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El Escorial - Horizons course

17/07/2008: Spain

With an extract from each participants evaluation this item has been edited to explain the significance of the Horizons course, (17 04 to 15 06 2008), which took place in SL de El Escorial, for the young Brothers around 35 years of age. It has been a significant range of feelings and other aspects which have made possible a network of relationships strengthened by spending time together, and opening up to new horizons of the mission in depth and with great heart. So let us see.
This time has given me serenity and the re-discovery of the sense of my life as a brother. I have grown in enthusiasm. Living together and sharing with the Brothers has been phenomenal (Miguel)

“The calls of God to give life to Jesus project resonate in me, giving life where I am and especially in who I am. An invitation to see and to listen very attentively to God and to my brothers. Surrendering my life in a joyful way, constantly revisiting my values, the attachments that don’t allow me to be free and authentic. Seeking to make reality, from my own situation, the call of God to have a heart and a sympathetic eye for the neediest. (Rafael)

Horizons have been a time of Grace. To be able to look calmly and gratefully at the road already travelled, to contemplate with serenity the aspects in which I am called to grow and to be able to look to the coming years with enthusiasm. It has also been a gift to be able to experience brotherhood, to feel myself to be a Brother among Brothers, through our shared ideals, concerns, difficulties and desires to continue making Marist life a reality today. It has been an injection of spirit and enthusiasm in my journey as a Marist Brother. (Nice)

… The most beautiful thing that we can carry with us through our lifetime: to be a spring of freshness, of love... we should be the water that flows and sprinkles strength, life, enthusiasm, trust, affection... and which caresses all parts leaving small signs of its progress all around.“(Miguel Angel)

To discover within myself a history where God has been present and has demonstrated his infinite love for me is something that helped me to find a deeper sense to my option of life. To meet with brothers of other nationalities who are vibrant and are seeking to live the same life as me, has been an invaluable experience. The wealth of sharing our dreams and ideals, but especially our faith. To be men who are convinced that God calls us, and that our actions must reflect the passion and happiness that Jesus has planted in our heart... “(Luís Roberto)

For me, these have been very good days as a time for renewal, depth of sharing. Learning topics, the new vision given to us by the lecturers, opening our hearts and issuing us new challenges. The experience was very beautiful, coming at a good time, for which I am very grateful (Sergio - Checo)

Gratitude for the God of Jesus, the God of History who from the desert continues to cleanse us of idolatries to speak to our heart … so that He is our centre and from Him we learn how to love ourselves sufficiently to know how to enjoy the life that he gives us and to enjoy loving our neighbours (those next to us) who are in need of the abundant Life that Jesus wants to give them, since history and the social system deny them.. (Gustavo)
God is not only present in the celebrations, prayers, the sacrarium and Scripture. I have discovered it: in sharing with a brother in the style of Emmaus, in the testimony of witnesses close to the source life, in the feed-back of companions, in happiness and games, and a poor neighbourhood (Calambay Lavapiés). Many thanks, the Lord is among us. (Guillermo)

The Horizons Programme has been for me recognition of the deepest beauties within us: life, God hidden in the deepest part of our being. The call to authenticity, to allow myself to be guided, to recognise the summit of the mountain, to abandon routine, activism, to know my limitations and to look for happiness. Called to be life, to give life, to seek freedom and to do the will of God, following the example of Mary. (Reni)

The unconditional love of God which he invites me to reciprocate with all my heart and all my soul. To continue finding it in my own life, sustained by Him (the History of life) and Mary. The incredible strength of the brotherhood. To practice the Word, in a concrete commitment to those who are abandoned. (César)

A concrete experience to recapture the first dreams of my vocation. A clearer awareness of the different dimensions of my life. Experience of intimacy with God to grow in passion for the religious life, the mission, the people, the poor. Better knowledge of the personal, community reality. Strong time of learning, of opening up to what is different and personal growth. “(Iranilson)

A special time to pause, to listen and to renew life. An invitation to revitalize our faith, our option for Marist life, to continue with audacity and hope the project dreamt by Marcellin Champagnat which today spreads the Marist way of being and educating. To educate, it is necessary to love. (Gilberto)

It was the time, although some didnt see it clearly. They took their haversacks and set out on the road, a mountain awaited them. They had come from the four corners of mother earth. They ascended at their own pace, rediscovering their strengths and weaknesses. They continued to walk and their hearts met.. Together they saw the dawn. There they remained contemplating for a while: their gaze returned to the past, fixed in the present and smiled toward the future. There was a question: How is your heart? The rain fell on them and the crop arrived. They all took some fruit or seeds and placed them in their haversacks. The sunbeams showed themselves on the way back, they got up and returned to their reality. There were others waiting for them, but the memory of the meeting with the brothers raises their hearts. (Gerardo-Cheval)

I am very grateful for this opportunity to have this experience. Grateful to the brothers who organized the course and to all the participants who have been Wonderful partners’! I have experienced strong and profound moments of reflection, of sharing a life and prayer that have enriched my Marist being. (Caesar)

“It has been a wonderful experience of seeking and sharing together. The happiness of rediscovering the sense and the enthusiasm of my Marist vocation. I have felt my life to be a gift of God for others, and the others as signs of the love of God for me. The joy of brotherhood and the proximity to the brothers. The experience of a strong call to freedom and life in its fullness. New horizons of life and searching have opened up. (Lisardo)
I leave with the experience of having made progress in reflection in depth. With the need for a deeper faith and a closer intimacy with the God of Jesus Christ. I see as essential personal prayer and the daily encounter with the Lord, the motor that must drive my life and work. (José Ignácio)

A heart grateful for the rich experience that I have lived here; the fraternity among the brothers of different cultures, the living together and sharing of the Marist life; seeing how my life is a sacred history, guided by God, especially in these times of great challenges…; happiness to need to shift myself,…to look within myself to discover new horizons of life, recognizing qualities, shades and weaknesses…; valuing simple things, small things, the Marist virtues …; the search for what is essential, to live with passion, to speak with God in the way we speak to a friend and to feel loved by Him …; the happiness and vitality of my affectivity and my sexuality, building bonds of friendship, profound communication and meeting with my neighbour; … a constant attitude of search, of travelling along the road, of retaining hope, of carrying out the process, and also learning how to live with insecurity, with uncertainty, in the difficult times that arise in life. (Romidio)

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