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Water from the Rock Comes to Ihosy

26/09/2008: Madagascar - Photo gallery

As a way to begin the new school year, September 2 was consecrated to Marist Spiri-tuality. A meeting took place for twenty-one teachers from the FMS school in Ihosy. In fact, other Catholic schools of the diocese took part as well.

The meeting centered upon the book, “Water from the Rock” [hereafter WfR]. After a quick overview of the document’s origin and, via power point, a review of its content, the teachers were divided into seven groups, three teachers per group. Each group then read several Numbers of the first Chapter which was to be studied in detail later. The exercise offered to those at the session, teachers and Brothers, an example of how one might devise similar sorts of exercises based upon Chapters 2, 3 and 4.

The teachers were already aware of the book’s existence. For the majority of them, however, the session was the first direct contact with WfR’s contents. The session revealed something of the document’s originality as well as the importance which it has during the Spirituality and, indeed, will have afterwards as well.

Some materials were left to assist further study of WfR written as it is in a limpid, pas-toral style. Some of the material was in fact used in the course of the teachers’ day in question, the idea being that, with the experience of the material, one could study other Chapters of the book more easily.

In the large-group session, the teachers shared what they retained from their reading of the text, with special attention given to the essential elements of Marist Spirituality. The following are a few of the comments: to know and believe that God loves us; to have confidence in Jesus and Mary; Mary becomes our model in all things; the close-ness of our Savior in the Tabernacle; family spirit and simplicity; forgiveness; good relationships; manual work especially in our apostolic works; honesty in our workaday world.

The pooling of ideas which followed the small-group discussions made clear the richness of content within the first Chapter of WfR. A lack of time meant that many things had to remain unsaid. The information that could be included, however, in the course of the large-group session provided the chance to explain a bit more about the origins of the book.

We are grateful to all those who made it possible for us to have the meeting right at the start of our new school year. We are hoping to conduct similar meetings as the school-astic year runs its course. We hope too that our school can continue its reflection upon the contents of WfR , because the first meeting, as described above, has given us such a keen desire to do so!

Brother Alexandre Ramarosandratana – Academic Dean
Ihosy, September 3, 2008

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