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Promotion of Vocations

08/02/2014: Brazil - Photo gallery

The Province of « Brasil Centro-Sul » organised two meetings to promote vocations between 11 and 16 January in Itapejara d'Oeste and Ribeiro Preto. At the Social Centre of Itapejara, 41 interested youth, 9 Brothers, 4 juniors, 6 collaborators, from the Social Unit team, the Residence of the Brothers and the volunteers (young men and women) took part. At the Marist Social Centre « Brother Rui Depiné »in Ribeirão Preto », 32 young men, 11 Brothers, 3 collaborators and 1 young man in formation took part. In all, 73 YOUNG ASPIRANTS to the Marist vocation took part in the  MARIST CONNECTION, in its JAN/2013 edition. During these days, the young participants were able to live together and have a very enriching experience because of the diversity of the activities and events planned around the life project, the plan of God for each one, the deepening of Christian life, the discernment and accompaniment of vocation, knowledge of the Marist life, actions of solidarity, etc.

What was noticeable was the way the young people gave themselves to the adventure of the discovery and deepening of vocation, faced with fundamental questions, such as : who does the search belong to, us or Him, that is to say, the Lord ? Basically, we observe that the young people «want to see the Lord ». And, in fact, the first objective of the "Marist Connection» aims at putting the accent on the human person who « is searching », who wants to see, who is interested and gets involved, who is motivated by the search and the deep meaning of a project of life, a project of happiness. An interior quest which is made in the silence of each one’s heart ! Another major objective of the Marist Connection is placing in evidence the action of the Lord, as Someone who comes to meet the young and speaks to their hearts. It is the attitude of the Master going to speak to Mary and Martha, her sister, telling her : «The Master is here and wants to see you » ... or when he meets the disciples of Emmaüs, at a time of disorientation and confusion !

The experience of these days shows that one cannot speak about vocation without cultivating these fundamental attitudes : the search for and readiness for meeting the Lord who always takes the initiative in coming to meet us. It is a double attitude which is expected of the young people at the end of the meeting, that they are more ready to give a personal response, sincere and generous to God who continues to ask the question : what are you looking for ... money ? fame ? a job ? friends ? Or rather... are you looking for a meaning to your life, happiness ? Only after having replied to the Master’s question, can one accept his invitation : Come and see !

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