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Meeting of the African Mission Commission

13/10/2011: Madagascar - Photo gallery

From 26 to 30 September 2011, the meeting of the African Mission Commission was held in the Reception Centre of Mahatamana in Antsirabe, Madagascar. Those taking part were Brothers Fortune Francis Chakasara, Southern Africa, John Kusi Mensah, West Africa, Rémy Mbolipasiko Dikala, Central East Africa, Michel Maminiaina Razafimandimby, Madagascar, Ifeanyi Mbaegbu, Nigeria, and João Carlos do Prado, of the Mission Secretariat. Brother Thomas Randrianantenaina, Provincial of Madagascar and President of the Conference of Provincials of the African Continent also took part and was responsible for all the support and logistics for the meeting.

It began with a welcoming luncheon in the Provincial House attended by Brothers from the Third Age House and other communities. During the week it was also possible to meet and fraternize with the Marist communities of the Colegio San José and the Inmaculada Concepción.

The topics considered at the meeting were: sharing about the mission performed by each brother in his province/district; presentation of the Provinces and Districts of Africa; review of the work previously done by the Commission; updating of the Commission’s Strategic Plan; exchange and reflection on the document "Evangelizers in the midst of youth"; and the Course of Marist Spirituality and Patrimony, among others. The focus of the meeting was on the challenges and perspectives of the Marist mission in Africa.

The 30th of September was devoted to a greater integration of the members of the Commission. With this in mind, Brother Thomas treated the group to a tour of the city of Ambositra, where they visited the community of Marist Missionary Sisters, had the opportunity to know and appreciate the creation of local handicrafts and also enjoyed the hospitality of Brother Thomas’ family.

The meeting was evaluated as very profitable and full of hope for the Strategic Plan of the Commission. All the participants expressed their gratitude for the hospitality and support of the communities of Antananarivo and Antsirabe. The contribution of the Province of Madagascar was very important in facilitating conditions for the successful work of the Commission.

The themes to be studied next by the African Mission Commission up to 2017 are identity, mission for the future, vision and other global topics.



The African Mission Commission is a technical team mandated by the Conference of Superiors of African Continent  for animation, strengthening and articulation of the Marist mission in the continent in collaboration with the Mission Secretariat.



The African Mission Commission seeks to reflect and assist the Administrative Units (AUs) in the implementation of the calls of the 21st General Chapter (GC), answering to the challenges that face the Marist presence in the continent and proposing new strategies in the co-ordination of common projects and initiatives of Marist mission in Africa.



By 2017, the African Mission Commission would have been recognized for its contribution in the improvement, quality and vitality of Marist mission in all the contexts of Marist presence in the continent.



  • Implement and improve the quality of Marist Youth Ministry (MYM) in Africa using the document, “Evangelizers in the midst of youth” in collaboration with other continents and the Mission Secretariat.
  • Deepen our understanding of the specific identities of Brothers and Lay Marists in sharing life: spirituality, mission, and formation using the document, “Gathered Around the Same Table”, in collaboration with the Laity Secretariat.
  • Marist Education: Challenges in a new world

We feel impelled to act with urgency to find new creative ways to educate, evangelize, promote the rights of children, and be in solidarity with poor children and young people.

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