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A spirituality of simplicity



Three day course with Br. Teófilo

12/05/2008: Colombia

We came to realize that our spirituality is ever active in our lives. Its presence depends on the situation and the context in which it grows and develops (people, places and situations). Our spirituality also appears in moments when we strengthen our vocation, when we center our lives on Christ, making us true apostles of the Kingdom. (Cf. nº 23 Choose Life; Message of the 20º General Chapter).

Our spirituality was born among simple people giving an answer to God’s call. Marcellin carried out his mission among the neediest as Jesus Christ did. This is the inheritance that the founding community has left to us. This community is inviting us to follow Jesus Christ and to become sources of life for others.

In our lives, spirituality is experienced when we are in contact with God and with people and because of such contact. We become one in heart and in mind (Acts 4:32). We are impelled towards disinterested service, which allows us to be, as it were, signs of God’s presence (testimony of life).

The three day course with Br. Teófilo helped us discover that our spirituality is born of a vocational call to love what we are doing and to become sowers of hope. Such is the invitation appearing in nº 141 of Water from Rock. As we are live out this spirituality, we are closely following Champagnat’s dream. Indeed his dream is but the dream of Jesus, the dream that allows us to live with and for the poor, sharing their problems and their joys (Cf. nº 127 Water from the Rock). Living our spirituality in such a way means that our lives are centered in Christ and are at the service of others: “I did not come to be served but to serve… and to give my life as a ransom for many.”

Water from the Rock is inviting us to live a spirituality of simplicity. In such spirituality and through it, we are called to commit ourselves to the service of others. In such a way we contribute to the growth of the Church through a gift which is typically Marist: a spirituality of compassion for others, a living sign of the tenderness of the Father amidst our brothers and sisters (Cf. nº 1 and nº 137 of Water from the Rock).

Postulants: James Yamit Castro G., Luis Hernán Delgado V., Ramiro Hernando Maigual C., Fabián Adalberto Taimal B.
Marist Postulate Our Lady of L`Hermitage
Manizales - Colombia
April 23, 2008

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