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Study and proposals of models of administration

30/09/2008: Guatemala

In November 2006 all of the Provinces of America and four of the five of Europe met in Campinas (Brazil) to discuss the theme: “Study and proposals of models of Administration for the Group of Marist educative Institutions of a province.” One of the most supported conclusions of this meeting was that it was necessary to continue studying this subject, which is in direct relation with the animation and government of the provinces (read more).

And so, at the end of the year 2007 the Mission Commission of the General Council, after carrying out several consultations with the involved provincials, named a sub commission to prepare another meeting, open this time to all the administrative units of the Institute. The members of this sub commission are Brothers Juan Miguel Anaya (General Administration), Wellington M. de Medeiros (Brasil Centro-Norte), Carlos Huidobro (Cruz del Sur), Luis Carlos Gutiérrez (América Central), Juan Ignacio Poyatos (Mediterránea) and Michael Green (Sydney).

It was suggested to the sub commission that they prepare the new meeting addressing these themes: study of contemporary paradigms of administration, difficulties and good decisions adopted by each Province, mutual presentation of the adopted structures, drawing up and presentation of some type of proposal to the next General Chapter and/or to the General Government (especially on the topic of eventual changes of our own concerning the administration of our works).

The meeting has been called: “Administration at the service of the Mission and its future.” It will be held March 11 – 14, 2009, with the 10th and the 15th as travel days. It will take place at the Provincial Residence – Marist University Residence in Guatemala City. We hope to achieve a double purpose:
1.- Analyze the current models of administration used in our Administrative Units for the group of educational works of each AU and to help each province or district to be able to find the one that best suits them, looking toward the best vitality, viability and dynamism in the mission that is carried on.
2.- Present to the next General Chapter, if it is seen as advisable, a proposal of change to adapt it to the current reality thus taking forward the mission of the Institute

At this moment 18 administrative units have responded that they will participate in the meeting. It is hoped that a few more will decide to do so. Two have indicated that they will not be able to participate for various reasons.

The sub commission that is preparing the meeting has met for a second time in Guatemala City from the on September 16 – 19, 2008. Having the meeting at the same site where the next meeting will be held has allowed us to become familiar with the available infrastructures in the house. The incorporation of Brother Luis Carlos on the commission implies a great number of advantages, given his knowledge of the local situation and the fact that he is a member of the community. Many details of the immediate preparation will fall on his shoulders.

We need to thank the Province of América Central for the facilities and also the warm welcome, especially by the Brothers of the residence. We felt very much at home. The rooms, the meals, the availability to be with us and to obtain for us all necessities, the guided tours showing us some of the beauty of the city and its surroundings ….. are brotherly details very much appreciated.

Juan Miguel Anaya
Secretary of the Mission Commission of the General Council

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