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Challenged to being animators of life and mission in our realities

06/09/2012: Canada

The Interamerican Commission for Mission (ICM), at the service of the Interamerican Conference of Provinces (IACP), assists in reflecting on the Marist mission in the Americas; it suggests processes, projects, courses of action and initiatives for the continent, while accompanying the development and the execution of the same. Furthermore, it coordinates the preparation of budgets and reporting. The subcommittees for Education, Evangelization, Solidarity and Management, which is being created, are linked to this Commission.

The ICM is made up of the following members:Angelica Alegria, Br. Michael Flanigan and Br. Luis Carlos Gutierrez representing the sub-region of Arco Norte; Ernesto Reyes and Br. Juan Ignacio Fuentes representing the sub-region of the Southern Cone; Mercia Procopio and Br. Valdicer Civa Fachi representing Brazil. Br. Joao Carlos do Prado, Director of the Secretariat for Mission, and Br. Chris Wills, Director of the Secretariat for Missionary Cooperation of the Institute, are also members.

During a meeting held from August 19th to the 24th of this year in Sean-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Canada, the ICM dedicated the first two days to visiting and getting acquainted with the communities, works and projects developed in the Marist Province of Canada, as well as meeting with the key leaders in the area of mission of the Province. Let us note the visit to the hospitality community of Wilowdale, to the College and Community of Laval in Montreal, where a meeting was held among Brothers and Lay animators of the mission of the Province; the Community for hospitality and work with Latin migrants in Drumondville and the Community and work of Valcartier.

In the following days and after a meeting with the Provincial, Br. Bernard Beaudin, the ICM covered an extensive agenda. Br. Teofilo Minga, Director of the Secretariat Mission Ad Gentes, presented the context of the Secretariat he coordinates: what was done, what he is doing and a look to the future. Br. Chris Wills, Director of the Secretariat for International Missionary Cooperation and a new member of the Commission, explained the work plan of the Secretariat, highlighting that through the Secretariat, he intends to form interprovincial and international communities, consolidate the project Mission Ad Gentes, create a Marist volunteer service and develop an international mentality (break down barriers among countries and Provinces).

After reviewing the deliberations of the IACP established in a meeting held from September 4th to the 9th of 2011, inLujan, Argentina, the ICM analyzed the composition, the achievements, the projects and proposals from the Subcommittees for Evangelization, Education and Solidarity. It drafted the profiles of the future members of the Subcommittee for Management, and indicated some names to be presented to the IACP for approval. The Commission also defined the participation of the members serving as links with the Subcommittees, as follows: Solidarity: Angelica Alegria; Education: Ernesto Reyes, Mercia Procopio and Luiz Carlos Gutierrez; Evangelization: Juan Ignacio Fuentes; Management: Michael Flanigan and Br. Valdicer Fachi.

As a result, general considerations and contributions were made to the Strategic Plan being prepared. Based on the work developed by the Commission, each Subcommittee will develop the initiatives, expectations and deadlines to be integrated to that plan, which term is 2011 to 2017.Its mission states: “The Interamerican Commission for Mission promotes a reflection about the Marist mission in America and on the development of projects which give it vitality, while supporting the individuals in charge and the animators of the Administrative Units and responding to the calls of the General Chapter and the common needs identified”; and its vision states: “To have significantly contributed by 2017, to a greater vitality, articulation and prophetism of the Marist mission in the Americas”.

The ICM also defined the relevant topics to be presented for the consideration and approval of the Permanent Council of the IACP, as a result of the work performed by the Commission and Subcommittees.

Some general reports were presented, such as the referrals and work achieved by the International Commission for Mission; the organization of the International Meeting of Marist Youth from July 17th to the 22nd of 2013 in Rio de Janeiro, and the World Youth Day, from July 23rd to the 28th, also in Rio de Janeiro. In addition, Br. Joao do Prado provided information about the Course for the Development of Marist Leaders and Directors, as a pilot experience addressed to Brothers and Laity, to be held from March 17th to April 26th of 2013, in Curitiba, Brazil. Also, the Course on Marist Patrimony and Spirituality, promoted by the Higher Education Network, will begin in August 2013.

The meeting of the ICM was evaluated as being very productive in light of the topics discussed, the achievements and the feeling of fraternity that was experienced. A special thanks went to the Marist Province of Canada for its hospitality and warm reception.

And so we return to our Provinces, animated by the work achieved and challenged to be animators of the life and mission in our own realities, promoters of the dream of Father Champagnat, enlightened by the 21st General Chapter. May the Good Mother protect the beautiful and challenging mission to evangelize children and youngsters.

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