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CEPAM - July course 2011 – Cycle b

19/09/2011: Mexico

« The vision I now have of Marcellin is especially conditioned by my encounter with the letters he wrote from January to July 1838, when he was in Paris. »
« Being at Cepam has been for me a voyage to the sources, in the « solitudes » of l’Hermitage, to meet Marcellin. The sources have come to me. »

« In contemplating Marcellin, especially in the course of the three Cycles of Cepam, I have become convinced, in the first place, that he was a man of God and, from there, was a man always willing to respond to the will of God. It is only thus that he was able to realize the work confided to him by God himself, amid the many difficulties he had to experience, including the incomprehension of his superiors and confrères. »

« I am discovering – and for me this is surprising news – that Marcellin enters into a profound  communication with François. If one looks carefully, one can appreciate the depth of the words and the transparency Marcellin shows in the letters he addressed to him. One understands, as well, the profound sentiments Brother François expresses when he speaks about the Founder, especially in his circulars. This has helped me « change my vision » of this witness of the  « intentions of the Founder ». It is possible, in studying his life and writings, that we will discover much more about what it means to accept and incarnate in our life as a brother the spirit of Father Champagnat. »

« These days, Marcellin, I have been able to learn a little more about you, much more than the basic facts I learnt as a child and Marist student. I have been able to see your determination in following a dream, a mission that you felt coming from God and in which you engaged your whole life. We Marists have to share ourselves with the world, with the young who are searching for meaning in life and are thirsty for God. Marcellin, accompany us and teach us to be passionate for God, like Mary, and passionate for humanity. »

« Marcellin: a man who listened and answered ‘yes’ to the call God made him, who confronted with love all the difficulties which presented themselves (he did not always emerge the winner but he accomplished a great work). But it is clear he walked hand in hand with Jesus and Marie, the Good Mother. »

« The figure of an icon is gradually replaced by a human figure. Little by little I feel him closer to the reality which is mine today, and at the same time, I discover myself in many of his situations. I note his immense effort to remain in the presence of God. »

Marcellin received a charism, and I can see that the charism is above a foundation. Champagnat did not want persons to carry out a mission, he wanted men engaged vis-à-vis Christian education. From the history I have come to understand better and better the vocation of the  Marist Brother, our particular call. Our origins give meaning to all we do and we cannot escape them. »

Testimonies of the participants in the course.
Sapopan, Jal., Mexico, 30 July 2011

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