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Message of the Marist Superior Generals to young people

23/07/2013: Brazil - Photo gallery
IMYM | 17-21 July 2013

On Sunday, 21 July, the day began with the Gospel Reading of the Samaritan woman’s encounter with Jesus. Meeting first by provinces, then by regions, those taking part discussed one or more of the calls the young people are addressing to the Institute and their respective regions. These calls were presented to Br Emili Turú and shared with all. The day ended with the Eucharist centred on the Gospel call: “go and make disciples of all the nations”. And before supper, a homage of thanks was paid to the various sectors which had made possible this great meeting of Marist youth from the different parts of the world.

On Monday 22 July, there was an historic meeting of youth from the four Marist branches at the São José College in Río de Janeiro. After the prayer, the four Superior Generals introduced themselves: Sr Jane Frances O’Carroll, Superior General of the Marist Sisters; Sr Georgeanne Marie Donovan, Superior General of the Marist Missionary Sisters; Fr John Hannan, Superior General of the Marist Fathers, and Br Emili Turú, Superior General of the Marist Brothers. Then the young people, in groups, took time during the day to share about being Marist. At the end of the morning, those who wished to do so, expressed their own Marist experience through personal testimony, dramatic representations, song or dance.

In the afternoon, an open panel of the Marist Superior Generals responded to questions and comments. Many of these questions and concerns were along vocational lines.

Before the moving and significant Eucharistic celebration, there was a round table of eight representatives of the Marists to respond to questions relating to what it means for a Marist to be “the Marian face of the Church”. Finally, the 4 Superior Generals transmitted their message to the Marist youth of the world, represented by all those present at this meeting.

We reproduce this message below:


“The Message of the Marist Family to Young People Today”

If you want to know what the Marist Family has to say to young people today -

Look at Mary! Where is she? What is she doing?

She is at Nazareth… there is silence, simplicity, contemplation.  Mary is among the people around her, she chats with them, rejoices and weeps with them, and above all she listens to them as she ponders the Word of God! 

The Marist Family says to you:

o   Be at home with yourselves, with your world and in touch with life - as she was!

o   Look for Jesus at the crib, on the cross and at the altar - as she did.

o   Be joyful, creative, courageous and compassionate - as she was.

o   Ponder the Word of God in silence, simplicity, prayer and interiority - Mary wonders at the beauty of God’s love for her.

She is at the foot of the Cross… She proclaims her belief in Jesus’ mission by being ‘there’ with Him. 

She witnesses to the open and loving heart of God.  She is prepared to be vulnerable in her deeds with humble courage, she stands alongside the suffering!

o   It was here that we, as a Marian people of God, were born.

o   It is here today that we journey with the ‘crucified’ – daring, trusting, and mobile – as Mary was!

She is at Pentecost… She proclaims her message by being ‘there’ among the Apostles.

o   Like her, risk being energized by the fire of the Spirit!

She lives in a profound relationship with God.  Discern God’s action in the world around you…”God so loved the world…”

o   Be optimistic about life, be on the lookout for what is coming to birth, and believe in its possibility! 

o   Stay with the struggle, risk ‘failure’ and be prepared to begin again.

o   Begin once more to build the Church of today by creating committed Marist communities! 

Like our Founders and Foundresses, Champagnat, Chavoin, Colin, Perroton and the Pioneers, we journey with and among people, are welcoming to all, friends of the poor, the overlooked, the powerless, those on the edges. Marists are ‘instruments of mercy’ for the poor, the hurting, the uneducated and others on the periphery.

Mary supported the Church at its beginnings and will continue to do so until the end of time.

o   We belong to a Marian people let us collaborate with all who seek to transform society!

o   We are called to be passionately committed to doing Mary’s work – anywhere, everywhere and with a sense of urgency.

As Marist Family, we call on you to respond to the call deep within you to build our Church anew, to imitate Mary’s faithfulness, to draw on her strength and to ‘glorify the Lord’ as she did!

Georgeanne Donovan smsm, John Hannan sm, Jane Frances O'Carroll sm, Emili Turú fms

Rio de Janeiro, 22 July 2013

IMYM | 17-21 July 2013

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