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Appeals of IYMM for The Marist Institute

27/09/2013: General House
IMYM | 17-21 July 2013

During the celebration of 21 July, the Marist youth gathered in Rio de Janeiro for the International Marist Youth Meeting addressed to the Institute, through its Superior General, Br Emili Turu, some « calls » which indicate new directions for the future of Marist Youth Ministry. These calls are the fruit of the dialogue and sharing among those taking part in the meeting – youth, brothers and laity. They are divided into two parts : appeals to the Institute and appeals to the Regions.

Appeals of IYMM for The Marist Institute

1. To strengthen the Marist mission so that young people, lay people, brothers and sisters continue preaching the good news.
2. To find new ways for the young Marists, by knowing the legacy of Champagnat, to be close to the most vulnerable ones.
3. To cultivate the gift of listening to meet the needs of youths and to find concrete answers that encourage the integration among young people, lay people, brothers and sisters.
4. To promote a space for consultation and deliberation with the youths, through the creation of a Marist Juvenile Undersecretary linked to the Secretariat of Missions.
5. To promote exchange among the Administrative Units (young people, lay people, brothers and sisters) to strengthen the internationality of the Marist Institute.
6. To establish bridges among young people, lay people, brothers and sisters through open communities that foster the spirituality and the Marist identity, by ensuring the dimension of silence, solidarity and internationalism.
7. To create an online space for the integration of the Marist Youth.

Appeals of IYMM for the region


* To strengthen the importance of the establishment of the Marist Youth Ministry in Asia.
* To strengthen the invitation so that the brothers and sisters are in direct contact with the youth.


* To engage lay people and volunteers to help in the development of the Marist work, by giving them education and training.
* To increase the number of Marist representatives and volunteers in the Marist international meetings.


* To expand and strengthen spaces for dialogue and coexistence among young people, lay people, brothers and sisters, in order to assist the construction of the life project.
* To search for the dimension of the "heart without borders" so that we can deconstruct the barriers that separate us, with the goal of inculturation and sharing experiences, by respecting the diversity and creating links beyond the Institute.


* To prioritize the presence of the Marist Brothers among young people.
* To promote a community life among young people, lay people, brothers and sisters, which ensures the dimension of spirituality and pastoral action.
* To provide personal support for young people that promotes vocational search.

Northern arc

* To promote the Marist Youth Ministry through the creation of interaction networks, cooperation and collaboration among the Provinces.
* To create Communities of Young People, linked to Marist Youth Ministry, in which faith, life and mission are shared.


* To promote a training process where spirituality, understanding of charism and the Marist mission in cooperation with young people, lay people, teachers, brothers and sisters are cultivated.
* To boost into young people new ways of being witnesses and strengthen the presence of youth in the Marist spaces that promote life and mission (resources: prayers, songs, camps, online profiles).

Southern cone

* To foster the Marist spirituality in the vocation of young people, lay people, brothers and sisters, so that they become promoters of the dreams of Jesus and Champagnat.
* To streamline and strengthen inter-regional communication to promote awareness, respect and appreciation of our differences and similarities, by enriching our mission.

IMYM | 17-21 July 2013

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