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Our Superior Generals second circular

23/08/2005: General House

Our Superior General gave us his first circular, A Revolution of the Heart, on June 6, 2003. Its aim was to help deepen our understanding of what it means to be a Marist brother based on the spirituality of Marcellin Champagnat. Now, with his second circular, Marvelous Companions, Brother Sean Sammon seeks once more to develop this topic of identity, highlighting the aspect of community life.
Brother Seán tells us that the circular is not meant to be a profound treatise on community life. Rather it is intended to draw the attention of the brothers to some crucial points, help them become aware, and undertake a constructive approach toward living in community.
The circular is divided into three parts. Part I summarizes Chapter 3 of our Constitutions, concerning Marist Community. It also deals with generational and cultural differences that lead to diverse applications of the circulars contents.
In Part II, the briefest section, after having analyzed some human dynamics present in every community, Brother Sean draws us into the dynamic of the Gospels, asking who is ready to sacrifice his own legitimate aspirations for the good of the community and quick to forego being critical, so as to undertake a constructive role and to inspire - community life is, in fact, a grace that cannot be bargained for.
Part III examines some important components that go into community life, and also underlines difficulties that often threaten to suffocate it. In this regard our Superior Generals realism asks every brother to do his part and invites him to ask: What can I do to keep my love and enthusiasm for community life vibrant? A community, in fact, does not automatically materialize after a Provincial publishes a list of appointments. Rather it requires continuous and constant effort on the part of all its members. It is a seed that God gives to each brother to be sown and nurtured.

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