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Fourth Inter-American congress of Marist solidarity

24/06/2011: Mexico

We have started this walk since 2004, when the first congress of Marist solidarity took place in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia,  in 2006 in Belo Horizonte,  Brasil and in 2009 in Belém, Brasil.

People have arrived to Mexico from different Marist Provinces and countries with the hope to give validation to the Inter-American document of solidarity, dialogue and share the experiences of the Provinces and districts that promote the reflection and dynamics of the Marist Solidary Heart network in America and become experts in the evangelization of children and youth and the defense of their rights

Brother Ricardo Uriel Reynoso Ramírez, Provincial of Central Mexico, gave the participants the welcome to Mexico and the invitation to continue searching of ways to make Marcellin´s dream a reality through the solidarity

The praying moments had as a central theme the message of the “Nican Mopohua”, in the one we remember the experiences of the apparitions of Our Lady of Guadalupe. In a very simple way we have explained symbols and shapes that helped us, the ones who made a peregrination on the pursuit of a more fair and filled with solidarity society, to understand the mission that Our Lady of Guadalupe gave to us: “offer to the people who have a lot of poverty all of our love, protection, help and defense.”

The Brother Emili Turú cheered the participation in his message for the encounter and shared; “we need your commitment, we need you to help us and to push us to dream … We need to be people with a deep spirituality…”, also, he expressed his gratitude in the name of all of the Institution because each one of the participants contribute through their everyday mission to make the Marist community and the Church more credible. 

During a lot of days the process of the construction of the document was overlooked, opinions and suggestions, a little by little we have been appropriating its contents to get it running and tol et people know about it.

Brother João Carlos Do Prado communicated the projects, plans and lines of action of the Institute´s Mission Secretariats  

Sara Panciroli, and the Brothers. Vicente Falqueto, Manuel Mendoza y James Edward Jollie on a representation of the International Marist Solidarity Foundation (FMSI) explained that they (the FMSI) are here to help all of the Marist Provinces and the districts to implement the call of the XII general chapter : “to promote in all of the levels of the Institute, the rights of the children and youth and to promote them to the governments and the other public institutions “.

Some of the tasks that have surged from this encounter are the necessity to strengthen the structur and dynamics of the Marist Solidarity Network, as well as linking our works with other organizations that promote the defense of the children and youth rights.

Almost at the end of this encounter there was a reflection of the tasks and suggestions for for the next three years, besides we chose the ones who will form the Sub-commission of Marist Solidarity. For the Northern Arch; Ma. Del Socorro Álvarez Noriega, part of the Central Mexico Province, on the South Cone, Juan Carlos Pellón, part of the Saint Mary Province, representing Brazil, Brother Miguel Antonio Orlandi, from the Rio Grande do Sul Province, who will be accompanied by Angelica Alegría from the Western Mexico Province, integrant of the Continental Mission Team.

In the mass, we were sent to be a testimony of the things we´ve lived, thanking God is also a blessing sense for the others.

America breathes and today as Champagnat Marists, brothers and laity people recognize that our hands weave the hope, that we are hearts that get united and transform, another world is possible for all of us.

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