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Assembly of the Province of Mediterránea

26/05/2014: Spain - Photo gallery
Mission Assembly- Nairobi 2014

The Province of Mediterránea held its Provincial meeting for the II International Marist Mission Assembly in Guardamar on 10 and 11 May.

It is possible to view the records, documents and videos of the assembly on this link.  Access is available to all by pressing "Entrar como invitado".

Below we propose some elements for summing up the Assembly.


Summing up 

WE AFFIRM that a new relationship between the disciples of Champagnat is coming to birth in our Province, based on openness and sharing; and we feel as a challenge the need to define and structure together, brothers and laity, the vocation of both, and their process of formation, life and mission for a greater evangelizing and social commitment. 

WE AFFIRM a strong consciousness towards social commitment in our Province of Mediterránea; and WE FEEL AS A CHALLENGE to keep on developing in prophetic proclamation. 

WE AFFIRM that a consciousness of interiority is coming to light in our Province    and WE FEEL AS A CHALLENGE the need to become rooted in the personal and community experience of God, in which Marist identity has its source, among the brothers as among the laity.

WE FEEL as a challenge to continue developing in prophetic proclamation and to do so from new spaces of formation and experience shared by brothers and laity. 

WE AFFIRM the need for a personal and community encounter with God. The reality of brothers and laity going out together to encounter children and young people, especially the most poor, becomes an image of a Marian Church.

WE AFFIRM that we are moving ahead in the joint formation of brothers and laity, and we feel as a challenge that this formation go deeper into apostolic spirituality. 

Mission Assembly- Nairobi 2014

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