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Ten brothers sent in Mission

30/06/2008: Philippines

The month of June this year has given us another great blessing of ten more Brothers for the Asia Mission Ad Gentes Sector. They were missioned to the Sector by Bro. Sean Sammon on June 08th at a ceremony held in the Dominican Retreat House in Davao, Philippines. The ceremony was simple but meaningful and powerful. Sean, delivering an inspiring homily, invited the Brothers to be like the Mary of the Magnificat in the Scriptures.

The Brothers were missioned to Cambodia (3), West Bengal, India (3) and to one more country (4). They will move to their new mission areas in August and September, this year. A warm welcome to these Brothers!

Thanks to Davao : welcome to Asia!

We have now been on our way for five months. There is much that we have received and now we have a little more than we need to face the next steps in this country of this continent of hope…

We are progressing towards an encounter with a new dream, paying attention to the meetings that were scheduled a long time ago… “All the dioceses of the world are within the limits of our sight…”

Our future path, following the footsteps of the one who guides us, who calls us, who summons us, who loves us, and who will be in harmony with the concrete situations we shall find in each country.

What should we do in a country who is about to be born, like a child, with a history of sorrow and death in every corner, everywhere, in every single village?

How should we react in front of religious extremism, in a country that thirsts for justice, equality, blessed by God with the ever living presence of St. Theresa of Calcutta?
And in such an extreme situation…

It is possible to be in such a land, in the midst of apparent tranquillity and attempts of development, to let speak only God through our lives? Not a word, not a single common prayer, with our identity banned.
Our challenge will be there, present, opening up its arms to us, walking towards us.

Now we are walking towards the future… to gather some pieces of life and documents, to hope… to trust… to love… to live. A new path is waiting for us, but the same essential charisma moves us.

Now we are leaving Davao, we shall conclude the round in the Philippines. But it is not the end, rather a beginning, the beginning of the rest of our lives… Welcome to Asia.

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