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The prayer of Cubans to their patroness

05/08/2011: Cuba

Br. Germain has informed us, via our web site, of his experiences regarding the pilgrimage to the Virgin of Cobre in the suburbs and dioceses of Cuba. Now he sends us a few prayers which the simple people have written in the Book of "Visits to the Virgin of Charity" during his stay in the parish of Our Lady of Lourdes, Buena Vista, Cienfuegos, on 19th and 20th June 2011.


- Grant my family: health, strength, love and peace.

- I pray to you for my nephew in prison.

- Be with the Cubans in their lives, may their lives becoming, in peace and union

- Shed much light on my dear mama.  She helps me to follow your example of humility, simplicity and love.

- Thank you for bestowing on us your blessing.

- May all wish me well.  Help me resolve my problems.

- Take care of my papa on the road, in his work as a chauffeur.

- Help the peasants, may their harvests be abundant.

- I want to thank you for the happiness, peace and unity of Cuba.

- Thank you for allowing me to see my children who were far away and could not return.

- I ask that those who cannot return to the country may be allowed to do so.  Grant that my children can find work.  May I not lose my home.

- I have always loved you; protect Cuba.  Thank you for having allowed me to know you better.

- Always guide my daughter on the right path.

- May I find the man of my life and be happy for the rest of my days.

- Grant Cuba the peace that we all wish for.

- I ask you for much peace at world level.

- Help me to satisfactorily solve the problem of my apartment.

- Help me follow the way of Our Lord Jesus Christ and that peace and love may reign in the world.

- I wish to express by these lines my immense love, my gratitude for your support in all the difficult moments I encounter and in which you never leave me alone.

- I ask you for good understanding and stability in my marriage.

- I ask you for good health for my brothers who are not in Cuba.

- Mother of all Cubans, I ask you for the five heroes

- I ask you for my son who is far away.  Protect my nephew who is in prison. May the judges be just and may they condemn those who really deserve it.  And for my niece who finds herself so separated from her son.

- Virgin of Charity, I ask you that my son may succeed in his studies as an engineer, and that my daughter can move to a better house, and for me, better health, for I suffer in the knees.

-  Virgin of Charity, welcome to all the villages of Cuba, bless us.

- Thank you Holy Virgin for having come in to my parish.

- Mama in heaven for having come amongst us

- Mother of Charity, my beautiful one, I thank you for coming to see us here.  Thank you for being amongst us.

- Virgin of Charity, thank you for being my mother, all my days.

- Virgin of Charity, in the same way as you unite all your children, let my family be united again.  And that I can see my two children always together

- Virgin of Charity, I ask you that in the midst of my grave problems I will not lose patience nor become foolish.  I ask you for this with all my heart.

- Mother, protect my children who are far from Cuba.

- I thank you Virgin Mary, especially for believing in you since my childhood and in believing in your son Jesus Christ and in the Catholic Church.

- Thank you for life, Virgin of Charity.  I give you thanks for my family.  I ask you to increase our faith and cure us of all evil.

-Holy Virgin, I ask that my daughter and her husband accept each other and that their union be true and lasting.  May he be accepted in the home.  I ask you for health in mind and body for my grand-daughter; may her father love her, help her and may she be wise.

- Mother, above all, thank you for having visited us.  Protect mine who are far away. Continue to give us peace, joy and understanding.

- Mother of all Cubans, bless us forever.

- Mother, I only ask you for health, and still more health.

- Mother I would like you to help me according to the words:  Those who hope and love obtain all.   Happiness awaits them but it will arrive.  It is better to hope than lose hope.

- Holy Virgin, I ask you for health for all the family prosperity, much money and much peace and love.

- I wish for good health and peace for all the brothers on this planet, as well as for those on this Cuban soil.

- I ask you, my Mother, for my papa, that he may come from Miami

- I ask you to bring me a rose bicycle and a letter of invitation to Spain.

- For this nephew, though he may be an honourable young man, that you deliver him from all evil and all accident.  Health and prosperity for him; eternal repose for his mother ; strength and wisdom for his father so that he can guide and accompany him.  (May he have) an excellent end to the academic year, good results, and the diploma for my niece and a good place to work.  May my other nephew resolve as soon as possible his mortgage problems in Spain and return without delay to his grand-daughter and family.  Health, love and prosperity for all my family, my friends and the families of my friends.  For all Cubans, for my beloved Fatherland, prosperity

- My well-beloved Virgin:  bless my family ; grant us the miracle of love.  Bless my baby so that it may always witness your charity. May the fruit of my womb be blessed by your grace as Jesus was by the grace of God.

- Virgin of Cobre, I ask you to bring me a small gold chain.

- Virgin Mary, I thank you for having a marvellous family.

- Holy Virgin, I wish to ask you for health for all the needy, sick and deprived who are in the world.  Give them love in their hearts and let them know you.

- To Jesus through Mary: I ask you that you stop war.  And that there be more peace, health and prosperity in all countries

-          Virgin of Charity of Cobre, our national patroness :

I know that I am not amongst your best subjects, I ask you, through God, to grant me what I ask of you.  I can offer you nothing especial now, nothing material, but I offer you my heart and the promise to serve you.

Although I know that we will not live forever on this earth, grant to my mama that God may grant her peace of heart every day she lives here below.  Take away from her useless sorrows.  For my daughter, give her the clarity of mind needed to make correct decisions. And that she may not deviate from the path of good.  And for me, give me health and strength so that I may cope with the pains of this life.  Amen

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