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Meeting of the Marist Fraternities in Cordova

11/01/2011: Spain

Good! Here we all are, even the friends from the Fraternities of Syria and Lebanon, the latter after many vicissitudes caused by the wild strike of air controllers in Spain. But once in Cordova, and after the customary warm greetings, the first words they pronounced were: « HOME at last! »Yes, at home… After these two years, to meet again in Cordova is like coming home, back to the extended family… Or, rather, to return to the « cave » of the PIRATES.Once organised, the baby pirates (more numerous each time) with their bandoleers, swords, sashes, feeding bottles (of whisky!) and their blankets… we were off on the treasure hunt!And as in a large family, we studied the route together, anticipated the halts to fill up with hope, courage, patience; the various tasks were distributed so that all could put their abilities to use.Perhaps more than the treasure, it was the road which fascinated and challenged us. Marcellin also thought of the following stage: no time to waste in looking for the laurels of glory!You must have realized by now that every meeting of the Marist Fraternities of Europe is animated and experienced from the point of view of « pirates ». But there was a nest-egg!In the second Provincial Assembly, our Fraternities had expressed strongly their wish for formation and growth; personal above all, in the way of faith, under the affectionate regard of our Good Mother spurred on by Marcellin’s boldness.This is taking shape and being realized in openness to others, attention to the most needy: it is a reflection of the love of God for us.Today more than ever, we feel that our vocation is being realised in our identity as lay Marists, and that it is being enriched by the collaboration with the Brothers in the project of shared mission of evangelisation – Brothers and lay people.Finally, the treasure is ourselves who are precious in God’s eyes: he loves us unconditionally! And the others are not strangers. Such is the true treasure we have found during these days. Thank you!At present, all we need is to enlarge our fleet!Around us, numerous « pirates » have taken in the sails and expect nothing more from the wind. Others have not even heard of the route, the fleet…Up to us then to encourage them, to « sign them on » and press them aboard.Courage! The battle has just started!_____________Prof. Luisa Ciccarelli 5 December 2010

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