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May with Our Lady

30/04/2011: General House

As May approaches, we naturally direct our thoughts to the mother of Jesus. We allow our heart to beat in company with this young woman who bears in her womb the Son of God.

Something that we experience at the feeling level: that’s what is most important in our relation to Mary, Mother of God. She is mother, so we approach her as children approach the mother they love. We are proud of her; we are certain that she loves us, that she will show us how best to love her Son. The importance of Mary originates solely from the Infant whom she holds in her arms, the Child whom she presents to all who approach her. Mary is the “mother-servant” of the Word made flesh, the monstrance from which her Son shines forth.

We know that Mary’s greatest mission is to present Jesus to the world, to make him present in our midst, in each generation, in all cultures, among all peoples. We also know that, in his turn, Jesus will say to us, “Behold your mother.” The setting in which Jesus gives us his Mother is not a matter of chance. Rather he says the “Behold” at the moment when his love is being shown “to the end.” It is the moment when Jesus expresses the fullness of his self-giving, when he gives to the human family the one whom he loves, the one who was faithful to him from Incarnation to Calvary, the woman who is most dear to him, his mother.

The month of May invites us to be inventive. Previously, in our schools, when May arrived, there was great creativity in classes to honour Mary more especially: altars, marial sentences written on decorated charts; bouquets of flowers which the children brought, drawings, hymns gospel reflections… Like the Brothers, like lay Marists, Marcellin Champagnat has taught is to make a special place for the Good Mother. Like him and the beloved disciple we have taken Mary into our hearts, into our lives, into our apostolic activities.

Experience tells us that Mary listens to prayers, that she redoubles her maternal towards those who invoke her. It was in the night and the snow that Marcellin had experience of this. His love was daily, but when the storm descended from Heaven onto his young Congregation, he went to shelter it under the maternal mantle of Mary.

All through this month marial reflections would be offered day after day (old.champagnat.org). They were born within our documents, from our experiences of life, of certain gospel passages, from the attitude of Christian people and Popes… A page, a page and a half of reading… what can help to make Mary more present in our lives and we more present in her heart.

The texts are of Br. Giovanni Bigotto

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