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Session of study and reflection on the Marist vocation

25/02/2013: Greece

On Saturday 26 January 2013, a session of study and reflection was held on the premises of the  Lycée Léonin de Néa Smyrni, on the theme : « The Marist vocation, a journey of faith ». The aim of the session was to study the sixth chapter of the document : « Gathered around the same table » and especially the journey of growth of our Christian and Marist vocation.

Nearly 270 persons took part in the session – teachers, administrative and technical staff, former students – from the two Lycées Léonins, as well as the Marist brothers of the two communities of Agia Kyriaki and Acharnes. Our reflection was directed by Mme Annie Girka, a lay Marist from France, and a member of the mixed community of the Hermitage. She has been a member of Lay Marist Organisations for a long time and has lived and worked in the Marist mission in Ecuador. During the work in small groups, we all expressed our ideas and reflections and shared our experiences and points of view on spiritual matters, especially on the way in which we live our Christian vocation.

In paragraph 169 of the document mentioned, the editors exhort us : « We have before us the challenge of helping to bring about the dawning of new Marist life and strengthening the one that exists, making it more creative, faithful and dynamic ». To this challenge, we add our conviction that the session was fruitful, as much for the mission of the wholistic education of children and young people as for the deepening of our spirituality.

The members of the Marist Formation Committee 
of the Lycée Léonin of Néa Smynri: Georges Drassas | Maria Kokkalaki | Sophia Laskaratou | Pantelis Zouras
of the Lycée Léonin of Patissia: Br Georges Roussos | Yannis Kostas | Eleftheria Roussi | Angéla Sestrini

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