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GOLDEN JUBILEE of the « Instituto Superior Tecnológico Daniel Álvarez Burneo » - Loja (Ecuador)



Historical survey of 50 years

25/08/2013: Ecuador - Photo gallery

We are in the jubilee year, the year of institutional Golden Jubilee, year of grace of the Lord, a KAIROI time, time of hope and commitment to offer youth an opportunity of becoming « good Christians and virtuous citizens ».

It all began in the town ofLoja, on 28 July 1936, when M. Daniel Alvarez Burneo made his will before the notary public : « I leave the rest of my goods to the Cantonal Council of Loja for it to invest in the foundation of one or more charitable establishments for the poor people of the towns and countryside. »

At the meeting of 30 June 1938, the Cantonal Council and the Administrative Committee of the Hospice Daniel Álvarez Sánchez decided unanimously on the foundation of an establishment which would be called the « Instituto Técnico de Artes e Industrias Daniel Álvarez Burneo »

It was on 16 June 1962 that by a resolution of the Ministry of Public Education authorisation was given for the operation of the « Instituto Técnico Industrial y Agrícola Daniel Álvarez Burneo », with specialised courses in Mechanics, Carpentry and Agronomy. Classes began the same year with 64 students, under the  direction of Engineer Alfonso Valdivieso Carrión

And it was on 26 May 1965 that the « Agrupación Marista Ecuatoriana », by an agreement signed with the « Junta de Obras Filantrópicas », assumed responsibility for the Institution.

They were 50 years of commitment to the country and society of Loja ; 50 years of quality education. It is up to us now to add to this precious inheritance so as to remain an educational benchmark in the south of Ecuador.

In1971, the « Colegio Técnico », as it was usually called, gave birth to the « Universidad Técnica Particular » of Loja.

At present, the « Instituto Superior Tecnológico Daniel Álvarez Burneo » numbers 180 teachers, 37 administrative and auxiliary staff who attend to 3,061 students enrolled in the following classes : 36 ‘paralelos’ (courses) of 8th 9th and 10th degree of Primary ; and 40 ‘paralelos’ (courses) of 1st, 2nd and 3rd year of Baccalauréat in the subjects of Industrial Mechanics, Agriculture, Accounting, Physics and  Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology and Social Sciences… The afternoon is devoted to Technology. We are in expectation of being able to award diplomas of the Baccalauréat International, which would involve an important step up in the quality education and care for the disadvantaged of the Loja community.

The celebrations included a procession through the streets of the town, a Solemn Meeting and the  Festival of the Reunions of Former Students. We thank the Lord for these 50 years of our institution and ask him for the grace to continue to offer this educational service to the Church, to the children and youth of Loja.

Br Mariano Morante Montes (RECTOR – IST “DAB”) and Br José María Ondarreta (CO-ORDINATOR GENERAL OF PASTORAL WORK)

Loja (Ecuador) - VIDEO:  http://youtu.be/K2mmK6Az3dI

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