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From misery to mercy



City of mercy

30/06/2011: Tanzania - Photo gallery

In the views and the charism of Champagnat ?/Give us today our daily bread and water. In his first article, Br Marino Primiceri told us about his Apostolate at MJI Wa HURUMA in Tanzania: urgent material requirements, absolutely essential repairs, accompaniment of those not favoured by nature and the rejects of society (read the article). Here are some reflections arising from his prayer or leading to it.

Lord, You are infinite mercy and evil cannot prevail over it. The free choice You leave us, with our weaknesses and priorities which are not Yours,  misleads us  and  takes us where You are not and where, face to face with ourselves, we do not want to go, we do not want to stay. Far from you, that is hell. You place on our route signs as clear as they are obscure: clear for those who wish to see and obscure for those who make the choice of personal interest, material advantages, power, possessions, present fame, pride, belonging to the race, tribe, clan or club of the right people. Whether this belonging is of the flesh, the intelligence or simple unmotivated superiority, it is not Yours. My joy, Lord, is to be where You want. You know better than we do what we really need: our prayers are very imperfect, confined, verging on impropriety and sometimes insolent. Teach us to pray. Teach us to take time, to lend or better give one’s attention, « without interest ». May our acts, gestures, words, thoughts and feelings be Yours, whether it be to the little ones so close to your body and your heart, or the « not yet little ones » -who consider themselves « great ones» or even of Judas, indispensable stumbling block, key personage of the Redemption, my daily model, when I want money, power over the Innocent, when I want to marry water and fire. Renew your pardon, Lord, for the Judas I am, for the traitors we are.

Make us pass from misery to Mercy, from our misery to Your mercy, and make us all live by Your mercy. To recognize you in the mutilated face, in the ugly body, in the malicious, diplomat and affable, who schemes our loss and finds his own. You grant me the grace to take part, like your worker of the last hour, in Mji wa Huruma, this Hermitage where there is so much work to be done, in humility, simplicity and secret. In the silence and before the Presence, prayer is born, source of the Faith, itself source of Charity. And without this Charity, we are nothing, clashing cymbals, empty drums, even if royal. «All the dioceses of the world enter into our views». A joke?  Very likely. Did he want to say that the most distant places, the strangest destinations do not frighten us? Boldly and enthusiastically, he sent his little brothers off and carried their travel bag until their departure. The most diverse  apostolates do not discourage us; let a sign of God’s will become evident and we will not hesitate. Those are the facts of our history. Let those jealous of their prerogatives, the envious and the fearful, the wearers of silk stockings not be sad, let the speedbreaks, those who place limits on projects and charism take note that the Charism of Champagnat is not made for books nor ready for packing. Force us to build, Lord, the City where the King and the Law are Mercy!

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