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“Energy” in El Escorial!



80 groups have passed through this center of spirituality

15/10/2008: Spain - Photo gallery

The course SENDEROS (paths), which is already underway at El Escorial, consists of the presence of Brothers Cruz Alberdi Sesma and Edmundo Baltazar Muro Samanamud (S. María de los Andes), Arturo Buet Costa (Cruz del Sur), Tomás Martínez Sancho (Norandina), Adolfo Cermeño Giraldo (América Central) whose arrival was delayed for 25 days because of a tumor in one of his eyes. After a surgical procedure he has now become part of the group and is showing good signs of improvement; Brothers Rosendo Corona Torres –“Chendo” (México Occidental), Josep Castillo Vidal (l’Hermitage), Javier Cotorro Llanera y Victoriano Hernando García – “Viti” (Ibérica). Brothers José Javier Espinosa Marticorena (América Central) and Afonso Levis (Brasil Centro-Sur) are the course coordinators. Accompanying and supporting are Brothers from Ibérica: Alfredo Villanueva Sainz, Andrés Florentino Núñez -“Floro”-, Eleuterio Sánchez Díaz -“Lute”-; Father Guillermo Rubio Maroto, chaplain, an Augustinian from the Monastery of San Lorenzo de El Escorial; Pedro Pérez y Dori García, de León, staff in the kitchen and laundry.

The group is smaller than expected. More Brothers were supposed to participate. However, the strict application of the immigration laws in Spain made their inclusion in our course impossible.

We have already reached the halfway point. The good understanding and the fraternal relationships; the happiness and the family spirit; the climate of openness and the frankness in the sharing; the personal and communal effort; the simplicity, the good humor and the relaxed atmosphere are quite noticeable. We feel that there is both personal and communal growth. The pilgrimage to our places of Marist origin strengthened the affective ties, among us and with our confreres of some of the communities in Spain and in France, whom we met on the journey. They were meaningful and fruitful moments.

We feel that with our group, the 80th, The Marist Center of Spirituality of San Lorenzo de El Escorial shows its “energy.” In analogy with what verse 10 of Psalm 90 (89) says in one of the translations: The sum of our years is seventy “or eighty if we are strong.” The center reaches a biblical number, of consistent duration, of strength in its existential course, of energetic life… It will experience some changes, at the beginning of next year. We predict that it will continue to enrich… to revitalize people.

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