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in the month of March

11/04/2012: Mexico

From 9 to 11 March, the « Instituto Queretano San Javier » hosted the National Assembly of the 'New Marist City' for senior secondary students. In an atmosphere of joy, openness and enthusiasm, close to 300 young people from many school establishments (Instituto Hildalguense, Instituto México de Toluca, Colegio Manuel Concha, Colegio Pedro Martínez Vázquez, Instituto Queretano, Instituto Morelos, Colegio Jacona, Instituto Potosino) and youth from the 'Centro Universitario México' came together to live a week-end under the slogan « ConVocación Marista » (=> With the Marist vocation).

A sports competition took place in the Marcellin Champagnat stadium, promoting values such as personal responsibility, open and sincere communication, setting new goals and participation,   important elements for the harmonious development of secondary students.

Group sharing about life challenges and contact with different social situations allowed the youth to encounter a Jesus of solidarity, through the smile of an infant, the face and experience of an old man and the testimony of those who make an apostolate of catechesis.

In the afternoon, the Marist spirit spread through the streets of this beautiful city ; the flags flying and the singing attracted people’s attention, inviting them to take part in the activities of the rally with a smile, an embrace, or a gesture of encouragement and to share the hope for a better world.

This year, the society of Querétano was invited to participate in the « wall of Marist expression », with ideas about ecology, children’s rights, and peace in Mexico. This was a unique experience in which the adults invited the youth to take part in the struggle to protect the world, respect the dignity of the voiceless and dream of a Mexico soon living in peace.

At the end of the Assembly, mention was made of the teamwork of parents who had lovingly prepared the meals, as well as the efforts of the local co-ordinators completing their period of collaboration.

From 15 to 18 March the National Camp of Friends on March under the device: « Mexico, a land which builds a common project ». It highlighted the work of esteemed Mexicans   distinguished for service and love of country: Francisco I. Madero, Frida Khalo, Lorena Ochoa, Octavio Paz, José Ma. Morelos, Mario Molina, Javier Sicilia, Samuel Ruiz, Lázaro Cárdenas, José Alfredo Jiménez, María Gutiérrez and José Vasconcelos

Through games and rallies, we reflected on the value of the homeland and the importance of recognizing what it has given us. The participants were able to identify with the history of the country, its culture, traditions, language and values, placing the accent on sensitivity to the country’s actual situation.

This camp allowed remaining in direct contact with nature and, at the same time, discovery and reflection on what each needs to do to protect and preserve it.

Several school establishments, including « Instituto Sahuayense, Colegio Jacona, Instituto México de Toluca, Colegio Pedro Martínez Vázquez and Instituto Hidalguense » had the opportunity to live a weekend experience in which brothers and laity, parents, students and former students shared the joy of forming a single family.

A week-end for sharing, getting to know and become engaged  vis-à-vis oneself and those around one, seizing the unique opportunities life offers, with the importance of feeling loved, called and sent, and to know oneself a decision maker in one’s formation, under the accents of a tune: « FRIENDS ON MARCH, LET US GO IMMEDIATELY IF WE ARE READY TO CLIMB THE MOUNTAIN WITH JOY, DRIVE AND ENTHUSIASM, TO REACH THE SUMMIT TOGETHER, WITH JESUS, IN THE MANNER OF CHAMPAGNAT. »

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