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Visit of the General Council to Arco Norte

14/05/2005: Guatemala

The meeting of the extended General Council in the region of Arco Norte started on Thursday 12th May, with a time of prayer centred on the openness and availability of Mary to the Word of God in the Annunciation. After the initial words of welcome by the Superior General, each one of the thirty-six brothers participating in this meeting introduced themselves briefly to the oth-ers and shared with them some of their hopes for this meeting.
After a brief explanation by Brother Luis G Sobrado on the origin of the meetings and their main objectives, Brother Seán addressed the group, offering them some reflections. He thanked all for their participation, as well as the welcome and collaboration that all received during the recently finished visits, and he underlined two main aspects: identity and leader-ship.
To develop an identity - Brother Seán said - we all need to arrive at a consensus on the im-portant points of our life and mission. I am not speaking of eclectic agreement, but of consen-sus… Our 20th General Chapter was clear: the foundation of all that we say and do in our life should be the passion for Jesus Christ and the Gospel. And that challenge goes beyond the life of each one of us; it also affects our communities and apostolates.
Making reference to a recent meeting of Brother Seán with some brothers, he added: Those brothers recognised that we are living in challenging times, and they expressed a great desire to have leaders who keep alive the vision of what is truly a Marist Brother. We need leaders who are brothers who speak the truth and who, with their actions, words and simplicity of life, challenge us all to do that should be done in this time of renewal in the Church and in our way of life. As is the case with many young people today, these brothers want to have leaders who speak once again of sacrifice and who challenge us with a vision for which it is worthwhile to give your life.
Finally, Brother Seán finished his words by referring to the restructuring processes and region-alisation in this region of Arco Norte.
The rest of the day was devoted to the study of the reports prepared by the teams of visitors: personal time and then meetings for the Provincial Councils.

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