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Marist Patrimony Workshop

16/01/2012: Kenya

In order to educate and deepen the understanding of the heritage of the Marist Brothers, the Marist International Centre organized a five days workshop, known as Marist Patrimony, specifically for the first year students. The workshop started on Monday, 12th December, 2011 at 9 am and lasted till Friday, 16th December. Br. Elias Iwu, from the province of Nigeria, who directed the workshop really exhibited his good knowledge of the Marist Patrimony as he took us around the events of the Institute with much ease. Br. Spiridion Ndanga, from Rwanda, the African coordinator, also gave some input.

The workshop had rich presentations on power point that helped us to digest the matter discussed.
Beside the presentations, much was also shared and discussed orally.

On the first day, Br. Elias Iwu made us realize "who is really Marcellin Champagnat?" He presented to us the images that portray the original faces of our founder. He also, in an intensive manner, taught us the historical, geographical, socio-economic, political and educational context in which Marcellin Champagnat was born and brought up. As we moved on in the workshop, he took us to the biography of Champagnat. He treated various letters Champagnat wrote to some Brothers, especially Brothers Dominic and Sylvester. All the letters treated really gave the answer to the question: who is really Champagnat.

The workshop looked also at the spirituality of Champagnat and what we are living today as Marist spirituality: how it originated, its root and the influence.

It looked at the relationship that existed between Champagnat and his first recruits; how they loved one another and how these early Brothers inculcated the virtues of Champagnat. Their life depicted Champagnat as a good formator who could tolerate some of the mistakes of his first recruits because of their background.

The director equally gave us enough time for comments, questions and clarifications.

This was an opportunity for the participants to clear up their doubts and express their feelings regarding what they learnt. Many remarks were made about the life of the founder, his first Brothers and our life as Marist Brothers today. The participants at the workshop were very active as far as participation is concerned. They expressed their joy and happiness whenever they heard anything that struck them about the history of Marcellin’s life. The workshop was really formative and everyone who took part enjoyed it.

The workshop officially ended on Friday, 16th December, 2011. The director of the workshop, Br. Elias Iwu, thanked the participants for their active participation.
Br. N. Tiburtius Kewaiy

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