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New Brothers get healing workshops before final vows



15 Marists preparing for perpetual vows in Bolivia

16/04/2015: Bolivia

Fifteen Brothers have completed half of a four month course in Cochabamba, Bolivia – the last big test before taking their final vows.


The Marist brothers come from six countries. All of them come from Latin America, except an Italian. They will finish their preparation course, which began on Feb. 21, on June 19.

“These days in Bolivia I have been feeling very welcomed, despite the many obstacles I had to get here,” said Brother Valentin Vasquez, of the province of México Occidental.

“I am a foreigner, of course, but I do not feel it because the Spanish language helps me cross borders and that is why I feel at home,” he added. 

During the first few weeks of their four month preparation, Professor Alberto Rivera spoke to the brothers about Bolivia’s economy, politics, society and history. 

And Brother Adolfo Fuentes Corral spoke to them about what it is like to be a Marist in Bolivia, both in the past and the present. 

“There are many realities that resemble those of my country Mexico,” said Br Vasquez. “Bolivia has beautiful scenery but more beautiful is its people.” 

They are being guided by three Marist brothers and the programme includes prayer, work and sport.

Sister Jurema Berti of Curitiba, Brazil, lead workshops relating to sexuality and affectivity, using the Global Model of Intervention in Sexology (MIGS). 

Personal therapy with her was available to allow the brothers to heal and free personal wounds, allowing them to make their final vows with freedom and love.

"I think it was a very interesting possibility to seek personal growth and human development under meaningful guidance, like knowing how to listen to yourself and be aware that we’re able to develop a self-therapy to stress the importance of the ‘Self,’ to grow towards emotional autonomy,” said Brother Tiago Fedel of the South Central Brazil province.

“I was able to have a new vision and approach towards forming one’s self on sexuality, on understanding human manifestations in the spiritual, emotional and erotic levels,” he added.

Br Fedel also stressed he was also now able to see the “link between them in the process of human integration” and that he now has “the means and guidelines to treat human physiology and emotions.” 

He underscored that he realized he himself is the protagonist of his own formation and that “if we want to take a ‘leap’ in our personal growth, experiencing God is fundamental.”

“I have lived a very important moment that allowed me to enter into my spiritual, emotional, sexual and social reality since I was able to experience the mercy of my Father and the love of my good Mother,” said Brother Hugo Tapia of the Norandina Province. 

The brothers visited places where Marists work in Cochabamba - a city nicknamed “the City of Eternal Spring” and “the Garden City.”

The first part of their four month preparation ended with a week of Ignatian spiritual exercises.

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