inculturation into Cuban life
14/06/2019: Mexico
25 years living in fraternity
CMMF: Champagnat Fraternity of the city of Irapuato
13/06/2019: Argentina
Governance, Management and Pastoral leadership of the Marist Province of Cruz del Sur
Meeting of the Executive team, legal officers and School leaders
12/06/2019: Côte dIvoire
District of West Africa
Marist Cote d’Ivoire celebrates 50 years
11/06/2019: Thailand
Receiving support and inspiration to continue the mission
Marist leaders from 8 countries of the district of Asia met in Bangkok
11/06/2019: Spain
240 Marist educators took part in the formation offered by the Gregorian
Evaluation meeting of the e-learning course for the prevention of sexual abuse
10/06/2019: Vietnam
New Horizons for Disadvantaged Youth
English skills & leadership training for 7,000 children and young people in Quoc Oai
09/06/2019: Peru
Province of Santa María de los Andes
Meeting of Provincial Commissions
08/06/2019: Brazil
Facilitating the process of integration of immigrant children
Marists of Brazil promotes a project to help to the most vulnerable
07/06/2019: Spain
New Provincial Strategic Plan
The Marists of Mediterránea restate their network with eight action scenarios
06/06/2019: Spain
L'Hermitage Province
Four day Provincial Forum
05/06/2019: South Korea
From the Chungju Community in Korea
A House for Mentally Challenged Children and Young People Wishing to Learn a Trade
04/06/2019: United States
Marist Youth Mission Conference 2019
More than 150 young people from the United States, Canada and Mexico gathered in New York
03/06/2019: Brazil
Campaign for Children Reaches 20 million People
Marist video encourages children’s self-defense against sexual violence
03/06/2019: Philippines
Twelve new Brothers will begin their first year of formation in July
MAPAC concluded its year of formation
02/06/2019: Philippines
Marist spirituality in the workplace
A Formation opportunity for Personnel of Notre Dame Kidapawan College
01/06/2019: General House
Why have hundreds of thousands of Christians been persecuted?
The century of martyrs
01/06/2019: General House
June - August 2019
Calendar of the General Council and directors of Secretariats
31/05/2019: Colombia
Charismatic connection of lay Marists
Marist Province of Norandina
31/05/2019: Brazil
“To be the face and hands of your tender mercy”
The Marists of Brazil organise a marian encounter at Veranopolis
30/05/2019: Malaysia
The “Asrama Butitin Project” in Nabawan
Marist Brothers and De la Salle Brothers Together in Ministry
29/05/2019: General House
Beyond geographic and existential walls and borders
Marist International Volunteering
29/05/2019: Malaysia
Spirituality, Laity, and Mission
Asia Commissions aim for regional progress
28/05/2019: General House
Let Mary’s heart beat in us: the great gift that Marcellin left us
Message of Br. Ernesto Sánchez, Superior General, for the Feast of Saint Marcellin Champagnat
27/05/2019: Canada
Getting ourselves ready for the future
Annual General Assembly of the Association of Lay Marists
27/05/2019: Australia
Australian Marists Help Refugees
Forum brought together 119 Marist Brothers
26/05/2019: Malawi
Promoting economic autonomy and sustainability of the Marist Mission
Sustainability Workshop in the Marist Province of Southern Africa
25/05/2019: Mexico
Respecting the planet, water, air and life
Fourth Meeting for Good Living in Central Mexico
24/05/2019: Philippines
Sustainability of the Marist life and mission
Formation course for bursars
23/05/2019: General House
The General House of the Marist Brothers
On May 24, the headquarters of the Government of the Institute transferred officially to Rome
23/05/2019: Brazil
Province of Brazil Centro-Norte
Forum Held in Brazilandia on Consecrated Life and the Laity
22/05/2019: Australia
Champagnat Marists help students re-engage with learning in Sydney
The international Lavalla200> community at Mt Druitt
21/05/2019: Canada
Working for life
Discernment process on the future of the Marist charism in Canada
21/05/2019: Lebanon
Re-launch of the European project of Communities on the Net
The European team of Brothers Today meet in Champville
20/05/2019: General House
Innovation and renewal in education and evangelisation
International NETWORK of Marist Schools
20/05/2019: General House
20 May
Congratulations, Champagnat!
19/05/2019: Italy
Silent heroes responding to emerging needs
Marist College of Rome, San Leone Magno, “House of Life”
18/05/2019: Italy
Towards integration: Photo and documentary exhibition
Lavalla200> community of Syracuse, Sicily
17/05/2019: Philippines
Charting Formation Path Towards a “New Beginning”
Formation of Lay Animators
16/05/2019: Italy
Mediterranean Province
Syracuse: encounter of elder brothers
15/05/2019: Brazil
UMBRASIL promotes the rights of children
Forum of Child Education
15/05/2019: Spain
Being a lay Marist in Compostela
Meeting of formators of itineraries concerning Marist Spirituality
14/05/2019: Philippines
“Do Whatever He Tells You”
East Asia Province holds 5th Provincial Chapter
13/05/2019: Guatemala
New steps in Mission – education and evangelisation
The 6 Marist Provinces of the Arco Norte Region meet in Guatemala
13/05/2019: Romania
15 years of presence and mission in Bucharest
The Saint Marcellin Champagnat Centre welcomes children at risk of abandonment and social exclusion
12/05/2019: Brazil
May 18
Maristas de Brasil promueven campañas contra la explotación de los niños y adolescentes
12/05/2019: Brazil
Brothers of the South America Region Gather in Florianópolis
Over five days, 45 Brothers participated in discussions on spirituality, vocation and the regional mission
11/05/2019: Chile
The Marists from Chile and Central Mexico took part in the Forum
Economic commission for Latin America and the Caribbean
10/05/2019: Guatemala
Meeting of the different communities of Brothers
Commemoration of the XXVIII anniversary of the murder of Bro. Moses Cisneros
10/05/2019: General House
Chistian de Chergé and the martyrs of Algeria
A friend of Henri Vergès
10/05/2019: Germany
“Beacon of hope”
Chapter of West-Central Europe Province
09/05/2019: France
The martyrs are now watching over Algeria
Community of Saint-Paul-Trois-Châteaux celebrates the memory of Bro Henri Vergès
09/05/2019: General House
Children rights: following the ideals of Marcellin Champagnat
The fight against the physical and psychological abuse of children
08/05/2019: El Salvador
To be attentive to the situations that harm the rights of the children
Marists of Champagnat meet in the house of The Hermitage
08/05/2019: General House
May 8 - Liturgical feast of the martyrs of Algeria
Anniversary of the death of Henri Vergès
07/05/2019: General House
Marist Schools Network Project
The Taskforce meets at the General House
07/05/2019: Papua New Guinea
District of Melanesia
Contact visit made by Brothers Ben and Josep María, General Councillors
06/05/2019: Brazil
Rejoice: The Pope’s Message is the Theme of the Directors’ Project
Formation in the Province of Brasil Centro-Sul
04/05/2019: Fiji
Oceania Education Network
Southern Stars Leadership Course
03/05/2019: Brazil
Marist Union of Brazil
Curriculum Guidelines for Primary Education in Marist colleges
03/05/2019: Madagascar
Province of Madagascar
Contact Visit of Brothers Oscar and Ken, General Councillors
02/05/2019: South Korea
East Asia Province
The Marist Community in Seoul promotes psychological education and assistance
02/05/2019: Guatemala
Building homes of light
Meeting of Community Animators 2019
30/04/2019: General House
“You are all brothers” (Matt 23:8)
Religious Brothers Day, May 1
30/04/2019: General House
People are twice as likely to consider religious life if encouraged by somebody
Religious vocation in USA
29/04/2019: Brazil
Human rights: build bridges and strengthen processes
A Young Marist attends the International Civil Society Week in Serbia
29/04/2019: General House
Workshop on a sustainable future for Marist life and mission in Africa and Asia
Attended by around 50 people with leadership responsibilities in Nigeria
27/04/2019: Philippines
National Gathering of Marist Laity
A Week-end Encounter of Deepening Marist Lay Life
26/04/2019: New Zealand
Creating networks and strengthening Marist life
Meeting of the Oceania Council
24/04/2019: General House
To the Marists of Champagnat in Sri Lanka
Message from the Superior General and his Council
23/04/2019: Spain
Breaking the silence: ten faces, ten voices
Working for prevention and protection from school abuse in our Marist education system
23/04/2019: Sri Lanka
Solidarity with Sri Lankan people
Over 310 people are dead and more than 400 injured
22/04/2019: Argentina
Province of Cruz del Sur
Perpetual profession of Brother Darío Melgar
18/04/2019: Brazil
The five provinces of the “America South” Region met in Brazil
Participants from seven teams in charge discussed and reflected together
17/04/2019: Spain
Province of Ibérica
Cooperative work and TIC with students and formation centres
16/04/2019: General House
A heart that knows no bounds
20 years since the canonization of Father Champagnat
15/04/2019: General House
Awaken in ourselves and those around us an ecological awareness
Laudado Si'
15/04/2019: East Timor
Marist Brothers: 12 aspirants in Baucau
The Province of Australia inaugurates a new House of formation
12/04/2019: Sri Lanka
“Set them on fire with your love”
First profession at the Tudella Novitiate
11/04/2019: South Korea
Marist Pastoral work in Seoul
Around 7000 people benefit annually from the Marist Educational Centre
11/04/2019: Spain
Marist European Conference
Meeting of the CEM in Alcalá of Henares
10/04/2019: Nigeria
The Role of the Youths in the Church
Marist Province of Nigeria celebrated Marist Youth Festival
09/04/2019: General House
Universal Periodical Examination of Madagascar, Italy, Bolivia and El Salvador
FMSI presents new reports on the human rights of minors and young adults
08/04/2019: South Africa
Floods in Africa
Solidarity with people affected by the floods in Malawi, Mozambique and Zimbabwe
07/04/2019: Peru
VIII Assembly of the Network of Institutions of Higher Education
Closing Day of the Assembly: Future projects and the site of the next meeting of the Universities Network
05/04/2019: Peru
VIII Assembly of the Network of Institutions of Higher Education
The representatives of the Executive Committee of the International Marist Network of Higher Education Institutions elected
05/04/2019: Italy
On-going formation in Manziana
Rereading the personal story in the middle of the path of life
04/04/2019: Peru
The Executive Committee of the International Marist Network of Higher Education Institutions has been elected
Three representatives will continue in office for a period of two years, according to the vote on Thursday
04/04/2019: Guatemala
Workshop on Learning plus Service
Participants from the educational communities of Central America and Central Mexico attended the course
03/04/2019: General House
Agios. Mar
Vigil commemorating our modern-day missionary martyrs
02/04/2019: Peru
VIII Assembly of the International Marist Network of Institutions of Higher Education
After the inauguration, the representatives of the 27 participating institutions began the debate of this edition of the Assembly
02/04/2019: General House
International Commission of Brothers Today 2019:
Marvellous Companions and Mentors
01/04/2019: France
Formation of Marist Leaders in the mission in Europe
Where your gifts and your happiness meet with the needs of the world, the purpose of your life is there
01/04/2019: Argentina
Reflexionar juntos sobre los trabajos realizados
Encuentro de Animadores y Asesores de Fraternidades de la Provincia Cruz del Sur
31/03/2019: General House
Calendar of the General Council and the directors of Secretariats and Departments of the General Administration
April - May 2019
29/03/2019: Brazil
An opportunity to exchange ideas and share experiences
Marist School receives the directors of the South America Region in Brazil
28/03/2019: Canada
The future of the province of Canada
Preliminary meeting of the preparatory committee for the provincial assembly
27/03/2019: Mexico
Province of Western Mexico
Perpetual Profession of Br. Julián Solís Pasos
27/03/2019: Brazil
Province of Brazil South-Amazonia
Formative meeting brings together 540 Marist educators in Porto Alegre
26/03/2019: Spain
Around 100 educators took part to the event promoting children’s rights
Meeting of the 14 Marist social works in Catalonia
25/03/2019: Italy
The captivating experience of being a volunteer
Three2Six: Education for refugee children in South Africa
22/03/2019: Brazil
Regional Joint action strengthens the Marist Life and Mission
Region South America celebrates three years of action
21/03/2019: Fiji
Mission and Marist Life in Oceania
Encounter of the Commission of collaboration of Oceania
21/03/2019: General House
Marist District of Asia
Following in the footsteps of Champagnat in Asia
20/03/2019: South Sudan
31 Religious and Laypeople from 19 congregations and 18 different nationalities
Brohters Christian Mbam and Longinus Uche in special mission in Africa
19/03/2019: General House
Life of The Brothers
The International Commission Brothers Today meets in the General House
17/03/2019: General House
Exercising roles of service as a team
Meeting of new Provincials
15/03/2019: Sri Lanka
Marist Asia Strategic Plan
Community Living Animation Team Meeting of the Asian Region
15/03/2019: Bolivia
Dealing with violence toward children and women
The Marist Sector of Bolivia prepares its Report for the United Nations
14/03/2019: General House
A clearer perception of what it means to be a GLOBAL FAMILY
The end of the meeting of Provincials and District Superiors in the General House
13/03/2019: General House
Secretariat of the Laity
Strategic planning of Marist Life
12/03/2019: East Timor
A future Marist school for the needy people of Lautém, Timor Leste
A gift of land for a Marist work
11/03/2019: Mexico
In depth study of the lay Marist vocation
Meeting of the Animators of the Fraternity in Guadalajara
09/03/2019: United States
Almost 50 years of service to the students in the school
Brother Kevin Handibode is honoured in Miami
08/03/2019: Sri Lanka
Being a Lay Marist
Brothers and Lay Marists share their Marist vocation
07/03/2019: Brazil
Launch or sow seeds from the heart to fertilize the mission
UMBRASIL names a new Board of Directors
06/03/2019: General House
Awaken in ourselves and those around us an ecological awareness
Message of the Holy Father Francisco for Lent 2019
05/03/2019: Mexico
Marist vocation
Two new postulants in the community of Toluca
05/03/2019: General House
“Always and in every case the victims must have priority”
Brother Emili Turú talks about the meeting held in the Vatican on the protection of children
04/03/2019: Australia
Marist Volunteers
The Programme Bridge Builders supports Marist collaboration
04/03/2019: General House
Called to live out “prophetic and servant leadership” co-responsibly and interdependently
Provincial and District Superiors gather in the General House
02/03/2019: Spain
Migration, sexual abuse and the changing climate
Discussion concerning Marists and emerging needs
01/03/2019: Greece
Education to internalization
Marist Formation in Athens
01/03/2019: General House
Memory of Br. Alfano
1873 - 1st March 1943
28/02/2019: General House
The Pope's Call to Protect Minors in the Church
Prevent children from becoming victims of any psychological and physical abuse
28/02/2019: General House
One team, one house, one program
Ongoing formation team and community at Manziana
27/02/2019: Philippines
Family spirit among Marist School
Biennial High School Marist Meet
27/02/2019: General House
Collaborative week
General Council meets with directors of secretariats and departments of the General Administration
26/02/2019: Fiji
District of Pacific
First Professions in Lomeri
26/02/2019: Spain
Sign on for Change
SED and CME launch their campaign for Lent 2019
25/02/2019: Italy
“Marcellino Punto e a Capo”
Marist Formation for Italian Teachers
24/02/2019: Canada
A new beginning in Château-Richer
Elderly Brothers now live in a Lay Residence
22/02/2019: General House
Party time for the General Administration
Celebrating the birthday of Br Ernesto, Superior General
22/02/2019: Syria
Letter from Aleppo No 35
21/02/2019: Italy
International advocacy in Sicily
FMSI goes to the Italian island to promote the rights of migrants
21/02/2019: General House
21 February
Happy Birthday, Brother Ernesto!
21/02/2019: Brazil
Brasil Centro-Sul
New social school is inaugurated in Fazenda Rio Grande, Paraná
20/02/2019: Vatican
Meeting on Child Protection in the Church
The Superior General participates in the meeting convoked by Pope Francis of Bishops from every part of the world
19/02/2019: Bolivia
Novitiate of the Region South America
Eleven new Novices in Bolivia
19/02/2019: General House
Marist Foundation for International Solidarity
The FMSI promoted the collection of humanitarian aid for the Fratelli Project
18/02/2019: General House
Mary the “influencer” of God
Pope Francis invites the young people to imitate Mary
18/02/2019: Spain
Roadmap for the coming years
Meeting of the European team of Brothers Today
15/02/2019: Peru
Charism of Champagnat in the Amazon
Marist Volunteers prepare and qualify teachers of the indigenous communities
14/02/2019: General House
Memorare in the Snow
February 1823
13/02/2019: Philippines
To respond to the call to ‘Come and See’
The Marist School, Marikina, held lay formation for the new lay personnel
13/02/2019: Guatemala
“Tolerance zero” to every type or form of abuse
Workshop Defense and Protection of Minors
12/02/2019: Kenya
Mission, sustainability, formation, community life and communication
Meeting of the Conference of Superiors of the African Continent
11/02/2019: Colombia
Interprovincial Novitiate La Valla
Five new novices in Medellín
09/02/2019: France
Education, prevention of sexual abuse, resilience and incapacity
Meeting of The Marist Foundation with the International Catholic Office for the Child
08/02/2019: Philippines
Mission as Marist Lay: to educate and love the youth
Notre Dame of Cotabato commits to Marist formation
07/02/2019: Cuba
Montagne Community - Lavalla200>
A Marist community has been established in Holguín
06/02/2019: Haiti
Marist schools do marvels with very little
Brothers from Western Mexico visit the Marist Sector of Haiti
05/02/2019: General House
Consolidating our activities and our regional participation
The Committee for the Mission has completed its two year period
05/02/2019: General House
Ten years communicating the Marist life and Mission
Novelty on the sending out of the Marist News
04/02/2019: United States
Seeking the Grace of Encounter
“Encuentro Project” in El Paso
02/02/2019: General House
Consecrated life is for all the baptized
Video with Br. Tony Leon and Mike Greeff
01/02/2019: Malaysia
Br. Anthony Cheng and Br. Paul Ching
50 Years of Profession as Marist Brothers
31/01/2019: Switzerland
Achieve that the human rights of millions of children are guaranteed
The Marist Foundation pleaded in Geneva for the rights of children
30/01/2019: Kenya
International Marist Centre
MIC has opened up its facilities to different religious congregations
29/01/2019: General House
To facilitate thesynergy for the Area of the Mission for the years ahead
Meeting of the Committee for the Mission
28/01/2019: Italy
If everybody helps with prayer, for sure, we will be able to do something beautiful
The Community Lavalla200> has inaugurated a Center for immigrants
27/01/2019: France
The premiere of the play The Fifth Gospel
Work containing texts taken from the writings of Brother Henri Vergès
26/01/2019: Guatemala
International Gathering of Marist Youth
15 – 20 January 2019 - Guatemala
25/01/2019: Spain
Sharing experiences of good practice together
Meeting of the Council of Mission for the European Provinces
24/01/2019: General House
Marist Spiritual Heritage
Appointment of the members of the Spiritual Patrimony Commission
23/01/2019: Sri Lanka
Brother Mervyn Perera
The Provincial of South Asia has been re-elected
22/01/2019: General House
An invitation to strengthen our faith
Anniversary of the death of Brother Francis
21/01/2019: Philippines
Br. Dominador Aquino Santiago
New Provincial of East Asia
20/01/2019: Guatemala
Mission: the weaving continues
International meeting of Youth Sixth day - January 20
20/01/2019: Canada
Environmental Sustainability
The Marists of Canada have published a document in defence of the ecology
19/01/2019: Guatemala
Mission, the weaving continues
International meeting of Young Marists - Fifth day, January 19
19/01/2019: Guatemala
Practising our spirituality and solidarity
International meeting of Young Marists - Third and fourth day, January 17-18
19/01/2019: Brazil
Province of Central South Brazil
The Beatification of Brother Henri Vergès inspired a new Social School
18/01/2019: Guatemala
Living the themes of Spirituality and Solidarity
International Gathering of Marist Youth - Third day, January 17
18/01/2019: General House
Basilio Rueda and Henri Vergés: two of a kind
January 21: an anniversary and two reminiscences
17/01/2019: Guatemala
Day of Community: Weaving together
International Gathering of Marist Youth - Second day, January 16
16/01/2019: Guatemala
Weaving life
International Gathering of Marist Youth - First day, January 15
15/01/2019: Philippines
To assure a better continuity in the different stages of formation
Marist Brothers Asia Formators Convention
14/01/2019: General House
Journey with the children and the Young people
The final document of the Synod of Bishops has been published
11/01/2019: Guatemala
International Gathering of Marist Youth 2019
150 young Marists from all over the world will take part in the International Gathering in Guatemala
10/01/2019: Kenya
67 student Brothers in Nairobi
Workshop on Marist Patrimony in MIC
09/01/2019: Fiji
22 Brothers meet in the Lomeri Novitiate
Gathering of the U/50 brothers of Oceania
08/01/2019: Spain
Evangelize, Marists of Champagnat and Diversity
The Mediterranean Province celebrated its VI Chapter
08/01/2019: France
202 years of the Institute
Feast of January 2, 2019 in LaValla en Gier
07/01/2019: Brazil
The meeting of the Regional Committee looks back on the combined journey and considers more synergistic processes for the future
Provincials and representatives from the Region of America del Sud hold discussions in São Paulo
07/01/2019: Spain
Give Life
Chapter held in the Province of Compostela
05/01/2019: Kenya
All Children deserve to feel safe, happy, secured, loved
Workshop on child rights at MIC
05/01/2019: Brazil
Evangelizing through education
Province of Brasil Centro-Sur expands its network of schools
04/01/2019: Spain
Constructing Bridges
VI Provincial Chapter of the Marists of Ibérica
02/01/2019: General House
January - March 2019
Calendar of the General Council and the Directors of the General Administration
01/01/2019: Côte dIvoire
Final profession in the Institute
Brothers Mbang Abel Nkwain and Kone Bruno
30/11/2018: General House
Monseñor Angelelli el “Romero de Argentina”
Llegan los mártires del Concilio
21/11/2018: General House
Pierre et Mohamedes
El conductor y el obispo
30/11/-0001: General House
VIII Assembly of the Marist International Network of Higher Education will take place this week
More than 20 Marist universities from around the world will gather in Peru to discuss their work in higher education

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