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Extended Council of the Arco Norte Region

28/02/2012: General House

Before giving some information about the Extended Council, the meeting of the Br. Superior General and his council with all the Provincial Councils of « Arco Norte » in Guatemala, from 29 February to 3 March, here is a brief notice on  « Arco Norte » and its historical context.

 « Arco Norte » comprises, from north to south, the Provinces: Canada, United States, Mexico, Central America and Norandina.

The Province of Canada was founded in 1908, and was divided in 1943 into two Provinces: Iberville and Levis. A further Province was created in 1960, that of Desbiens. The whole was unified and restructured in 2002 as the Province of Canada.

The Province of the United States of America was founded in 1913. It was divided in 1959 into two Provinces: Esopus and Poughkeepsie.  In 2003 it was restructured and unified.

The Province of Mexico was founded in 1908. In 1959 it was divided into two Provinces: Mexico Central and Mexico Occidental. Haiti belongs to te Province of México Occidental.

The Province of « America Central » is complex in its origin and development. Brothers from Mexico arrived in Cuba in 1903. The Marist works in El Salvador were founded by the Province of Colombia starting from 1923 and Guatemala in 1932. In 1949 the Province of Central America and Cuba was created by separating these works from their provinces of origin. Today it is called the Province of « América Central » and includes these countries: Guatemala, Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Porto Rico and Cuba.

The Province of Norandina was restructured in 2003. It also had a complex origin and development.  Norandina was established by uniting the Provinces of Ecuador, Venezuela and Colombia. The Province of Colombia was founded in 1908. Marist works began in Ecuador in 1957 and it became a Province in 1975.  Venezuela has had a Marist presence since 1925; it was made a District in 1959, and a Province in 1982.

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