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Meeting of Brothers working among the people

01/07/2010: Guatemala

In April, the Brothers of Central America living among the people held a family reunion. The risen Jesus, light, hope, joy, and personal witness were the main axes and fruits of the Spirit each of the participants brought in his cases or his backpack for his respective community.

It is possible that someone not having experienced the meeting might ask: one more meeting? To what good?

I would say it was, in fact, ONE MORE MEETING, but it did not have the atmosphere of a road well trodden and routine, but of a spring-board to hope launching us to experiences of new ways.

It was ONE MORE MEETING, but called by the Spirit who introduced himself in a new suit and tie, with pressing appeals.

It was ONE MORE MEETING where each of the invited arrived with new arms, with decorations testifying to victories won, but also marked by deep wounds, pack filled with experiences collected along the way among brothers and sisters who experience daily suffering.

It was ONE MORE MEETING, where we were able to realise that there are men and women of God who lack everything superfluous and whose existence testifies to a life shining and full of hope and happiness.

It was ONE MORE MEETING, because we discover little by little that consecrated life among the most deprived is a PARABLE of Jesus rich in gestures, images, symbols, persons of flesh and blood, sacred histories, souls filled with God, a productive and well-fertilised field to tell children, young people and adults that God loves them. And this way leaves traces, brands the souls of all those who allow themselves to be stripped by the reality which is theirs, day after day.

And to what good? For what purpose?

To come together as brothers and share our Marist brotherhood.
To… pray together, share the word of God, and, together, drink the water from the Rock and nourish ourselves on the life-giving bread of the Eucharist.
To… tell the Province that it is on the right track and that we want to continue to explore this new land proposed to us by the XXI General Chapter, even if this course does not allow us to travel as quickly as we want to.

The apocalypse of consecrated life that we are in train of living announces « Water from the Spring in abundance », « The river of God is full »:
• There is a new dynamic charism which urges us towards the new land on the frontiers.
• We have received a rich Marial heritage full of tenderness and centred on Jesus, which we do not know how to squander.
• Our young people have dreams which speak to us of hope.
• Our animators and congregational leaders encourage us and urge us to travel in haste towards new lands (new places, new areopaguses).
• The Brothers of mature age are pedaling in good rhythm to adapt to the social and ideological changes that have befallen us.
• The hearts and hands of our « bastions » and our « towers » that have stood up to the years – our elderly brothers – are filled with God and, strong with the power of love, they confront the evening of their lives.
• So there, Brothers, the source is still flowing…
Let us make the best of this prophetic announcement before the drought comes.

Br. Teódulo Hernando

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