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Sunday, September 21st: Visit to MIC and to the Bomas of Kenya

21/09/2014: Kenya - Photo gallery
Mission Assembly- Nairobi 2014

Sunday was a day of rest for the Assembly. The morning was spent at MIC, and a cultural program was arranged for the afternoon.

The outdoor Sunday Eucharist at MIC was scheduled for ten o'clock. Before the Mass, we could admire the colourful clothes typical of the African countries of origin of the young Brothers. White soutanes were also prominent, contrasting sharply with the colorful costumes of each country. A variety of local residents including religious sisters and Brothers of Charity

Hymns led by the MIC band and choir were sung in a variety of African languages. The sunshine made the day even more special.

At the conclusion of the Mass Brother Francis Verye, staff member at MIUC, welcomed all the visitors especially members of the Assembly to whom he wished success in their work. He also thanked their presence for coming to gather around the same table. Looking at brothers and lay people who make up the Assembly he affirmed that brothers plus lay is not equal to two, but three, because through our union, a new force is born in the church. The General Council was introduced along with the Central Commission who are carrying the responsibility for the running of the Assembly.

Before departure from the Mass Centre, Brother Mario Meuti was congratulated on his birthday.

Charles Howard Memorial Garden

Then the participants moved in procession to a garden dedicated as a memorial to Brother Charles Howard who was responsible for initiating this formation centre for Africa. And in his memory, the participants of the II MIMA planted ten more trees in the garden. A picnic lunch in the gardens of the MIC was enjoyed in a beautiful atmosphere of brotherhood.

Visit to the cultural center known as Bomas of Kenya

In the afternoon the participants of the Assembly moved to the Bomas cultural center where they could visit an open space set amidst nature where samples of various types of housing used by the diverse groups of original peoples in Kenya. Then they enjoyed a display of music, dance and African folklore in a large auditorium. The first part of the show was dominated by dance and music and the second with a program in which acrobats were the protagonists.

In the late evening and upon returning home the faces showed the satisfaction of having shared a beautiful day in the company of the Brothers at MIC and having been immersed in African culture. Our hearts sang gratefully to the Lord for giving us such a beautiful day.

AMEstaún, September 21st

Mission Assembly- Nairobi 2014

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