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Province of Santa Maria de los Andes

11/07/2014: Peru

Marist Youth Assembly of the Province of St. Mary the Andes in Perú. 120 young people from Perú, Bolivia and Chile together in Chosica.



The first image, on our arrival, was of Champagnat himself welcoming us, making us feel an atmosphere of brotherhood. We were from three different countries, Peru, Bolivia and Chile, but our “political-historical” differences totally vanished.

We were very surprised at the painstaking care taken in the welcome by the organizing committee; we begin to see that the spirit of Marcellin is present in all Marist youth.



The Assembly helped us come to know our charism at close quarters: it is possible to dream of a new world.

One image we will always keep present is that of the Marist Brothers enthusiastically taking part in all the activities, their very human witness of life. Above all, their joy and empathy.

We had a very good time, but we especially kept in mind the importance of joy in this pastoral work: “A young person without joy is like a tree without fruit”.

The inspiring words of Brother Emili in his message left us a mission: We have to make a difference! For this reason, during the Assembly, we worked on the 3Ss: Sorority, Service and Silence.

When treating of the topic of Sorority, we put into action what Marcellin asked of us: “May it be said of the brothers what was said of the first Christians, ‘see how they love one another’”. 

In regard to the day of Service, it was impressive to see the motivation of all to go in haste to meet the other: “Whoever does not live to serve, is no good for living”…

The following day, we lived Silence: we listened as brothers, listened to God, and most importantly, we listened to ourselves. This day we tried to connect the 3Ss. We also remembered our loved ones and, in a special way, we prayed for Brother Luis Cornejo.



The pillars of the Assembly invite us to live in community, a fraternity in the style of Mary, out of love, in order to project it in helping others and, during the journey, to listen to the voice of God in our moments of reflection.

Thanks to this, we learned that as young people it is important to find oneself and to keep silence so as to communicate with God

And we emphasized the most important: we listened to each other; we kept silence, we conversed with ourselves, we conversed with God…



THE EXPERIENCE of the Assembly has left us with a call burning in our hearts. We are carrying a lot: the great responsibility of being protagonists and making the difference.

It is necessary to project ourselves outside, since we cannot be a Church enclosed within the walls of a college…

The Marist Mission of the Province of Santa María de los Andes is to integrate its people, especially us the youth, who are the real protagonists. 

For this reason, do not be afraid of making yourself known. Do not be afraid of conversing with God; do not be afraid of telling those close to you what you want from them. Do not be afraid of sharing this letter with your friends. The time is coming to bet on yourself TO BE THE DIFFERENCE!



From the Assembly we are taking away thousands of memories, new ideas for working on in our communities and our life projects. 

Thanks to every participant, thanks to the life communities, the brothers, the friends… Thank you, Marcellin, for allowing us the experience of this Assembly 

Finally, THANKS BE TO GOD for moving our hearts and letting us be participants in this Marist Youth Assembly. 

Now the event is over, but our mission begins renewed. Forwards, friends!


Drawn up by:

  • Francisco Olmos - Chile
  • Javiera Sequeiros - Bolivia
  • Juan Guillermo Rivera - Peru
  • María Jesús Torres - Chile
  • Maribel Rocabado - Bolivia 
  • Nelson Zapata - Peru

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