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Course of Marist Spirituality at the Novitiate of Medellín

26/05/2008: Colombia - Photo gallery

The course which Brother Teófilo gave us at the Novitiate of Medellín-Colombia, from 24 to 27 April, helped us to understand better some aspects of the recently published document, Water from the Rock. We would like now to mention, a bit at random, some ideas that we picked up during the course. In our opinion, they are important.

We began the course by taking Marist Spirituality as the starting point. From experiences of Marist Spirituality, we raised questions related to our own lives. In such a context, God appears as the answer to the existential questions. He pushes us to live our faith, while giving a primordial value to Eucharist and to fraternal sharing. In Eucharist and fraternal sharing, we rediscover the La Valla spirit.

In the journey of our lives, we cultivate an attitude of constant awareness as we grow into and through the different stages of life. The life stages keep inviting us to make an effort to find happiness. We journey towards this happiness, living the practices that the document, Water from the Rock, calls to our attention. It reminds us (see WfR, 80-87) that we should develop a sense of existential dis-cernment and that we should heed the process of discovering our own reality.

During our journey, we discover Christs mystery. In addition, we discover God who is always present in our lives as He was in Mary’s life. At the Annunciation, Mary welcomes God’s word and listens to it. Then she puts it into practice as the Visitation shows us. The same invitation is addressed to us if we want to live our Marist Spirituality. As we welcome the Word and ponder it, we discover God’s will and we become aware of his mercy towards us, his sons and daughters.

We become a symbol of communion and of personal self-giving. We gather ourselves to create a family, strengthening ourselves mutually in solidarity and uniting ourselves to Christ and to other people. In his spiritual testament Mar-cellin invites us to love each other as Christ loved us. In Christ we discover too the strength for the mission and for the different ministries which unite us communally. Bound together in this way as brothers and sisters, we share the mystery of the Holy Trinity.

Following the teachings of Marcellin when forming communities for the mission, we experience in our lives both fraternity and simplicity, typical Marist virtues. Marcellin is also inviting us to contemplate Mary and to discover in her how the practice of the virtues were an expression of her love towards God and of her love towards other people.

Community, therefore, becomes a decisive space were each of us may grow and receive support, comfort and encouragement. Then we can express the love of God as Mary did, becoming the living signs of the Fathers tenderness (see Water from the Rock, 102, 137).

La Valla Interprovincial Novitiate
Medellín – Colombia: April 27, 2008

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