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Celebrating Marcellin Champagnat

17/06/2014: Pakistan - Photo gallery

In Pakistan, the Marist Communities of Peshawar and Sargodha celebrated the feast of Saint Marcellin Champagnat in an intensive way. Here down you have details of the celebrations.


Kohati Community - Feast day with Boarders at Kohati, Peshawar

One 6th June, in the evening, Kohati Community had celebrations with the young boys from the hostel. The day began with the Holy Eucharist in the Parish Church where Mass was celebrated to unite ourselves with the rest of the Marist World. Fr. John William celebrated the Mass and hymns and readings were done by the boarders. 

In the evening, there was a small celebration with the two teachers coming to the hostel to help the boarders. Mr. Zeeshan and Miss Maria were happy to have joined the Brothers at their dining table for evening tea and feast day cake. It was also time for the Brothers to share the Champagnat story with these two teachers. 

In the evening, a special prayer service was organized by Br. Paul with the boarders, Ruksana (cook) and Malik James (watchman). The place decorated by Br. Zubair, gave the right atmosphere for them to have evening prayers with the boarders gathered around Marcellin. Every boarder was given a madal of St. Marcellin or Blessed Virgin to mark the day.  

The day ended with simple celebrations among the Brothers gathered from Sargodha and Peshawar. It was truly time unity and devotion to St. Marcellin.


Evening with Young People of Kohati to make Jesus known and loved

On Wednesday, 9th June, 2014, an evening was planned to celebrate feast of St. Marcellin Champagnat with young people of the area. The Brothers at Kohati spent the evening with young men talking about Chamapagnt, praying with Champagnat and sharing our thoughts and spirituality. 

The three young men, have an over view of Marcellin’s mission to educate the young and to love God. It was also to invite them to venture into the mission of Marcellin for the young and to spread the Good News of being Marists in mission. 

They were shown a short video regarding the life and Mission of the Marist Brothers. Talk about the Mission Assembly to be held in Nairobi this year and were invited to consider Marist life. Ashar, Kabir and Yashwa were keen to know more about the life of Marcellin and Marist Brothers. 

After prayers and short sharing of our life and mission, we were invited by Br. Ben to the dining room for a meal well prayer by Ruksana. The boys were extremely happy that they were invited to the table for meals. This was there first time ever to have been invited by Religious and Brothers to join them for meals in their dining room. 

The evening ended with dish washing and clearing the table in very fraternal and friendly atmosphere.   


Br. Paul Bhatti


7th June 2014, Kohati, Peshawar, PAKISTAN

The feast of St. Marceline Champagnat was celebrated here in Peshawar city with great zeal and enthusiasm. The event was organized by the Marists of Peshawar. The theme of the day was to “see the world through the eyes of a CHILD”.  As Jesus wanted the young people to come to him, and as Champagnat wanted to tell the young people how much Jesus loves them, we were challenged to love the children in our care and educated them with same love, that of Jesus and Champagnat. The presence of many young students from the St. John Boys hostel was encouraging.  The celebrations began at “St. John Vianney Boys High School” with morning prayers. Later on the young artists from St. John boys Hostel presented an act throwing light on the vocational life of St. Marceline Champagnat and the Montange incident. In the evening, Eucharistic celebrations were held at the “St. John Vianney Church”. The participants were Lay Marist from the two schools in Peshawar and hostel, Marist Brothers from Peshawar & Sargodha, Sisters, Priest from the city and neighboring parish. Especial prayers were offered to strengthen the relationship between the Marist Brothers & Lay Marist and for the development of a significant evangelizing presence among poor children & young people. 

The other purpose of the event was to invite the youth to come and join the mission of St. Marceline Champagnat. The event offered an opportunity for Marists to share and build Marist life and Mission together on equal terms.  It was beautiful evening, first of its nature where a true family spirit of Champagnat Marists was witness. The evening concluded with festive dinner in the Marist house at Kohati. 


Teachers from St. Mary’s with Br. Francis.

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