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Meeting of Provincial Economes

18/11/2013: General House - Photo gallery

From 11 to 15 October the General House hosted a meeting of  Provincial Economes from all over the Institute, with the objective : To know one another, become conscious of being  part of an International Institute and discuss topics of common interest.

Certain testimonies of those taking part, taken from the evaluation of the meeting, describe the experience of these days : « An experience indispensible for moving ahead as an Institute – The discovery of the Mission, immense, gigantic, marvellous, gives my work more meaning – It is interesting to meet other economes and share certain difficulties of our administration – Fraternity, support and mutual encouragement. »

On the first afternoon, BrAfonso Tadeu Murad shared the knowledge, experiences and  conclusions formulated in his book : « Administration and spirituality, a half-open door. This topic accompanied the group’s life during the days of the meeting. In their evaluation, the participants expressed deep satisfaction at having integrated the spiritual dimension in management.

In order to foster the vision of the Marist Institute which is found in various cultural, legal and economic realities,  participants gave brief presentations of the internal and external scenarios of their administrative units based on a common schema.

The programme also touched on other topics with administrative content : The presentaion and analysis of the financial reports of each AU to the General Government using the web site prepared for this – The economic and financial information of the General Administration, which includes the economic means for the animation and the General Government, the programmes of ongoing formation, the support of solidarity projects and the maintenance of the General House. And finally, the subject of the new Model of Financing of the General Administration was also part of the programme.

class=imgshadowOn the last morning, Br Emili, Superior General, greeted the participants and gave them a message posing a clear challenge in view of the future vitality of the Institute : to operate as an International Institute which makes its own the attention to the Montagnes of today in becoming involved in favour of the needs of the children and young people of this time, in acting on all occasions as signs of contradiction and challenge in the face of today’s culture and in presenting the Marial face of the Church. (LINK)

Internationality, at the level of administration, means to look at and go beyond the provincial frontieres, in sharing goods, persons and knowledge in a fashion of solidarity. And the dimension of the Marial face of the Church requires looking at the administration of goods with a sensitivity to solidarity, service, simplicity and attentive listening to the Spirit, like Mary.

Finally, we appreciated the response of all the Administrative Units by their presence at this meeting, which allowed us to experience meeting one another, knowing one another as persons and as provinces. Thus we were able to perceive our belonging to an international Institute.

Our gratitude goes also to the personnel of the General House for the services rendered, from the welcome at the airport, the attention to accomodation and the participation, on Saturday evening, in the eucharistic celebration and the festive meal where we shared an Argentinian barbecue.

Victor M. Preciado R.
Econome and Councillor General

  Region Province Participant
1 África Mediterranea-Distrito Africa West  H. José Antonio Ruiz 
2 África Southern Africa  ADRIENNE EGBERS 
3 África Nigeria  Br. Matthew Mary Ogudu 
4 África Nigeria  IROEGBU, Solomon Onyemaechi 
5 África Central East Africa  H. Teodoro Grajeda 
6 África Central East Africa  H. Kiko Baeza 
7 Arco Norte United States of America  Frank Pellegrino 
8 Arco Norte United States of America  Br. Richard Van Houten 
9 Arco Norte México Central  H. Javier Salcedo Camarena 
10 Arco Norte México Central  Eloy Lara Alquicira 
11 Arco Norte México Central  H. José Sánchez 
12 Arco Norte América Central Cuba  H. Gregorio Linacero 
13 Arco Norte Canada  Fr. Yvon Bédard 
14 Arco Norte México Occidental  H. Luis R. González González 
15 Arco Norte México Occidental  Margarita Bonilla 
16 Arco Norte NorAndina  H. Laurentino Abdalá 
17 Arco Norte NorAndina  Martha Arcos 
18 Asia ASIA Distrito  H.Jose Luis Grande 
19 Asia South Asia  Damith Mendis 
20 Asia East Asia  Br John Chin 
21 Asia East Asia  GELYN S. NIÑOFRANCO 
22 Brasil Brasil Centro Norte  Ir. Humberto Gondim 
23 Brasil Brasil Centro Norte  Artur Nappo 
24 Brasil Brasil Centro Sul  Ir. Jorge Gaio 
25 Brasil Brasil Centro Sul  Everson Ismael de Oliveira  
26 Brasil Brasil Centro Sul  Valdecir Cavalheiro  
27 Brasil Rio Grande do Sul-Amazonia  Ir. Lauro Hochscheidt 
28 Brasil Rio Grande do Sul-Amazonia  Ivo Moraes Cadaval Júnior 
29 Cono Sur Santa María de Los Andes  H. Rafael Amo Cubero 
30 Cono Sur Santa María de Los Andes  Pedro Calbiague 
31 Cono Sur Cruz del Sur DISTRITO Paraguay  H. Gerardo Accastello 
32 Cono Sur Cruz del Sur DISTRITO Paraguay  Armendariz Marcelo 
33 Europa Europe Centre Ouest  Br. Ronnie McEwan  
34 Europa Europe Centre Ouest  Gerry Devlin 
35 Europa Compostela  H. Primitivo Mendoza 
36 Europa Compostela  Eduardo Montengro 
37 Europa Hermitage  H. Xavier Giné Arnella 
38 Europa Hermitage  Pep Turon 
39 Europa Iberica  Lucia Martínez 
40 Europa Iberica  H.Alberto Oribe 
41 Europa Méditerránea  H. Ignacio Poyatos 
42 Europa Méditerránea  Sr.Javier Sanz 
43 Pacifico New Zeland  Br. Peter Horide 
44 Pacifico New Zeland  Br.Graeme Clisby 
45 Pacifico AUSTRALIA  Br. John Maguire 
46 Pacifico AUSTRALIA  Bernard Kenna 
47 Pacifico Australia DISTRITO Melanesia  Br. Rodney Pauru 
48 Roma - CIAE Ibérica  H.Alfonso Fernández 
49 Roma - CIAE Southern Africa  Br. Nicholas Banda 
50 Roma - CIAE Australia  Mr. Rex Cambrey 
51 Roma - CIAE Santa María de Los Andes  Sr. Juan Martín  
52 Roma - CIAE    Fr. Mario Meuti 
53 Roma - CIAE    H. Víctor M. Preciado 
54 Conferencista Brasil Centro Norte  H. Afonso Murad 

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