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The Marists in Amazonia: inculturated mission in favour of life



III Marist Pan-Amazon Meeting

17/09/2014: Brazil

The Marists, present in the region of the Amazon since 1903, feel called to give an efficacious response to the call to save life on the planet, which Amazonia contributes to in a significant manner. With the slogan "The Marists in Amazonia: inculturated mission in favour of life", inspired by Aparecida (475) "to create awareness in the Americas of the importance of Amazonia for all humanity", and also with the support of the General Council, we gathered in Tabatinga, triple frontier with Peru, Colombia and Brasil, to set up a Marist project for the region.

Present at the meeting were one Brother from Santa María de Los Andes, a lay woman representing Cruz del Sur, three Brothers from Mexico, one from Rome (CMI), two from Brasil Centro Norte, one from Rio Grande do Sul, eight from DMA, a lay man from Umbrasil, a volunteer from AVESOL, two Sisters of Nossa Senhora – Cônegas de San Agustín, a lay woman from CIMI,  and two Jesuit priests. At various times, Bishop Younes, a Franciscan catechist Sister of the Travelling Community and a lay woman from Santa Rosa-Peru were also present.

Br João Gutemberg presented us with the objective of the meeting. He recalled that we were following up on two previous meetings, and that at the Conference at the Hermitage some Brothers had demonstrated the importance of the Marist presence in Amazonia. Br Antonio Peralta presented the document of Br Emili Turú on the subject of "international communities for a new beginning", which will be effective in 2017, and which was the object of study at the time of group work. On another occasion, there was a presentation of the message of the General Councillors, Josep María Soteras and Eugène Kabanguka.

Group work and a panel reflected the insights and the signs perceived during those days; the cries and the calls of the region; the profile of an international Marist community; the concrete means for the carrying out of the project. Everybody appeared convinced that an international community of Marists in Amazonia could be a sign of life and hope.

The complete report, written by Br Sebastião Ferrarini, can be read in Portuguese.

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