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SED - The Solidarity Club of the Marist Family is born

20/10/2011: Spain

Recently in Spain an unprecedented ‘adventure’ in over 1700 classrooms in 47 Marist educational centers was begun. The “We Are From SED” Campaign brings  three ‘delegates’ to the colleges to live various adventures in the world of the students, and with the cooperation of their families, in order to train them in  development.

Madrid, October 2011 - Many people make up the great Marist family. In Spain they number in the thousands, and it is a very diversified group: people of varying ages, genders, origins and social condition, but all with one thing in common—the link to a Marist educational center.

Many of the families not only know and respect the values that are imparted inside and outside the classroom, but also collaborate and actively participate in the activities and initiatives which start there.

The best examples for understanding this are the dozens of solidarity campaigns that are carried out each year, the thousands of volunteers who lend a hand and the thousands of euros that are raised for solidarity, with a view to the education and development of the neediest people.

The backbone of the great majority of these activities is the NGO SED. This non-governmental organization for development, whose initials speak precisely of Solidarity, Education and Development, is not only a link of union for all these families. It can also be a link of interaction, knowledge, contact and exchange for the families engaged in action for solidarity and the Marist families.


This is a reality. Nevertheless, it cannot always be seen, concetized or experienced. Until today. Because what is born today, the SED Club, is not just any club, it is a space for Marist solidarity in Spain. The word ‘club’, among many other meanings, suggests belonging. Belonging to something. In this case, belonging to a huge group of people motivated by solidarity.

It is on these foundations that the campaign which has been started recently in 47 Marist schools in Spanish territory rests. We speak of the “We Are From SED –  Family in Solidarity” Campaign, which will make the SED Club known.

‘We Are From SED – Family in solidarity’ is proposed to the centers to educate in solidarity, to awaken consciences, to promote a sensitive and responsible volunteer service, to transform through action and to believe in the capabilities of the peoples of the South.

A new cartoon series to support education in solidarity and justice to the smallest children, presents the message that a world more just, in solidarity and lasting is possible with the assistance and cooperation of everyone.

The three new friends of Champagnat—Edu, Sol and Rollo—make possible, with the help of the friends of the SED Club, Champagnat’s dream of taking education and development to the most neglected children and for it to become a reality for many of them.

Belonging toSEDClub also allows a member to receive information about activities and other news of SED. Every three months, through the SED magazine Solidarios, every two months thanks to an Information Sheet and, whenever there is important news or information, through special messages.

This also allows one to be informed about the awareness campaigns that develop, to have the opportunity to participate in activities that may be organized, and to possess an accreditation card.

This permits the involvement of all the family, parents and children united around the topics and activities of solidarity promoted by the SED Club. To educate in the value of solidarity within the family environment.

The members of theJunior SED Club, for their part, will be able to freely download the episodes of the cartoon series that is soon to make its debut. In addition, among other activities and services, the students will work on various educational documents on awareness that will be interrelated with the characters.

During October and November, the educators involved, numbering more than 2500, who are familiar with and have made the Campaign theirs, are going to invite into the more than 1700 classes, the three new ‘friends’, some very special characters that are going to be the link between the more than 45,000 young Spanish students and the thousands of boys and girls who also have a right to a worthy education in other parts of the planet.

The adventure begins. Are you going to be left out?

Join SED Club
For more information contact the Department of Communications of SED
Email: isaac@sed-ongd.org
Phone: 91 33 44 887
Fax: 91 33 44 897

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