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Fourth version of the web www.champagnat.org

07/12/2011: General House

Our site is an official instrument of the Institute of the Marist Brothers of the Schools through which Brother Superior General and his Council communicate with the Marist world. Born in 2001, on the eve of the 20th General Chapter, it has already undergone two stages of growth and adaptation: the first in 2004 making it independent of the standard format with which it was born, and the second in 2006 giving it a technical infrastructure of its own. Now we are celebrating its fourth change of dress and its adaptation to a navigation rhythm in keeping with the advances of technology.

The webmaster Luiz Da Rosa has worked assiduously to assemble all the weave of logical language needed for interpretation by the computer which serves the news and documents we see on the screen.

Three criteria have guided the work of restructuring the web page: giving it a modern, light and attractive design; facilitating navigation by means of dynamic menus; and incorporating the connection of content with the social networks.

The design appears clearer than the previous, eliminating structures excessively heavy or overloaded with content. A range of colours has been chosen more varied than in the previous edition. Dynamic elements have been introduced to give attractiveness and at the same time constitute support for more efficient movement. Browsing has been made easier using dynamic menus, able to be unfolded and with conceptual references that speed up movement from one page to another. Surely this is one of the services most pleasing to our users in dealing with an instrument elaborated with very simple logic which easily leads to the information being sought. Finally, special care has been taken in integrating the connections with the social networks which facilitates the spread of the news appearing on our web site.

The contents of the web page have not changed. They are still basically grouped around four major nucleii. The first is the structure of the Institute: this explains who we are, where we come from, what we have and what are the structures we use to operate. The second brings together the identities and activities of the four Secretariats and the Fondazione Marista per la Solidarità Internacionale (FMSI). An important section is the one featuring the news and photos which are sent out from the General House. And finally, all the electronic documents which existed in the previous edition have been grouped in a single deposit in the form of an electronic library or document storage.

As introduction to all this complex system of connections and services for obtaining information, which is served from the General House, a site map is available with an index of all the terms that appear in the principal menus; the RSS, a program which permits the   distribution and diffusion, through the various channels, of lists of the links, headings or new summaries contained on the web; the credits and rights of the author ; and the legal limits of privacy and use of the web.

To present these new factors, we have chosen the feast of our Good Mother, under her title of the Immaculate Conception, under whose protection we place our work. We are happy to offer an instrument of communication in line with the most advanced technology. And we congratulate ourselves on being present in the field of communication and evangelization in using this medium which reaches so many people very swiftly.

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