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CEPAM course

24/08/2012: Mexico

The course took place in Loma Bonita, last July, with the participation ofBr. Jean-Mance Louis-Jeune, Br. Deivis Fischer, Br. Aureliano Brambila, Br. Javier Echeverry, Br. Vinicius Tenedini, Mr. Eduardo Armenta, Mr. Carlos Barreto and Mr. Sérgio Schons


Here you have some testimonials from participants

"Champagnat was attentive to the Lord's calls, and realized that charism is a gift of God for the Church. Marcellin made it very clear in his intuition that the mission must be attentive to the calls that we feel. He was an active member, and always concerned about the unity among the branches. He never acted separately, even when he had to endure some rebukes from Colin. Champagnat worked hard in this direction, but did not get to see the congregation authorized. I would like to stress his strong commitment, as well as his diplomatic approach with the authorities, since he needed help and was able to be wise in words and actions. Colin reprimanded Champagnat for not sending brothers to a place. Our Founder was severely reprimanded and even punished for such an attitude; nevertheless, he did not react against Colin's decision. Of course, Champagnat was fully aware of each one's competences, and his was to be responsible for the Marist Brothers, while Colin's role was the founding of the Marist Fathers." (Vinicius Tenedini, three cycles)


 "Now that the third cycle of the CEPAM course has finished, I think of Champagnat's various faces, which revealed themselves throughout my life: as a child, in Ravery' serious face; as a teenager, the almost inimitable face of the saint, designed by J.B. Furet; and after trying to follow him all my life and having studied him in depth at the CEPAM, I discovered in him tears and frustration, fatigue and determination, blood and heart. What Br. Seán said about Mary, I say it about Champagnat: its proximity to God made him more human." (Sérgio Schons, three cycles)


 "Today, after attending this course, I think that Marcellin is a man who has and expresses a "refined heart." He is a visionary man, able to respond to all the questions he had to deal with daily. I see a man with a great ability to accompany his brothers. He deeply loved life. I think he is a man of deep prayer. A superior and founder of a community of Religious Brothers." (Alfonso Javier Echeverry, one cycle)


"Here are some important elements: the relationship between Champagnat and the Society of Mary; the way this relationship evolved over time; the difficulties Marcellin faced at the end of his life: approval of the Institute by Rome, approval by the French government. The diocesan approvals and their consequences; the way Marcellin got to have people helping him, especially some brothers who were essential for the project to continue (Francisco, Luis Maria...); the way Champagnat was open to the various experiences that the Institute was asked to live: deaf, orphans, ... without losing sight of the goal of the teaching Brothers." (Deivis Alexadre Fischer, one cycle)


"What I would like to emphasize is: his ability to meet the challenges in the best way, with the wisdom that being the superior of the community entailed. From the analysis of the letters, it is important to take the most important illuminating messages, and live them out in our everyday life. The breadth of possibilities for apostolate to develop his mission to provide education." (Carlos Humberto Barreto, one cycle)


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