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A group of twenty-two Brothers gathered together

07/10/2008: Colombia

A group of twenty-two Brothers, who might be called elderly, having reached their 70s… and gathered together in our house in Chachagüi (Nariño), at the end of the retreat, send you this affectionate and fraternal greeting.

* We are convinced that life and vocation are the greatest gift that we have received from God and that the stage in which we live now is the best and the one that we should be most committed to through fidelity. For we feel that we are all called, whatever our age, to a common task and mysticism: To centre our life in Christ and to say to him without fear: Yes, my love, because our soul accepts him lovingly.

* We, as older Brothers, with all our human limitations, and without pontificating, but rather from the humble and grateful love that we owe to everyone, wish to tell them that we love you, that the Kingdom STILL and GREATLY raises our hopes; we are still committed with our collaboration in creating faithful fraternities, for example, through testimony, service and prayer. We feel like the beautiful evening moon that guards the night and prepares the way for the dawn of our younger and middle- aged Brothers who are committed in the heat of the day.

* The dreams and the passion of Champagnat are alive in us and we request holy wisdom to understand them and to live them incarnate in the world of today, in our society and in the presence of the Kingdom , at the same time we understand and are happy with the illusions, projects and dreams which you all have, especially those of our dear young Brothers because without dreams and projects there can be no future…

* We know and we see day after day that you are all patient with us…you continue giving a great deal and fraternally, especially time for communication and sharing. In the little things that we can do we ask God to give us strength and self-denial and in our senility we want to respond by taking care of ourselves and not wasting time in nostalgia for the past; but rather by being interested and committed to making the present better.

* We trust you, dear Brothers… Go forward with the torch burning and in full flame and be assured always of our prayers and our brotherly cooperation in making Jesus Christ known and loved

* We are witnesses that from early times the Good Mother has done everything for us and we are filled with hope by the certainty that she will continue in this way. Let us not forget it… because as Father Marcellin said, let us always go to Mary because with Her we will always find Jesus.

* May unity, charity, help and mutual understanding reign among us always.

From Chachagüi and with great affection: your older Brothers.

H. Ramón Benseny

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