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Project of vocation animation

15/09/2008: Spain

The Mediterranean Province has just approved its Project of Vocation Animation. It is in 2 parts. The first one, Framework in which vocation animation is developed, deals with the principles and aspects of Vocation Animation, the connection between pastoral work and animation and what is meant by the specific Marist pastoral vocation. The second part contains a chart with the programme of activities. Further down we have the presentation of the Project.

This project which we wish to present is intended as a guide to help animate, accompany and discern vocation in each one of the children and young people in our educational works and in our faith groups. Because each one of them has a life project which they must discover in the future. But, also, there are those who - guided by faith - have allowed God to enter into their life and who wonder what they can be and do, in the light of the Gospel and of the Marist charism. And who wish to respond by living as a lay Marist or as a Brother.

We are aware that it is God who personally comes closer to each one of us in order to establish a personal relationship with him. Our role, then, - the role of those of us who live the charism of Marcellin - is to raise questions in the hearts of our children and young people, especially with regard to our testimony of life which radiates faith, trust, fraternity, hope and commitment. And we do this in a very simple way, following the example set by Mary of Nazareth. This life testimony is the best way to raise the question for the future, for what God wants of each of us.

Together with this testimony, we need to extend personal invitations for a response to this call, especially as Brothers or lay people in the various current forms of Marist life. It is necessary, therefore, to propose, but also to accompany and to discern this call with care, affection and audacity.

Knowing that it is the Holy Spirit who is the author of every vocation, we place in God’s hands our work and the lives of all of those He puts in our way, we pray for them often and we encourage them with our words and with our proximity.

And in all of this we turn to Mary. She shows what God can do when he finds individuals who freely welcome his call. Free to pronounce their yes, free to set out on the long pilgrimage of faith which will also be the pilgrimage of their vocation, like the woman called to be Mother of our Saviour and Mother of the Church.

Read the project, in Spanish

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