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24 January

Saint Francis de Sales
1810, death of Marie-Thérèse Chirat (64 years old) Marcellin’s mother

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General Conference – 24 September

26/09/2013: France - Photo gallery
General Conference 2013

On Tuesday 24 September, Br Ernesto Sánchez, C.G. gave a brief résumé of the previous two weeks and asked the participants in the Conference what experience had struck them most, so as to comment later on it in the groups.

Then BrÓscar Martín Vicario, Provincial of Compostela, did a rereading of the significance of the weeks preceding with regard to the current one, which is under the eminently Marial icon of Fourvière, a Marial sanctuary emanating a strong spirituality, and the site of the promises and commitment of a group of new priests in 1816, including Fr Champagnat. Br Óscar made  allusion to the icon present in the room as a column soaring upward, symbolising the strength of the commitment, but also with a spiritual meaning, in relation with God.

The key question of the week was : Who ? Br Oscar indicated that the theme of Leadership would be treated during the week and that it would end with a synthesis made in the calm of study and listening to God. In this way, the General Conference would end at Fourvière with the promise, followed by the closure properly speaking. He specified that the day would be centred on the experience of a Provincial or District Superior to another Administrative Unit. Two questions needed to be answered : What struck you about the way the Provincial visited performed  his service ? What qualities did you discover in him ? After a time of personal reflection, the participants shared in groups of three, then in larger groups in order to find words expressing the qualities of leadership, which were placed around a figure drawn on the ground.

The evening celebration of the Eucharist was also centred on the visit of the Provinces and Districts, through a message to the host Provincial or District Superior. Those taking part used a postcard of the Visitation, icon of one of the oratories  of the Hermitage. Then in a circle, each expressed a word or brief message relating to what had been written. At the end of the celebration, all, like Mary, sang the Magnificat.

General Conference 2013

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